"Ask and its given..."

Monday, March 29, 2010

I got it from my momma!


Mom has always been a worrisome. Yesterday, before going to the infamous East Coast Mall *rolleyes* , I called up my mom just to update her with some stuff. And when she got to know that I was to drive there, she became overprotective and worried. And told me to read some prayers in car…..*wait..am not finished*…..she told me to read the prayers: ALL THE WAY TO ECM!!

Arrghh.. To tell you the truth, I’m EASILY annoyed whenever she tells me to do that.. OKAY Mom, I’ll read prayers but NOT ALL THE WAY!!! I mean like there are other things I have to look out to, and one of them is like : FOCUSING ON THE ROAD

    ( Its not anything, but whenever she says that, it puts a burden on me because, okay, there’s one thing that you have to know, I’m afraid of jinx and karma. So, whenever my mom tells me to do something, I’ll do almost EXACTLY what AND how she tells me to do it--- coz in my shrunken birdy bone head, bad things will happen if I don’t follow my mom’s order.

    I’m not saying that I’m a totally obedient child. I’m not… Seriously.. Not quite… I’m somewhat a rebel… *ROCK ON DUDES!!*…… in my own ways

    But I do follow most of my parents’ regulations… Therefore, in a nutshell, when she says ALL THE WAY.. I’ll take it literally and that means that I’ll HAVE TO read it NONSTOP.. )

SO anyway, while my mom was telling me which prayers I need to read while driving, I simply snap and cut her off…

I was like “Mama, I know you are worried but please think of me! I’m more worried than you are!! I’m the one who’s DRIVING for God’s sake! I will read the prayers, but THE WHOLE WAY??!! Come on Ma… You put too much tense in me that it puts me under pressure every time I tell you I want to drive somewhere… ”

And you know what she replied?

“I think you’re mad at me now because I just scolded your grandmother (her mother) this morning.”

And I was like high-pitched-huh; “Huh????”

And Mom was like “Your grandmother told her friends of something that is meant to be kept in discreet from someone… (Old folk’s gossips??) So I told her off. And now you’re mad at me as a punishment for me being angry at her this morning… Fair enough… Now read “Lailaha illa anta subhanaka inni kuntu minazzalimiin” many times while you’re driving...”

In my head I was like.. “Mom…of all the things… it has nothing to do with her at all!! Do you know how seriously random you can be at times??? And didn’t I JUST tell you not to pressure me to read those things

But I didn’t say it out loud, I just kept quiet. I didn’t want to prolong the argument. I AM driving anyways. I’m scared if I was rude and make my mom upset, bad things will happen to me on the road *Ya Latiff, 3uthubillah min thalik, Allah ba3eed!!!*.

So I was like “Okay..just pray for me.. am off to the road”..*sigh*


To think of it, at first, I thought my mom was being ridiculously overprotective and have no trust in me in whatsoever. But to think again;

I’m not much different.

In fact, I’m EXACTLY like that. I worry too much about some people till I make them suffocate (eeek!!*choke*? =P). Its not that I don’t have faith in them, its just that I’m there to remind just in case they forgot. There’re no intensions of belittling them whatsoever. But I know it can be seriously irritating..

Take an example, at the bus station. I’ll repeatedly warn my sister to watch out for her belongings.

    “Take care of your handbag”.. And after 3 minutes, I’ll take a look at my sister’s handbag just to make sure its still there. Then one minute after that, I’ll repeat the same thing with the same intonation “Take care of your handbag”…

I know she always gets annoyed but she just had to bear with it; since she “idolized” me much… HAHAHAHA..! I wish! :P

Another example will be if I’m in a car driven by someone else besides me..

“Be careful” or “Car coming” or “Watch out!!”

… Those seemed to be the ONLY words that’ll come out from my mouth.. huuhuu.. :P ..


Trying…trying…trying…trying… trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…trying…

DONE ^_____^

Friday, March 26, 2010

Civilized Much?

While everyone else was busy studying for this Sunday’s paper, I kept myself busy with sumthin’ else…. And that’s watching 5 movies in a row. Hows bout that? ;P . ..
“Carrier” (2009).
Frankly speaking, I’ve never heard of the movie before, but since it was in my friend’s HD, I might as well give it a chance to entertain me for awhile.
Basically, the movie is somewhat the same as any other movies of that genre. That goes to the : ‘runaway-from-the-infectious-disease-and-to-a-safer-place-but-where?’ plot. What differ it from other movies of the type is that it’s strong ‘will power’ to leave infected people behind. Even if they’re a family member, a lover or a main character.
“You got infected, you stay away or we’ll kill you”… THAT’S kinda their motto.
Which leaves me to a question:
What would I do if I were in a situation that threatens me to kill everyone else to survive?
What if my family was to be robbed by some gun loaded robbers and was put as hostages?
Lets imagine a scene…..
Bushido: Mmeeeeeeeeeeeow!! (*translation: “Get your big as* off my owners property , you motha jiggin sc*mbag!”)
Robber : Points the gun towards Bushido, ready to fire a shot.
Ameera: *cries and screams* . “NOOO!! Don’t shoot her!! Take me instead!
Robber: *Raise eyebrow* “Hell, you don’t have to worry bout nothing, I’d kill the both of you together if you like!”

Pin drop silence

Robber:*raise eyebrow-disbelief*
Bushido: As*hole! (translation : “meok!” ) while showing her middle claw to Ameera.

Desperation is the real deal of life.
A Saint would kill to protect his sanctuary, a father would steal to pay for his son’s medical fees, a wife would let go of her body for his husband’s life.
Many unwanted things happen during times of desperation. What happened to all the principals we have vowed on? Shredded into pieces?! Only those who are strong enough would hold on to their selves. But at that time, these strong people are being looked at as someone selfish who wouldn’t care bout anything but his self, a cruel and heartless person who would not sacrifice himself for the sake of others.
I’m not weak but that doesn’t mean I am saying that I’m strong...
Some of you might have this thought in your mind saying:
“If you keep on to your beliefs, your faith, then you wont have anything to be worried about.”
Easy said. As calm as the breeze. That’s because we are OUTSIDE the situation. I’m not saying what he/she is saying is wrong, but just how many of us could ‘survive’ the tension??
I don’t have the solution nor a conclusion of my post today but just a simple question:
Where do we stand?

……………………. probably no where…
…and that’s why God’s Great… and we’re just a small tiny living who’s arrogant enough to think we could rule the world and chess out our life..
(am suppose to stop at the question… but as usual.. I hv so much to say …n suggestions to give…huhu… =P )

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i HAVE survived! hey hey!


Dr.Tareq's exam is finished!!!! YEEEAYY!!! That means I'm partially a MERDEKA-d person!

LOVE Y'ALL!! hahahahha

p/s: I sorta like re-opened my previous old blog to public.. just for fun... hahaha... I was still young when I wrote them. Started blogging when I was 16. The things I write about on that page are soo.. hahaha... i dunno... pelik... but I did the layout everything myself.. time-time baru belajar how to make a website layout at Matric.. :P

if you wanna check it out, its this one:



Sunday, March 21, 2010

the BIG news


K... I have something to tell..

I am now an OFFICIAL


to tell you the truth, my performances are mostly either solo or only with my close friends and family members. But NEVER have I TAUGHT anyone to belly dance before. And never have I thought for it to become a source of income for me! haha.

The offer came about a week ago. Sri KL wanted someone to teach belly dance to a group of students for their yearly event (somewhere in AUGUST if not mistaken). Since one of the teachers there had seen me performed belly dance at a wedding ceremony before, she somewhat brought up the idea to my aunt to propose the job to yours truly; me. ^___^.

And I accepted! hahaha!! I mean like, you know, just as an experience in the teaching field. At least I'm doing something I love most as a part time job. So I'll take it as something to kill my time. Waiit!! correction!! the thing i love most is singing...tho I suck at it... hahaha!

One turn down point tho, this means that I have to go to KL every Thursday night... The school will cover the transport expenses but the thought of traveling is kinda urrghh.. :P

OH WELL.. ^_^.. My first class begins on the 30th of March(Next Tuesday). I'm sooo excited!! Now, should I let them call me "Teacher Sharifah" or "Teacher Ameera" ???... hmmm...


Friday, March 19, 2010

All you have to do is listen....

The songs that speaks my mind at the current moment.

Hope you like it. Enjoy!

John Ondrasik
King Of The Earth

I'm as crazy as a clown tonight
A clown without a crown tonight
A simple sack of wishes and bones
I'm as useless as a memory
The day before it came to me
To save your town of stitches and stones

For once in my life I was the king of the Earth
Once in my life...
I was...

I've flown horses on the skies above
Bleed enough for you my love
To fill these empty castles with ghosts
I've married devils to their history
Stood when you would bury me
Through a time of statues and roads

But once in my life I was the king of the Earth
Once in my life...
I was

Now that the stars have frozen in their places
Now that our hope seems gone
Now that scars have fallen from our faces
I will see you on

I'll never be your picture president
But I hope you got the rose I sent
To save your town of stitches and bones
I'm nothing more then but a simple man
Born to be American
Out to draw these bridges and motes

But once in my life I was the king of the Earth
Once in my life...

I break, I'm hollowed, I'm dead confused...

*BUMP* "Ooopssie. Sorry!!"

At the cafe just now, I bumped into a girl. My ears were plugged with my earphone and my mind was somewhere else. She, on the other hand, was rushing to take up the food that was being served. So, basically, no one is at fault. Its just an accident.

*BUMP* "
Ooopssie. Sorry!!"

Bumping into her was somewhat a blessing in disguise. She had a pleasant scent over her. The smell was so good. It was addictive. Within a fraction of a second, I realized that I recognize that scent. It was so familiar. My mind got me back one of the days when I was still a kid.

Yes, Now I remember.. Its the smell of Sister Beatrice of Saint Theressa's.
Back when I was younger, I'm always the only one who comes late to my kindergarten class. Sis.Beatrice was always there to fetch me at the gate. Its the smell of her.

Every scent has its story. Same goes for songs. Each time I hear a song, it'll remind me of a certain time.

Memories play a very important role in my life. But sometimes, I do wish that I get to screen out certain memories.....

but naah...i take back my words...I'm glad I get to remember all... good or bad... its a part of my life anyway...

Exam's on Wednesday. Wish me Luck!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Over the week...

Anger is something scary...
Its surprising on how anger could make one be rude and inhumane.

"Anger is made by disturbances of syaitans. We will be easily temptated by syaitans if we have weak faith."

Its funny to have thought that a descent person could throw out outrageous, bad, sad words while expressing their anger. Its such an embarrassement and something very shameful.

I am not talking about other people. Rather, I am now talking about myself.

I'm very bad at managing anger. I'm rude and I say things that are hurtful. I'm sorry. I dont mean to. But I was so mad over the things that had happen. I know it STILL doesnt give me the permit to be rude and I'm really so sorry.. This problematic attitude is mine and it has nothing to do with the teachings and upbringing of my parents.

That's it..

*TAG : M.F, Z.A

Friday, March 12, 2010

I want YOU to duet with ME!


Here’s what happened just now. My whole day was Glee-anized! The image of William Schuester was everywhere.

I must admit, I’m always kinda outadated when it comes to TV series and that the Glee phenomenon was so yesteryear ...but I just cant seemed to get it outta my head!! I mean like FOR REAL!!!

It all started when my lecturer was serving us his last lecture. He was talking non stop about gene therapy, its sources, target, yada yada yada.. Okay, my body was there and my mind too but my soul was suddenly being taken away .......by a mesmerizing stare... it took approximately 4 seconds. I KNOW he wasnt looking "looking" at me; but he's Shah Rukh Khan looks is just oh-so-hard-to-resist!


I was taken to McKinley HighSchool's music hall.

There I was, wearing the exact same dress Rachel Berry wore, singing "My Endless Love" with dear, Mr. William Schuester. He was singin beautifully, so was I..only that I sang much better than the original singer did.. And suddenly Will's faced slowly transformed into Dr.T's... Urghh!!

Though my hematology lecturer's looks is highly above average, but the thought of it was just so unethical. PERIOD. and its yucky . So I called it quits and went back to the auditorium hall to continue on "limitations of a vector". bah!

So after the class, we left the audi for the cafe. Along the way, I was talking about Glee with my main source of that TV show. And after a while of talking and discussing; she finally dropped the "R" bomb.





Is she INDIRECTLY saying that I'm a freak,self-centered,pathetic loser ???


And I couldn't agree with her more....sigh... but I'm not RACHEL! I wanna be Quinn Fabray. She's prettier. And has a smaller nose. =)

After that we went to get ourselves one ice-blended pink guava- to be shared...We're students..so its kinda a norm to save budget..plus...it intimated us more....arrrr!! *Fat runs away.. "I WAS ONLY JOKING!! I'M NOT A HOMO"!!...yet...jk!!*

ice-blended?? you mean slurpee?? OMG its just like in Glee... All this while the ice-blended has just been a background in my life but today... today the ice-blended has become a TOPIC in my life.. OMG..its soo glee...

And the ice-blended maker..I mean.. who does he think he is??? I bet he thinks he's Will Schoester.. Well youre not!! your not, okay!! youre not even half cool tho you ice-blend, get it?!! Stop thinking your HIM!!! k.. maybe he doesnt even knnow who Mr.Will Schoester is but i bet he wants to BE him once he know who Will is.. so get outta my way!...k.. thats a bit psychotic....

Anywho, Fat and I were thinking of getting a pet. But not a cat since Fat has an Anti-Meow Syndrome and not tortoise or hamster coz I dun like their smell.. Still considering a sugar glyder but its a bit costly and I dont think I can afford it.. hmmm... oh well...

Btw, August Rush is a must watch. For long have I wished to watch movies that could touch every skin to my soul…And this picture has proven that they exist!..

Happy watching...


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


  • HE resembles the gunshots of a war, the balloon that cheers up a party, the ink to a pen, the Atlas of the World Map.
  • HE feels up each gap with humorous laughter, pretentious arrogance, and home-made philosophical inputs.
  • HE might not be the most religious man you’ve met but his wide sense of knowledge of the deen might trigger you that he is someone sent from the high above.
  • HE is not just someone who’s full of love but is also someone who’s eager to share all his love with..Sadly, only few are there to listen to HIS ups and downs. And embarrassingly I admit, I’m hardly that “one of the few”…
  • Just like an Éclair, he’s hard on the outside but mellow in the inside. You might see him as the evil Jaafar who wants to take over the world but deep inside, he’s actually the Robin Hood that cares much for other people.

Others might have the most opposite views on him. But this is how he portrays himself to me and I’m glad to see all the good things in him.

You guys might wonder why today’s topic might be a bit bold-er than the topics before. Well… there’s only one explanation…….



Yeah.. that’s one of the main reasons… :P ..

…the other reason is because : its gonna be worth it… =)

“HE” is none other than Hasyim Ali Al-Aydrus. Better known as Hashem ….or Jebus Cries Superstar..or the latest Abwaba Ali!

A person I have yet to know well but is all set to leave me behind...


Hashem is among the countable few that I’m really well bonded with. As most of you are aware, I don’t have much friends –especially among boys. I’d prefer to be only with my family members or in a small group or I’d rather be alone. I don’t really allow people to penetrate me that easily. Maybe its due to my overprotectiveness towards myself which I think is not even a rational explanation, or maybe its due to my lack trust on strangers. No doubt I make friends with all, but to keep : I’d only pick few. And Hashem is one that’s worth keeping in my magic treasure box.

In case you assume that he’s one lucky guy to have been one of my acquaintances, then you might probably want to think again, and realize how lucky-ER I am to have him to be apart of my life chapters.

Thanks Shem, for always being there for me.*hug*.Thank for being with me through my make ups, break downs, happy times, sad moments.

Thanks for not laughing at me when I snorted at times I cry on the phone..(LOOL.. that was humiliating.. hahaha)

Thanks for always supporting me and for calling me a crybaby – it gave me idea for my blog address.. hahha

Thanks for being such an aspiration to someone very much important to me; he really looks up to you... *Gah! that fl*tch is sucha dear ;_)… lets kill him! Hihi…:P *snorts! *LOL.. *

Thanks for being an aspiration to me! Your stories and life lessons have taught me more than just a lot… I really appreciate them all. And they even make me like you even a lot better.

Thanks for being my personal advisor

Thanks for always debating with me and put rational in my head when I’m being insane

Thanks for accompanying me during many lunch times

Thanks for acknowledging me as your BFFFF FFFF FFF EFF… I’m honored.. :”) .. bwahaha lol..

But no thanks on not telling me that your in a relationship !?? What the hell man… I got to know that when I reactivate my fb jz now (to take the below picture of you).. but its alryt.. I’m cool… non taken… your privacy’s all yours... :P


But there’re other side of him you should know :

Hashem is all what you NEED NOT in your virtual life… ^_^

1. He’s only interest is football, football and .. whats that again?.. oh yeah.. FOOTBALL!!!

a. Alexandro Pie WhaaatheWhoo?? Who cares!! He trashes my Facebook Live Feed with all sorts of unnecessary news on *crowd screams* FOOTBALL! I mean, Jebus Cries Superstar! Don’t you have anything else to talk about?? Oh yeah.. and if you’re finding for someone to contradict with the governments plan. You found one here: Hashem aka Mr- I-Am-The-Only-Realiable-President-Of-The-World-And-If-You-Try-To-Go-Againts-Me-I’ll-Destruct-Your-Whole-MothaJiggin’-Life!

2. You can write the longest MSN instant message ever. Just give out all your effort and all your ideas while chatting with him. You can put it in one loooong sentence or maybe a few short sentences. Doesn’t matter. Coz proudly, he’ll reply you with a


(Full stop)

Or if youre lucky: a “hahahaha”…

(Full stop)

. . . Thanks Shimmy for your kind precious attention... Here’s another one! When he suddenly sms you with a hi! Or a Yo! Or whatever! And ask on how you were and such. Just dont reply!! Coz that’s the last you’ll ever hear of him anyways! And when being asked on why didn’t he reply the message to HIS reply.. He’d say “I don’t have credit!”.. GAAAAAAAAAAAAK! Then why even BOTHER say “hi” and ask questions through the fon in the first place???

3. Interview plan with Mr. Barrack Obama,Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, Mr. Kanye West, David Bechkam. . .

…enough said…

Hehehe… what makes you think that I’m gonna make you feel good all the way?!

.mmmmm… hashem….:_(

I’m gonna miss ya! :_____(

From today onwards, I’m gonna hate the month of May, I’m gonna hate Indonesia, am gonna hate all football magazines and am gonna hate your current boss in Sri Hartamas and am gonna hate the stupid cat who just slept on my snickers and made it all fury…

Sudah2… Lets stop being so emotional.

now, would you promote my blog on your facebook ??? lets make my counter go thousands!

haha.. :P