"Ask and its given..."

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hi guys..

how are you?

I received few messages asking my whereabouts. Thanks for your concern and support. I'm alive still. Feeling fine. Still in love with Chris Brown. Still hoping for Jessica Alba's body. I'm good hamdulillah, just dat I've been very busy. I'm sorry to keep some of you waiting for my new post. (bajet famous plak lah kan..:P)

I cant figure out on what to write about lately. I'm too occupied with my final year project work and also because recently, I really dont have the mood to go online. I've become very lazy. I'm tired of meeting people, I'm tired of going to the cafe, I'm tired of arguing with the cats that keep poop-ing in the toilet sink every morning. I'm tired and I just want to graduate! And I cant stop planning on the things I want to do after I graduate



luv y'all..

::Pray for Japan. And all the affected countries.::