"Ask and its given..."

Monday, August 30, 2010

I'm a happy Muslim, Godammit!!


I know your intension is good. But next time, please consider the timing.


You know, I always thought that iftar gathering whould be something fun! Enjoyable! But after last night, it had really got me to REthink.


F.Y.I: I heard about the war that’d happen in GAZA. I’m aware of the injustice happening towards Islam in Iraq. I know many Muslim in Pakistan are in agony, dismay, sadness, PAIN!

I know!

In fact, the whole Goddam world is well aware of it!! But it doesn’t mean that just because my brother in Palestine is in hunger, I have to starve myself WITH him!


Last night, for the media presentation, they had us all watch upon the ‘misery of the muslims’ around the world. Videos of kids being shot, war videos, crying mothers videos; all the sad sad clips---WHILE WE WERE HAVING IFTAR(fast breaking)!!

Can you imagine? Looking at bloody pictures of innocent kids while having dinner?

Disgusting! And disrespectful!

What do you expect us to do? Cry while eating? Or make ourselves feel guilty of eating the delicious food being served? “There! I don’t want my meal anymore!” Wont that be wasteful??

Breaking fasts together should be something delightful. Play some music. Get one or two comedy clips. Crack a joke! Put a HA-HA on ones face. Make someone smile!

"You just won a great battle of 12-hours starvation, for God’s sake!"

I don’t know about you but that’s what always happens in my family. We CELEBRATE every time we break our fasts. And we joke all around, but still it doesn’t mean that we neglect our religious views. As much as I know, none any other family inserts as much religion related topics in their everyday conversation as much as my family (and our acquaintances) do. But there’s also timing!

I dont mind if you want to put in religious review during iftar but choose your topic WISELY! You don’t show ugly pictures of eyes bulging out of the skull during dinner! That’s just: YUCK!!


If you want to do something, do it bil hikmah!
-my dad's advice are alwiz superb!


If you want to tell us that we should pray to our fellow brothers and sisters of Islam, we will! But not by the way you portrayed us, last evening.

ISLAM is beautiful! You should remember that. Why don’t you promote the beauty of it rather than showing us the glimpse of misery? We’ve had enough of that! Stop being SAD for Islam and about Islam. It’s time to rejuvenate!! How long do you want to stay depressed? “OKAY, unfairness is there”. I see it! Its everywhere, God dammit! MOVE ON!

Next time, try showing pictures of people giving out charity to the orphans, or show us the beauty of Hajj process, or share us the parables in the Quran. Now that’s INSPIRING!!


.I’m just saying.sorry if it bites.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Not applicable for married couples. :)

This is quite random but just so you know.. I hate guys who are puppets to their girl friends. Its like they dont have a stand or something. Whatever the girl friend wants, they'll follow--- just to avoid from future 'merajuk' .

Come on,man! You are gonna be the FATHER to your son and the LEADER of your family for God's sake!!

If it's something serious, then it's acceptable. But silly stuff? Come on!!

And to the girls..please stop being sucha a Queen control!

"Don't be friends with her, she's my ex boyfriend's current gf"...
"Stop hanging out with your friends, you should spend 24 hours with me"...
"Let me have all your FB, MSN, TWITTER, YM accounts passwords, so I know you're not cheating on me.."
Where the heck is your sense of trust?? If he happened to be disloyal to you then isnt it obvious enough that its because he's just your BOYFRIEND not your HUSBAND??

Once he's your husband then only you have the right to take control of his privacy, and so does he! Coz only by THEN that you are sharing everything. No lies. And nothing to hide.

C'mon guys, stop being a puppet and show them your peacock! ock ock.. Guys in control is the definition of super coolness and super shexxeyh!

*Me: okay...but you* talk so loud bout ur life and its intruding my friggin privacy... and its a friggin public place. Goodbye you unknown Queen control!!. Study time.. Exam's tomorrow..

Thursday, August 26, 2010


follow me at Twitter


I'm now twitter-active!

Haiih.. i sound so desperate for followers.... -_-" hihi

p/s: my facebook account has been deactivated up until eid. Busy with exams.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

warm me up abit, cz am FREEZIN' :)

if I could write you a song,
and make you fall in love,
I would already have you up under my arm.
I used to pull all my tricks,
I hope that you like this.
but you probably won't,
you think you're cooler than me.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Ramadan gift~


I miss being at home. I miss having people to come visit to my house. I miss the acquaintance of fellow sheikh’s and habaibs in the house during Ramadan. I know I used to hate it coz I have to serve shaee/gahwa all the time (“and it must be MASBOUT!” Haih.. -_-‘ ), but in a way, sometimes I DO look forward to making them – just in order to show off my skills :)

Haaaih.. I miss home. And now I heard that Sheikh Yusof- former Mufti of Canada; is staying at my house for the whole week. Unfair! I was his favorite! Why must other people enjoy his company while I rot myself here in this hellhole? T__T..sabar…puasa…

Anyway, ever since Ramadan, I have yet to share with you anything Islamic. Hehe.. Well, lucky you! I found masterpiece in my inbox while deleting facebook notifications today. It was given from a good friend of mine; last Ramadan. I hope to share it with you guys here. Its doa’ after solat tarawikh/witr.

Haha. I remembered last Ramadan to be silliest Ramadan ever! We were hanging out and stuff and did some wicked things… during RAMADAN! Sweet but TOTALLY not encouraged !! LOOL.. hehe… my life’s so cute and DISFUNCTIONAL .. :”P …

Anyway, I hope some would print it out to read it ya! Please pray for me too.




Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dinner talk


Last night for iftar, my friends and I, as usual*, will gather around in Nad’s room to break our fasts together.
(NOTE: usual in this context means that if I don’t have fast breaking plans with my lil sister and, if Nad and Ati are not attending some SCIENCESS function, and if Fat is not away -> in KL/IPOH)
We were talking about random stuff on youtube, facebook *kay, basically internet stuff* and there came to a point where we were talking bout MY BLOG. Heeee…. This is somewhat the conversation..or may I say ATTACKS that I get from their feedback:

Fat : your blog has too many words!!!
Ati : honestly zaw, all these while when I go online, I never visit your blog…hAhA
Nad: Your posts are always so long. I’ll get sleepy by the time I reach the 2nd
Ati : next time you should try typing just a line or two. Full stop.
Fat : what she meant was for you to write a line or two and write your next
sentence in another paragraph.
Nad: I don’t know why but somehow, I only get a pull of reading your blog at critical
moments. Like when I’m doing my assignments or report. Those are the only
times that triggered me to read them.
Fat : And when you write about religion, there’s always “oh god-like-am so bad”
self repentance / confessions.
Nad: And there’re too many “Hmmmmm…”
Ati : yeah and “*ehem*s”
Nad: Yeah.. How many times do you cough anyways, while writing your posts?

LOL!! I love you guys :)