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Friday, February 11, 2011

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.


Is more than saying sorry
Means accepting peoples flaws

-Anna Faris

Forgiving can be a difficult task for some. Especially when the person who is at fault never came to apologize.

Have you ever experienced the act of being FORCED to forgive someone by a higher authority? And once you did, that someone gave you a smirk indicating: he/she had won. (>>.<<)
My mom used to do that to me all the time specially when it involves my older sibling.

Frankly, I really admire someone who forgives easily to others for any mistakes/wrong they’ve done. My father told me once in the car while on the way to KL the other day, about the story of a man and his neighbor.

There was a wise-kind-gentle man who had this one mad-angry neighbor. Every day the neighbor would throw his garbage at the gentle man’s door! Then, one day, the garbage stopped appearing. The kind man wondered why and asked people about what had happened to his neighbor. He was told that the neighbor was sick, in bed. So, what the kind hearted man did was; he went and visited his angry neighbor to make sure he’s ok and to wish him well. The neighbor felt so embarrassed that he then embraced the kind man character when he recovered and became angry no more.

Many has narrated that it was the story of Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) and his Jewish neighbor. However, since there is no authentication of the source I dare not claim that it’s a hadeeth. ( And the story is a bit more different.. hihi)

But lets put aside religion facts and lets emphasize on the jeez of the story. What’s most important is that, this story teaches us the value of always to be forgiving. Because by showing good virtues to others, it will make one realize that there’s a chance of being happy again (and sing along Barney’s “Happy Happy” song together with your friends).

Being forgiving to me is like keeping yourself away from becoming revengeful.

When we’re angry or full of vengeance, not only we’ll be depressed, but we will also constantly be giving out negative thoughts to ourselves and our surrounding. These thoughts will offer us a ‘not good’ feeling. And that’s pretty much…..STRESSFULL!!

However, I understand that some people have the tendency to take advantage of the constant-forgiver. Huh tell me about it. I’ve experienced it my whole life (no, I’m not ever the forgiver nor am I the advantage taker, I’m just the OBSERVER). To those people, well, I just wish they change.

Yes, I’m not an easy forgiver myself; but I tend to let things pass by and forgive anyway. I just don’t know how to be mad at someone for so long specially when its for a small matter like a stupid misunderstanding. But somehow, it would be nice if someone would apologize and forgive and move along with the world (wth am I saying..lol..) .

Remember: Apologizing doesn’t always mean you are wrong and the other person is right, it just means that you value your relationship more than your ego.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fan mail ♥ ^_^

Dear Abdul Rahman AsSudais;

You have the most wonderful voice ever in the world mashaAllah. The voice is small yet serene. Whenever I’m bored listening to my GLEE and Chris Brown’s songs in my playlist, I’ll always turn to you.

Eventhough it’s the same surah; over and over again. I’ll never get bored. I swear I play it not just at night to make me go to sleep (actually coz I’m scared of the legends of the hostel ghosts .. hahaha.. joking :P), but also when I want the time for myself.

Its calming just to hear your voice. And sometimes it sounds so cute! Chipmunks voices are annoying, yours is not. I swear to God. And you don’t even need to collaborate with AKON or ANYONE to make me like any of your recitations. Seriously.

Furthermore, you make it easier for me to memorize some surahs in the Quran due to your amazing voice and tune. I feel more eager to read the Quran more often and to play around with my recitation with your tone. (haha.. yeah.. I can be THAT lame..I still like to play 'pretending-to-be'up til today XP)

May God Bless You Always. And your so chubby you make me wanna mammam your cheeks!! Mammam!! MMMMmmm!! MmmaaaaammmMM!!! AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaarghh!! Cutey pie!!! >.<

Check him out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGgD_iTxdCQ


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Choose Me Pick Me Love Me And Dont Hate Me...


Life is not just said as a gamble, but a jungle too; where the strong conquers and the weak perish.

Just look around. Everywhere name it; in school, what our society does is compete compete and competing to be the best. To be chosen. To be the one. To sit on that spot; THAT chair. To be THE man; holding the arms of THAT lady.

If life was simple, and WE are not picky, ‘living’ would be a very delightful experience- “ no problemas”. The problem is; we are not simple. In fact we are categorized as complex organisms by my text book.

We all want certain things in life; to satisfy our desires, aim and goal. I'm not just emphasizing on the apprentice cands here but am also talking on behalf of Trump.

Have you ever heard about the story of the perfect lady?

This perfect lady rejects every men who had asked for her hand; saying that those men aren’t perfect enough for her. Until one day that she found herself her perfect guy and told him that she would like him to become her husband and that perfect guy rejected her and said he is yet to find someone who is perfect for himself.

Or what about the story of King Arthur?

For those that are not familiar with the story of King Arthur; the story is about a sword that stuck in a stone. The one who’s able to pull it out will rule the kingdom. Coz according to the ‘sword’ a.k.a Excalibur, it can only be owned by a ‘true king’.

See how fussy life is? They are even pickier than I am! (And my mom complains about my ‘particularity’..sheesh..)

Okay, I bet some are wondering like: what’s the relation between my statement on competing and being picky. I don’t know how to explain this.. but I hope with this example; you’ll get to know how they are related..

Ali , Ahmad and Abu are all good, intelligent and smart guys who are competing for the number one spot in becoming the ‘Smartest Guy Alive’. The winner gets a YAMAHA KEYBOARD to be given to Princess Ameera the next day. *nyaaahaha- I luv making my own fairytale*

THEY: are competing with each other

The Smartest Guy Alive position is the : PICK-AN; A fussy choosy ‘thing’! ( You’re the one who’s making my life MISERABLE!!!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO WANT YOU!!)

Nothing wrong with being either one of them. But I have some advice (hahaha.. call me Esther Hicks) for them both

Lets put our shoes in "competitors" position first.

These guys are the best among the others.

In most competitions, there would be a time where one can’t rely on anyone else’s mistakes or slipups anymore. There would come to a time where everybody is at par with everyone. Nobody is weaker than the other.

The real fight begins now. It is the battle between you and yourself.

To offer the best of you and what you’ve got. No one else matters anymore. It’s all about you again. About showing your uniqueness, about exploring yourself, about acknowledging your capability, what you can do, how far you could go. It’s all only you.

And if PICK-AN (chooser/picker) don’t find you good enough for them; then don’t give up. In the animal kingdom as I said earlier, the weak dies. But we are not animals. So, why do we have to follow THEIR rules? And just because we loss it doesn’t mean that we are the weak ones. We are fighters! Come on man!


Therefore, we should not quit. Because what you’ve done to reach what and where you are today is not something easy and you should never regret it. Instead, open your eyes for better opportunities. Maybe that thing you aimed for is actually not perfect enough for you anyway and that ‘perfect THING’ is still in-search for you. Who knows, right? :)

NOW lets talk about the ‘Pick-er/ Pick-AN’/chooser (wat the fish... =_=)

Lets not blame them for being very picky. We all have our own reasons for everything right. :)Try not be irrational and think logically. If you were given so many choices to choose from; ie: watermelon; you’d definitely choose the big sweet juicy one right? Rather than a big but less sweet ones? I mean, you’re paying a lot of money for it; (RM7 perkg IS a lot)…u’d definitely want to pick the best right? But sometimes, one thing we should remember is to not be too particular with stuff and try accept things the way they are. Because if you expect perfection too much in a person/thing; and it may not come out to your expectation; you are the one who's going to be disappointed the most.

In conclusion : Santai lah braiiiii... (yes, I'm addicted to inianuar's video blog 'eeew')

Hmmm… it might not make any sense to you…

I’m sorry for my way of conveying my message is….very….COMPLEX(and weird)…coz as said earlier… I’m a complex organism.. hihi.. I’m soo sleepy now is 1:21 a.m already… good night all..

This journal is actually a note to myself...fml...nyt..