"Ask and its given..."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today's my last day of practical training at the hospital!! Yippy~

And tomorrow I'm off to KL.. huhu.. T___T

And day after tomorrow am going to INDONESIA! weeeheee!!

1/7/2010 - 7/7/2010

first time travelling outside malaysia/singapore without parents. ^___________^

CANT WAIT!! PRAY FOR MY SAFE JOURNEY! InsyaAllah will have a BLAST there with loving family and beloved friends.

oh.. ya.. :)))))))))))

see y'all there~~^______________^

*i'm so mean... XP . hihi.. luv ya n gudnyt peeps! ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ^_^ *sleeping

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hear me.. :)


"Hey, Soul Sister"

Heeey heeeey heeeeey

Your lipstick stains on the front lobe of my left side brains
I knew I wouldn't forget you
And so I went and let you blow my mind
Your sweet moonbeam
The smell of you in every single dream I dream
I knew when we collided you're the one I have decided
Who's one of my kind :)

Hey soul sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo
The way you move ain't fair you know
Hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight

Heeey heeeey heeeey

Just in time, I'm so glad you have a one track mind like me
You gave my life direction
A game show love connection, we can't deny
I'm so obsessed
My heart is bound to beat right out my untrimmed chest
I believe in you, like a virgin, you're Madonna
And I'm always gonna wanna blow your mind :))

Hey soul sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo
The way you move ain't fair you know
Hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight

The way you can cut a rug
Watching you is the only drug I need
So gangster, I'm so thug
You're the only one I'm dreaming of
You see I can be myself now finally
In fact there's nothing I can't be
I want the world to see you'll be with me

Hey soul sister, ain't that mister mister on the radio, stereo
The way you move ain't fair you know
Hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight
Hey soul sister, I don't wanna miss a single thing you do tonight
Heeey heeeey heeeeey (tonight)
Heeey heeeey heeeeey (tonight)

Thursday, June 24, 2010




YEAY! I’ve finally completed my first ever crochet creation!! Hah!

Despite being laughed at and being called a grandmother, nenek, etc etc, I managed to prove to them that I am not easily demotivated! Nyahaha!


That’s the name of my kofiyyah

It’s a mixture of an English and African name since it finished during FIFA World Cup season. ^^

What’s a kofiyyah??

Well, usually muslim men wears it on top of their head. It’s used basically for religious purposes.

Okay.. honestly… this is actually NOT the first kufi I’ve made. The first one was crocheted about almost 2 months ago. But instead of turning out into a kufi, it had turned out into a baby girl’s hat or some might even say Mairice Island Hat.. T_T . See below pic


So I had to make a new one. It’s this KUFIMABOWAKA!

This is the life journey of KUFIMABOWAKA (background song: what a wonderful world) :

first day

few weeks after that..:P

comparing with the sample. (left:mine, right: sample)
almost done

my two babies. ;_) .. I'm so proud of myself! Ngwahahaha!!

Dear Kufimabowaka,

May you bring good, beneficial life to whom who wears you,

My best wishes for the his/her being and future life.

Amien. :)

Well, that's done.. And so goes to everything. I'm glad I finished it. But kinda sad that I DID finish making it. I'll miss my new favorite past time.. What am I to do now? huuu...T_T.. Hmm.. Oh well, life goes on. And so far it has gone good . .Alhamdulillah.. ;;-)

Now let’s try and make a sweater! This time is for my future bebeyh ... bebeyh bebeyh ooohh..like bebeyh bebeyh bebeeyh noooo. (p/s: beybeyh = child okay *rolleyes XP)



Monday, June 21, 2010

Standing ovation for the dummest being...ME!


Hahaha! God really has such a big sense of humor.. haha..HUGE..haha..especially on ME! Hahaha *rolleyes >=(

Heee.. joking ya God..(half-half…) :P


Do I have just the enough attraction to attract ALL the humiliation in the world?? WHY MUST IT HAPPEN TO ME???????? Again and again … T________T

Now this was what happened last week on Wednesday 16th, June 2010, half an hour before lunch time (obviously at my hospital).


Last Wednesday, my colleagues and I were assigned to a new department; which was the department of Biochemistry, whereby we were surrogated and put in different sections. I was put in a section called “Section A” (bukan nama sebenar) .

My supervisor was a very nice man: he taught me patiently and answered all my questions satisfyingly. I was in good hands. That’s something for sure. He likes calling my name while he teaches or when he commands me to do something. “Ameera, can you please this”, “Ameera., this is how you do that”. Ameera. Ameera. Ameera.

Now, I have no problem at all with that! Wallah I don’t. In fact, I really like it when people call my name rather than calling me “hey you”, or “you there” etc.

My small problem was… I DIDN’T KNOW HIS NAME! I didn’t ask him because I find it rude! How can I NOT know my supervisor’s name when he knows mine without even asking me! Darn, was I stuck! So, every time when I want to ask him back I’d say “Encik(Mister), is this…? ” or “Encik, what’s …?” etc.. …Boy that sounded awkward.

Our job was done by eleven in the morning. No new samples arrived yet. Therefore, he had gone out for awhile to have a cup of coffee at the canteen. (p/s: btw, the bee hoon guy stopped working.. more stories on him later). I stayed back. Knowing he wasn’t around, I took my chance and grabbed one lady staff and asked her with full guilt:-

“Kak Su, what was the name of my supervisor?”

“He’s Encik Rahman, why? Did he do anything to you?”

“No no! It’s just that I feel soo bad the fact that I didn’t get his name. He was so kind to me and kept calling me by my name and I could only refer him as “Encik” as I didn’t get to catch his name. Shameful lah Kak Su ”

“Oh.. haha.. it’s alright..”

“Hehe. Thanks Kak Su :) ”

So after that, samples came in, and Encik Rahman and I continued with our work. And I start calling him Encik Rahman instead of only “Encik”. That sounded more polite. ^________^

Lunch time was near. Raj came to visit my section to remind me that we’re going out for lunch. But we still had half an hour to go, so we lepak for awhile at my table. Then I told her the story of what happened just now. The thing which I thought was very shameful and humiliating. I was like:

“It’s so embarrassing! I didn’t even know his name. Can you believe it? Thank God Kak Su was there to help me. If not, I’d be doomed!! ”

“Haha. You’re always super exaggerating. Hmm.. Who did you ask for Encik Rahman’s name again?” –says Raj.

“Kak Su.. You see there the lady in red baju kurung”

Zaw!! Her name is Amy la tolol !!”


I can’t believe myself!!!! There I was, asking her about my supervisor’s name! telling her that its such a humiliation to not know my own supervisor’s name! CONSTANTLY REPEATING AND CALLING HER KAK SU!!

OH MY GOD…!!! And the worst thing is. She never said anything against it nor did she corrected me!! Maybe she thinks I’ll be more embarrassed if she spills the beans, so that’s why she kept quiet..

Arrrghhh!! How embarrassing!!! T___________T.

Why did I call her Kak Su?? Who is Kak Su?? Arrrghh.. I don’t know and I just don’t understand how my life functions… arrrggghh…

Huhuhuuuuuuuuu………… T_T


End of humiliating moment. Lets start with a farewell story.

Bee Hoon guy quit. He’s furthering his studies somewhere- rumor has it. And the stupid thing is, I was being soo cocky on his last day of work! Not my fault! How would I know it’s his last day??? The only thing I’ve ever uttered to him was “HI”.

But I do know that he has a crush on me.. HAHAHA.. I SUMPAH POYO – AND SELF PUJI! No!! but really! Coz everytime I pass by the canteen to the MOPD ward, his mates will shout out for his name and he’ll stand outside the canteen door. Not saying anything. Just standing there smiling, mesmerizing me. HAHAHAHA.KAY.. SUMPAH POYO GILER!! I’m so self obsessed. Hahaha. But you know, that’s what makes me like boys. They’re stupid and they do silly things without thinking much! And they’re easily contented. Hahaha.

Yeah, so anyway, on his last day of work, I didn’t have lunch at the canteen. I was stuck at the ward checking out bone marrow suction. But for Dzohr prayer, I went to the musolla next to the canteen – it was the closest from where I was.

So, basically, I had to pass by the canteen first into reaching the musolla, and the shouting routine- as predicted- began. Kay, saw him and as usual, i never took a glance on him (but I swear he was cute!) I straight away went to the musolla. After I finished my prayers, I peeped through the small door opening (from far) and there he was! In front of the room, sitting on the bench, waiting for me. Hmm.. I don’t speak to random boys, and that’d made him no exception. I didn’t want to give him any attempts to talk to me.

So, I planned on my so-called escape. As soon as I walk out of the door, I’ll right away dash to the direction heading towards the wards – that was my plan. And that was what had happened. What I hadn’t plan or put on thought was the fact that he stood up as I was at the door and said “Hey..”.

I didn’t plan that to happen.

Therefore, I totally IGNORED him. Gave him SMUG AND DASH AWAY~~


Hmm.. now I feel bad.. because it was a wrong thing to do..It had made me look so arrogant. And I might have humiliated him by just ignoring him like that. I shouldn’t have done that. The thing is, am quite bad at responding stuff! Especially when I know that the guy has a crush on me etc. And when he’s at the same time CUTE! hmmm.. I’m sorry. I was impolite…

Hmmmm… how to be cool eh? Pingin jugak sumtyms to just lay back and not be so uptight…. :-S


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I care more about myself ?? heee~


While I was busy forwarding emails just now, I suddenly got a buzz from a friend of mine who then asked me whether or not some of my blog posts are pointing out about him and his lifestyle… And that I'm trying to advice him indirectly.. Err.. Glad to tell you this but NO. I’m sorry...

My blog posts are mainly about ME and MYSELF. Though there are some dedications in some posts but I put them under the category of “PEOPLE” (look left). Other random notices are mainly about what I was observing or my thoughts at that particular time.

If anyone of you tend to relate yourself through my blog, well I guess it’s a good thing? Right? I don’t know. But what I firmly want to say is, if you felt a punch on the face through my words, well, seriously, I wasn’t implying that on you or anyone. My advices are for me and friends who tend to take note on them.

Hmm, if the advices were for me then why should I write it down yeah?

That’s because I like to write and read everything back at the end of the day. So that I remember everything that I’ve said and done. So that I could always see and tell back my mistakes. That’s why I wrote them.

My words aren’t really words of wisdom but just merely some not-so-innocent thoughts of a growing child who has nothing to do but to lie down on her bed and scrap notes.

Its got nothing to do with you, him , her or anyone. Its just thoughts over thoughts… :)

Anyway, as promised:

Ya Mu’min (Maha Pemelihara Keamanan) – 236x InsyaAllah diri kita keluarga dan segala kekayaan yang dimiliki akan terpelihara dan aman dari segala macam gangguan yang merosakkan.

Ya Muhaimin (Maha Memelihara) – 145x sesudah shalat fardhu Isya’, InsyaAllah fikiran dan hati kita akan terpelihara dan menjadi terang dan bersih

Ya ‘Aziz (Maha Mulia) – 40x setelah shalat Subuh, InsyaAllah kita akan menjadi orang yang mulia, diseganu orang kerana penuh kewibawaan. Juga akan mendapat pertolongan Allah dengan senang dalam hidupnya.

Ya Jabbar (Maha Perkasa) – 226x pagi dan petang, semua musuh akan menjadi tunduk dan patuh dengan izin Allah.

Ya Mutakabbir (Maha Megah) – Dibaca dengan sebanyak-banyaknya, maka dengan kebijaksanaan bertindak akan dapat menundukkan semua musuh.

Going to be a vampire tomorrow. Watch out for me you Bukit Payong people!!(Blood Bank Mobile)


Monday, June 7, 2010

Keistimewaan Asma' UlHusna and a birthday wish to someone special :)

I know I havent blogged for the whole week, so today I'm trying to stuff you guys with unuseful a.k.a boring posts.

Last Saturday while I was busy enjoying myself somewhere in PJ, my grandma was admitted to the hospital for she had been suspected with H1N1. The result that evening turned out positive. Alhamdulillah (Praise to Allah), she is now in a better condition and hopefully insyaAllah she would always stay healthy.

Nadia Hanis on the other hand, was busy handling the wedding ceremony of her eldest sister in Sabak Bernam. Heard it was a beautiful blessed wedding MasyaAllah.

Lets talk about today.

I tried to call my gramma a few times but in avail :(. It says it has something to do with the coverage. I miss her.. But today also, I got Nad's sister's wedding barakah~~ Yeay.. Sweets, crackers, and a booklet of 99 names of Allah.

Okay peeps, lets get religious for a few minutes. I think I'll share with you some of the benefits / keistimewaan in calling out the names according to the book:
(p/s: its in Malay)

Sesungguhnya disebalik setiap nama dalam Asma ul Husna terdapat misteri yang sangat luas dan dalam yang berada di luar jangkaan akal manusia. Allah akan mengkabulkan keinginan seorang hamba yang berdoa sambil menyebut namaNya sesuai dengan misteri yang terkandung dalam nama tersebut.

Dan Dalam Surah AlA'raf ayat 180:Di katakan:

Allah SWT mempunyai Asma Ul Husna (nama2 yang indah), maka mohonlah kepadanya dengan menyebut Asma'UlHusna.

Terdapat Hadith Riwayat Bukhari Muslim & Tirmidzi dimana

Dari Abu Hurairah r.a bahawa RasulAllah SAW bersabda "Sesungguhnya Allah SWT mempunyai 99 nama. Barangsiapa yang menghafalnya akan masuk syurga."

Hmm.. I'll give you five first.. then later days another five and later later days another five and so on..k?

Ya Rahman (Maha Pemurah) - 500x sesudah shalat 5 waktu, maka hati kita akan menjadi terang, tenang, tidak pelupa dan rasa gugup akan hilang dengan izin Allah

Ya Rahim (Maha Penyayang) - 100x setiap hari, InsyaAllah kita akan mempunyai daya penarik hingga manusia berasa cinta dan kasih serta sayang terhadap kita, juga memberi kemudahan.

Ya Malik ( Maha Merajai/ Pemerintah) - 121x setiap pagi, segala pekerjaan yang dilakukan setiap hari akan mendatangkan berkat dan kekayaan yang diredhai.

Ya Quddus (Maha Suci) - 100x setiap pagi setelah tergelincir matahari, maka hati kita akan terjaga dari semua penyakit hati seperti sombong, iri hati ,dengki dan lain-lain

Ya Salam ( Maha Penyelamat) - 136x InsyaAllah jasmani dan rohani kita akan terhindar dari segala penyakit sehingga badan menjadi segar sihat sejahtera

With this I end my post with




I bust the windows out your car.


Do you wanna hear about my working place?? Too bad. You have no choice.

The place where I’m doing my internship reaaally reaaally really is like an amusement park (oh btw, I went to sunway lagoon last weekend).

Wait.. correction

not exactly amusement park but more like a CIRCUS!

Each department has people with their own group of minds with weiiiiiiiiird characters. VERY MUCH WEIRDER than clowns.

Its scary you know! Seriously.

There’s a guy, lets call him Mr. Lagenda. He’s a very kind, middle-aged man. But one thing about him is, he can be extra happy at one time and terribly seriously just a few seconds after that.

Just now, he was explaining about this one thing regarding antibody screening to me and he was all cheery .. Up till he made a joke where both of us laugh at the same time… and then ZOOOP! He’s facial expression totally changed from being happy to a serious-angry face. So I stopped laughing. And work became so frigging awkward after that… buff…..


One of the staffs on the other hand, has problems explaining.

One day, she called me to explain about something that I haven’t learnt bout. But upon explaining, she took a deep breath and started “ ha’ err” ….“ha’ err” …paused… “haaa’ “ hmmm… ”nok kabo guane (how to explain it to you)” …”gini (like this)”- showing me a few confusing acts – and continued “ha’ err” “hehehe..payoh sungguh nok kabo (hihihi, so hard to try n explain)”.. and she then gave up and left me just like that… err…I was clueless of what had happened. Up till forever…

p/s: I hadn’t even have the chance to say my infamous ‘Owh..’ yet.. :S


Another guy would be someone …. Hmmm….. I need not to explain who coz it’s all over facebook. Ya Allah. He’s a MASTERPIECE on giving out blurr questions.

I know we are all encouraged to ask. But please know what to ask, and, pick and choose your questions!! Where’s the rationale of asking :

“How to make a beautiful baby if one is not handsome?”




Just because the supervisor is pregnant doesn’t mean that you can ask her random questions like that!! And that’s not the only random question that came out from his mouth. Ayayayay!!!! Till last week, one of the senior staffs asked me whether or not he’s normal due to his absurd questionings.

Arrghhh!! I need a break! T_____________T

p/s: dun get me wrong, I love it there. Gargh, I’m so stressed out over nothing. Sheez..