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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Your ways and my PMS = NOT helping!







tag : to "whom" it may concern .. lol.. c u l8r (?) ! =P


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blackforest cakkey!

"Joanna, I love you
You're the one
The one for me

I'm in love and I won't lie
She's my girl and always on my mind
She gives me her love and a feeling that's right
Never lets me down
Especially at night"

LOOOOL!!! I remembered last hearing the song when we had a family karaoke session...... over one and a half decade ago!!! Having to listen to it again after a lo-hooong time really had pleased me..

Memories... is something that I treasure most.

Yesterday, after accompanying my grandmother to the bank, I stopped by at a bakery; Sweden- Jalan Tok Lam. *smile*

I had fond memories growing up there. There-Sweden. My dad's clinic used to be along the same strand as the bakery shop. And when I was younger, my mom used to be my daddy's PA at his work place. Therefore, when they think that we need to be "loved" lol they'll bring us along to the clinic with them. We were naughty lords back when we were kids.. maybe up till now...hmm... So, everytime we went to the clinic, we were told to behave by our mother. And as for being good girls, my mom will give us an amount of money to be spent at Sweden.

So yesterday, a had a blast to the past when I smelt the mini pizza, sweet donuts and sponge cake.

I miss those days...
I so dont wanna grow up too fast ;-(

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I nailed it! :)

Just another day that I... had the best day of my life!


luv y'all!

w.y.w.h... ;)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Apples grow in Malang! Cool!!

Kiai Jalil and wife came to visit my father; from Malang, Indonesia. Unfortunately for them, my dad had to rush to KL for my grandmother was being admitted to the hospital(due to hypertension) .. AlHamdulillah, Sittu is now fine..love you ! ;( ..

So, that leaves me; to take charge on bringing around the "tourists".. heee.. One thing I like about being around with kiai's, habaibs and sheikh is that, there's never a moment spent with them : wasted. They'll never be a 'pause' and they'll never talk nonsense but the most of all is that; the knowledge they share is simply priceless..

Yesterday, I took them to the infamous Batu Burok beach. We sat there, took pictures and had keropok lekor together with fried squid and fried cempedak (english : jack fruit or sumthing??).. Upon enjoying the view and the sea breeze, I told him on how much I love the beach. I love it coz it calms me and makes me so loved. Then I asked ;its true right that we get pahala even by just looking at the sea? He then smiled. And while smiling he said "kalau kita melihat sesuatu itu dengan memikirkan kebesaran Allah, ganjaran pahala itu ada dimana dimana saja. Kalau liat gunung juga ada pahalanya, langit- ada juga pahalanya."

And then he continued with a hadith, he said, when Allah first created the earth, the earth was shaky - "

"Lalu Allah menciptakan gunung. Dengan terciptanya gunung, maka bumi pun terdiam"
*Translation: Then God created the mountains and the earth stood still.

"Para malaikah lalu menanyakan Allah: Ya Rab, hebatnya ciptaan Kamu sehinggakan ia dapat mendiemkan bumi yang bergetar. Adakah ada daripada ciptaanMu yang lain yang bisa mengalahkan kehebatan ciptaan gunung ini Ya Allah?"
*Translation: The Malaikah(angels) then asked God whether there's any other things that's greater of a creation that could be compared to the mountain.

"Lalu Allah menjawab : Ada . Besi"
*Translation: God answered : Yes, steel.(Steel could bring down the mountain)

"Terus ditanya lagi para malaikat: Apa ada yang lebih kuat daripada besi?"
*Translation: Anything else stronger than the steel?

"Ada, yaitu api."
*Translation: Fire (Fire can mold and melt the steel)

"Lalu ditanya lagi para malaikat ( interlude: these malaikats never give up asking.. if i were God, I'll slap them and say youre friggin annoyin'! hahaha!.. astaghfirullah..joking God!!.. wallahi..i was joking.. wuv you! *flying kiss ). Lalu ditanya lagi para malaikat kepada Allah: Ya Rabb, emang ada daripada ciptaan-Mu yang lebih kuat daripada api?"
*Translation: Stronger than fire?

"Ada. Yaitu air"
*Translation: Water.

"Y Allah, ada daripada ciptaanmu yang lebih kuat daripada air? Para malaikat kembali menanya"
*Translation: Stronger than water?

"Ada. Angin"
*Translation: God answered: Yes. The wind.

"Iyakan Ameera tahu, Angin ciptaannya hebat daripada air-yang lebih hebat daripada api- yang lebih hebat daripada besi- hebat daripada gunung yang mendiam kan bumi yang bergetar.. I nodded. Jadi, para malaikat bertanya lagi, apa ada sesuatu dalam ciptaanMu Ya Allah yang lebih dahsyat daripada angin dan semua itu?"
*Translation : You're well aware that the wind is greater than the water,fire,steel and mountain right? So the angels asked God if there's anything greater than all of them combined together?

"Allah kemudian menjawab, Ada yaitu amal anak Adam yang mengeluarkan sedekah dengan tangan kanannya sementara tangan kirinya tidak mengetahuinya". Itu dipanggil Sadaqa *X*?*X* maksudnya sadaqa yang diberi dengan niat yang ikhlas.
*Translation: "God then answered : Its when children of prophet Adam gives charity with his/her right hand while the other hand is unaware of it". In other words, give charity sincerely without the hope of anyone looking us doing the deed and without hope of getting something back as a repay. Its called Sadaqa *?*something*?* ( I forgot wat... it was in arabic.. i know my arabic sucks tho I'm an arab.. boohoo! ;( )

Come to think of it, I hardly give charity to others.. Sometimes i do ....but not much.. hmmm ... I guess thats why my karma isnt as good.. I think thats why the Chinese are always rich and joyful, because they are very generous to everyone. Be it their own clan or other people. Just look at the amount of oranges they distribute all the time. And furthermore, when they give, they never expect us to repay them back. Its like their culture to just give give and give. Uncle Daniel always come to the house with a plastic of SOMETHING ; Chinese tea + choclates + etc). Sometimes I feel shy to even accept it coz its always too much! I should learn from him, like sriously..Anywho, I'd like to share this moment and wish my Chinese friends and a happy new year!!!

Gong Xi Fa Chai!!! And happy Valentines' Day to all!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby dun worry, youre my only, you wont be lonely. even if the sky is fallin down.Baby are down down down down down? but seriously..are you down?;-S


Valentine's Day is just around the corner!!

oh the feeling! the luuurrve!! the affection!!

It feels as though am sent back to Venus again; whereby all I see are birds singing, love swinging, roses blooming and sweet melodies flowing...

(current scent : English Rose)

mmmmmhh........ so sensational.... =)

john travolta: its electricfyin' babeyh!!

ameera : you got that right johnny dear! now kiss me!

john travolta : errr...

ameera : gaah.. fine... >;(

Does love makes the world go round?

I dont know bout you but to me it does.. I remember waking up everyday, thanking God that I'm still alive, and thanking God that I'm still here to be able to love the people I adore, and to receive the love of the people who cares about me...

And that would start my day just perfectly, hence the rational explanation of the earth rotation on that day--- due to my 'feel goodity’... heeee... ;)

Since Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day fall on the same date this year..All I wish for this year's Valentine is a handful of Ang Pow worth rm100 per envolope...heeeee...haha.. no..lets not ruin the tradition of roses and chocolates..

uhuh.. like any other girls.. I'd wish for the same thing too..but an addition of a love letter with a well written poem or a song would just be ...

ZEE BESTO! ^__^..

I'd give you an example on a well wriiten poem/song written by *ehem* yours truly; ME..heeee..

It'd sound something like this:

Sender/Author : Ameera Zawawy

Receiver : The love of my life

Dear Love,

Tho the envious miles distanced us apart,

Never had I allow my thoughts to wander

for other things besides you

your memories

spirited me away from reality

and had me surrendered,

to endure the pleasure of loving you

my dear beau,

your scent travels with the wind that follows my path

your utterances nibble ceaselessly to my ears..

and your name’s reputed as my everyday chants..

i'll wait till the day comes when

we end our voyage ,

and i’ll have your hand, crawl.. wrapping my waist,

your hair comes curling around my finger

and your nose traces the frame of my face

but till the time arrives,

lets remain our distance

And allow me to entertain myself

tho with only reminiscence of you

And lets pretend

As tho I never exist if not just another

girl who’s secretly in love with you

Happy Valentines Day!

100% originally written and created by,

Ameera ‘bulbul’ Zawawy

Eh..silap...patut secret...

Your “kipas yang betul-betul susah sangat mati”...

Friday, 12th of February 2010 ,

11.58 a.m, UIA Kuantan


chewah..jiwang karat...

Valentine has always been one of the events i look forward to in a year..not that i've ever celebrated it with anyone..

but I just love the thought of being in love...

hmmmm........ ^__^...sweeeeet~~~~

So, to all who claimed that he/she really truly loves me, dun forget to get me chocaloates on Vday! Hinting VIGOROUSLY to : Fatin Najwa Abd Nasser & Nadia Hanis Abd Samad & Izzati Malek and the gang...

I want with hazelnut!!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tony Roma's Ribsteak and Seafood?


I finally upgraded my laptop to Windows 7..

heeee... ^__^... *happy*

I'm very overwhelmed with the transformation of my laptop..
No more trial Microsoft and no more annoying virus warning!

heeeeeee....... :))))))))))

Whats better is that i now have a song cutter!!!! hehehehehehe.....

My best friend is sitting next to me, blabbering nonstop about Tony Roma's Chinese New Year Special; offered in today's paper... I couldn't care less.. for now, my concentration is more focussed on how to change my desktop calendar to English and to write about my Windows 7 upgrade.. :))))

The most recent thing that I've discovered from my "new" lappy is that the desktop wallpaper change skin by itself! Cooool!!!

AND!! the sound for the USB insertion also changed!! instead of "DEEDUT" , its now "DIDIDING"!!!! heeeeeeeeeee~~

All I want now is a software to make things like crafts, cards etc... At least, i could create a new hobby and sell the items to friends!............................?? mmmm.... not really a good idea.....? hmm.. oh well! i still want it! hahahaha

K.. now the thought of Tony Roma's ribs is really tempting... So what bout it again, babe?


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Someone ...save me... plz...


Is God picking on me or my life is merely a joke???

Despite yesterday's "event" being ranked the top, of my "Driving School Humiliating Moments"... Today's embarrassing event followed up just well....

Cut the cheese Ameera.. what happened this time??

I assumed, that today.. everything was gonna be perfect...
After yesterday, my confidence level was back on track and I prepared myself early to avoid any mishaps like yesterdays'..

and it did...My day did go perfectly well....

-I drove the Viva like a pro... music on, gear 2,3,4, signalled left right...

-My parking? It was more than excellent... a tutor even asked his student to take note on how I controlled the handling of clutch while i reverse...

-The tyres for the hill test were 100% in the box...

-And all 4 attempts of my 3 junction went smooth, as presumed

a perfect day went perfectly well, just according to plan

.... until.....

until the guy who ruined my confidence; the first time, REappeared...



It was the morning of November 26th, 2009 .... I remember entering the briefing hall with a feeling of proud and excitement...
My younger sister was sat next to me, she had the mutual feeling I was experiencing... but only a bit more over joyed..*huh...kids...*

Then came a guy...He looked sturdy, fiercer than shasha aka beyonce, and then he made his way to sit on the speaker's chair; up front of the whole audience in the hall...

"oh.. so thats the speaker"

.. yes, he was...

At first, everything was fine.. He delivered his task good enough to make us all understand...
His jokes made us laugh and his questionairres were the important things i needed to jot down.. But there was one question that had changed my LIFE... FOREVER!!!

It was a question that, to me, requires HONESTY!

At one time, when the class was coming to an end, he asked us all...

"Iklah nanye neh.. Awok rese, maha dok bayo nok bowok kete neh? sungguh nanye eh.. Awok?"

*translation: Truthfully, what do you think of the price charged by this institute? Whats your opinion (pointing to me)?

So, being as honest as I always have been, I answered:

YES. (coz RM 1080 is a bit ridiculous! i mean like, my sisters did it for only RM250 just a few years ago..)

and you know what he said after that...?

"Oh... mm... kalu gitu BLAJO DIGHIIII AH!! "


oh ya...the *translation: well then, if you think so, then WHY DONT YOU ASK YOUR MOM TO TEACH YOU??!

Venue : Ganda Institute Lecture Hall A, Marang.Terengganu.
Date: 26/11/2009
Time : 11.24 a.m yes, i remembered the time coz while i was faking my laugh, i was also looking down at my handphone... supposedly sms-ing...

Subject : I became the laughing stock of some Terengganu idiots...



End of flashback... Back to the present world...

While i stopped at the T junction, waiting for some other vehicles to pass by, he walked past my car and said:

"Commey eh... Dok penoh gi napok muke commey gini..."
*translation : youre the most gorgeous creation i've ever seen!! All hail to the Goddess of Beauty!!!!


What made you think that I WONT get flattered after hearing that???

So I was like smiling and... "hmmmm..." =)

And right after that...


The engine stopped....



Though I didnt see but i swear I heard him snickered....

arrrrgggghhh!!!!!! WHY IS MY LIFE ALWAYS AGAINST ME!!!


Anywho,, this would be the list of my humiliated moments i had there :

Moment # 1 : mentioned in flashback

Moment # 2 : yesterday - had tummy ache.. stop by at the petrol station for the toilet.. had my tutor waiting for more than 10 minutes in the car..

Moment # 3 : yesterday - Waved my tutor goodbye... Only to realize that both sides of my armpit were DRENCHED ...

Moment # 4 : Just now...


tired...... wanna sleep for a while....