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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

An inspirational story

Julie & Julia.

The perfect movie to start the year with! Its about reaching your goal! About a fulltime government servant, Julie Powell experimenting all 512 Julia Child’s French cooking in just 365 days. Amazing..

And Julie’s husband; Eric; he’s just the sweetest husband on earth, it made you wanna rape him! *gosh..i love it when inner self speaks… its so pure.. :p* … he’s just soo :)…just take a look at him! he’s a low-paid editor, he’s funny, ever so encouraging, and he’s cute .. I like his dopy eyes, his nose, his face, his frame, height –its medium sized (Italian? or of French blood maybe?), his tempting lips, shiny brown curly hair, thick eyebrows, his smell of tobacco and citrus mixed with apr.., HOLD IT!!! He doesn’t have thick eyebrows nor smell of tobacco citrus etc…. but he has an eating habit that had taken me aback and made me smile and want to hug my Cameron Highlands’ strawberry pillow...:) ... it is when his nose wrinkled while he eats the McDonalds chicken burger French toast, …the french toast, Julie made for dinner. If you have the dvd , you should check minute 13:54 … he was like “this is good” and ngaaap! Ate the toast away… there! See it?? his nose wrinkled! again..again.. at minute 13:54, he was like “this is good” and ngaaap! See that!! .. alryt2… enough about that already... But nonetheless, It’s a movie worth watching. Plus its based on 2 true stories; Julie Powell’s and Julia Child’s. Hmm, if I were a movie critic, I’d give it an A of 8.9 over 10. Brava!

Now I really can’t wait to go back home and cook!

Boeuf Bourguignon anyone?

*sigh* (‘-.-)


Anonymous said...

nasib baik i care enough to read the HOLD IT! :p
and yeah yeah... strawberry pillow is sucha great kaviar *rolleyes
and is it just me o d movie sounds delicious? xtgk lg pls :D :D :D


Ameera said...

the movie IS yum!!meee!! seriously... plzz plz plz plz watch it!!!!! .mmmm... and your strawberyy pillow is such a savior...

En. amirul said...

im a believer..i believer julia & julie is soo nt worth watching;))

ameera said...

why cant you just make an effortt to TRY and watch it...
watch the first 15 minutes and I swear you'd fall in love wt it...

hmmmmmmmmmmmm :))))))))))))