"Ask and its given..."

Saturday, July 31, 2010

A message to someone very close, very dear...


I realized that, making decisions while or because we are angry, or confused, will not solve anything...

We'll tend to change our minds right after we gain our 'consciousness' ...

And I realize too, that, the decision made could bring such an impact to another person's life ...

And its gonna be a bit too late to back up once the deal is on ...

And at the end of the day, it's gonna be : pity you, pity them, pity me.

  • So, if you really care, keep holding on. There are always ups and downs in everything we do. Just be patient.
  • And, if you really care, stop putting hopes on others who are putting hopes on you.
  • If you really care for yourself, get right!!


Although, I dont know her well, but from what I know, I think she's really good enough for you... She has sacrifice a lot for you and; though this might give a brush on your face; but , I think its time for you to change for the better. :PPP ..hihi.. lol.. cz come on, you cant expect everyone to be perfect...

Love is all about give and take... If she doesnt know how to draw, then you teach her.. And if she knows how to sing better, then you learn from her. Your love is what matters anyway. Chewaah.. :PP

Coz from what I know, she's a good girl..... who loves her mama, loves God and Malaysia too. Shes a good girl, crazy bout music, loves kittens and her boyfriend too :) *Free falling - Tom Petty

- you asked for my point of view, I promise I'll let you know, so here it is :) -


Thursday, July 29, 2010

I could really use a wish right now...


Today Aty treated Nad and I blended pink guava and sugarcane juice (air tebu :P). It was definitely a thirst quencher INDEED. Kuantan is hot. So hot that eggs could be fried on a kitchen stove!


…. (-…- “) ….


Anyway, Nad had meeting after lunch so I had to go back to my room; walking.

On my way to the campus, there were flyers hanging along the walkway. They were promoting on the Dzikr Campaign. I guess they were kept left from the orientation week; which my university had organized; about a month ago.

“And We (God) have not sent you, (Muhammad),

except as a mercy for mankind.”

Qur'an 21:107.

That was written on one of the flyers. It was a verse in the Quran. SubhanAllah. As I finished reading the verse, I suddenly had the feeling of hugging God, wanting to thank Him for all his Mercy. Alhamdulillah.

Though its only a short verse but it is really meaningful

It may be just a sentence to you if you just read it through. But if you read it once more, and understand it, you really cant imagine how lucky we are and how much God loves us.


Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, was sent to us in order to guide us to Allah, the Supreme being.

He’s the last of all prophets and nabiy. The last book, the Quran, was sent to Him as a guide book to life. And his sunnah’s and the things written in his hadeeth are to show us the way on how we should implement our religion.

He’s no more than a man. He’s not God but just a mere messenger of Allah. He cant read nor can he write. He’s illiterate! He’s far off from being rich, he could barely eat 3 times a day.

And these imperfections of his are one of the thing that had made him the most, perfectly suitable prophet.


Because from this, people could see the miracles of Allah. People will know that the beautiful words in the Quran are not and can’t be made up by an illiterate man. And knowing that he’s a poor man, he has no power to pay some people up in order to make them convert to Islam.

Without him, we are worthless..


I remember going to a seminar last year. Its about sirah Nabiy Muhammad S.A.W. The life story of prophet Muhammad. Wallahi (By God), that’s one of the most beautiful experience that I’ve ever had ..in a seminar room! It very heart warming..

Sometimes, when I see and hear others saying bad things and making fun of my prophet, I could just break down and cry. I know, I AM a crybaby but another reason is because it hurts so bad.

Its because they are talking bad about the person whom I really adore and love. ;( . He’s such a darl. Why do you hate him so much? Do you even know how he’s like? Or you’re just reflecting the people's (who are not even good believers) actions and blame it all on Muhammad S.AW?

And what hurts the most is when I see people really closely related to the prophet doing things that, I bet, would really shame him. :___( . There he was, fighting for Islam, and here we are, making a fool out of it!!

I’m not talking about others, yet I’m more emphasizing it on myself. Sometimes, I feel like I’m such a bad as* girl that I bet he’s gonna be so upset and ashamed to even look at me :___( *sad… T_T *.

I’m trying.. I swear I’m trying my best to be a good girl. And InsyaAllah I will be one. A VERY good one. Just pray for me, alright people? I need them. I’ll pray for myself too of course.. :)

So please, to my dear sisters, cousins, family members, beloved friends and myself. What’s in a name, if the ‘being’ itself is lifeless? We can be the sons and the daughters of the most powerful man in the world; and we can boast around with the family name we have; I’m a “ba’alawi”, an “ahlyl beyt”, a “musharaf”, a “Hasany”! (what ever names we call ourselves,) . But if our behavior is just as bad as the satan, then we are absolute nothing in the eyes of God. And that’s really nothing to be proud of.

Oh yeah.. and just as a reminder..Remember, the closest thing to us is death. So let’s be prepared for it?

This is just my point of view.

Am just saying.




Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cassie's and mine ..


I'm looking for a lover and a friend,

Somebody who can be there;
when I need someone to talk to,

I'm looking for someone who won't pretend...

Somebody not afraid to say the way they feel about you

And I'm looking for someone who understands how I feel,

Someone who can keep me real and who knows the way,
The way I like to have it my way .. :)

And I'm looking for someone who takes me there,

Wants to share, shows he cares

I'm thinking you're the one that I've been waiting for

Is it you?

Maybe you're the one I've been waiting for

Could you be the one for me?

Could you be the one I need?

I'm looking for someone to share my pain

Someone who I can run to,
who would stay with me when it rains

Someone who I can cry with through the night

Someone who I can trust who's heart is right

Someone who wont take for granted on how much I care

And appreciates that I'm there

Someone who listens

And someone I can call who isn't afraid of thought to share


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tomorrow's their BIG day...

My kids last practice for their performance's today. I'm gonna have to spend my day today at SriKL; checking out how things are going, fix their costumes and do the final touch.

ARGHHH!! I'm soo nervous for tomorrow!!!

Anywho, what I know is, my best friend is gonna be there to watch them perform.. with my other loving friends too! ^___^.... and that creates more of the tension!! :P.. hihi

Talking about Fat, Urgh.. last night I had dinner with her and her boyfriend and Saba' near Jelatek. The food was soo delicious but I hate them all cause they made me eat like a pig!!! But eating there made me miss 'Nasi Kebuli' that I had when I was in Surabaya..

Kay, i got to go.. I'm late... like really...

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bye bye Good Life, Hello Real World

I'm starting my new semester tomorrow.. darn!

k... I know I'm a week late :)) but still...I'm not yet done with the summer holidays, summer heat, summer love, summer mood!!!

How I wish one year would just pass by in a second... K.. tipu... i wont wish for that... but for now.. i just wish the holiday is extended!! T_T ..

I havent even started packing yet! issshh...

I have every reason to not go back tomorrow...but its pointless.. ticket has already been bought..


I'll miss my nearly 24/7 online routine : facebook, blog updates, videomaking, my flicker, skype, chats..

My room..my room...my room..and keyboard...what ever's gonna happen to that?

haaaiihh... but what the heck.. life moves on.. I still have other things to look forward to

  1. my kid's bellydancing play of Aladdin at SriKualaLumpur..falls on the 23rd and 24th of July. Please come! :)
  2. Latep's Wedding ceremony.. 24th...
  3. FYP Proposal's presentation..
  4. si gede's arrival...
  5. mid semester exam...
  6. final semester's exam
  7. my new business :)) - will talk about it later
  8. etc...
haiihh.. anyway... if there's anything... just call my phone.. dont bother sending me messages on facebook for the time being...

Unless I get my blackberry by tomorrow.. ^___^

Alright now.. Sleepy..
Urgh.. How I wish I was at Batu tonight. Its chillier...
*k. i take back my words on loving the summer heat..


Saturday, July 17, 2010

No, it wasn't me... Raju.....?


I know this might sound a bit crude…, and un lady like…,hmm..a bit impolite…




Have you ever felt the 'contented feeling' of getting a hold on your fart??


Dalam istilah melayu, its called : “menahan kentut”..

Okay.. I know!! Its soo retarded AND really disgusting to actually talk about this subject; especially when I’m a lady and stuff but I really HAVE to share this profound precious habit of mine - holding my fart…

It feels as if I’ve won something each time I manage to prevent the ‘air’ flowing out from my …*ehm*…. that….

Have you ever watched the movie “300” ?? The time when the Spartans blocked the attack of the enemy’s battalion with their super shields? The Turks pushed and pushed forward, but the Spartans manage to prevent them from going through. The strong power of the Spartans. Incredible. :)

Well, if you could imagine the Spartans’ enthusiast in your thoughts, then you could definitely imagine my spirit keeping it IN.

Its not easy… it requires physical strength as well as mental strength. Such challenge. I like. :)

K, I’m a bit sleepy and high after eating 6 biji of durian.. I think I need some rest…

Good night all.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why the world is wonderful..


its because its full of unpredictable wonders.. :) .

Some are beautiful, others are left unexpected…but still…awesome… :)

Who would have thought that when I reach 23, I’d become what I am right now

Who would have thought that when I reach 23, I’d go on for a vacation without my parents insight. Frankly, I wouldn’t..

Who would have thought that when I reach 23, I’d get to meet lovely people from all around the world, be it Japan, Indonesia, my own Malaysia, etc…

And who would have thought that when I reach 23 years old, 6 months and 18 days.. I’d get to drink teh botol sosro, and fell in love with it ……especially ‘sing kurang manis’ :)

Do you know what I lack of?

The belief that: “not everything unplanned is horrible”.

I should SOMETIMES..(only sometimes) live on Que sera sera song. It does have some truth in it. :)

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.


Friday, July 9, 2010


A beautiful..beautifully well written website... Please take time to read it. Happy Isra' Mi'raj y'all..

jakarta - surabaya - malang - gresik - KL

ko bisa kangen ma teh botol kurang manis...
minumna cuman skali aja tapi..