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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dang Its Long!


Today is Tuesday. The day of Judgement... Dr.Tareq's Day of Judgement.. Presentation day for Hematology... thats what I'm talking bout...guuuu....

Anywho, talking about the end of the world, one question is to be asked :- Have you ever thought of death?

Many times have I feared for death to come.

Frankly speaking... I dont think I am ready...

I'm not yet ready to leave the world, nor am I ready to face God. But who cares of what I think. The real question now is: Does God think I'm still worthy living in His world? Thought of the day..

If there's something out there that I could totally be glad of, is that; my ignorance of the time of my death. And I'd like to keep it that way. The fiery would be too immense! If I were to know that I were to be dead at a certain time, how would you think I'd respond to my current life? I'd live my life in fear for knowing what's to come in the coming days. And that's one of the reasons why, I think, God keep the time of our death a secret. So that we could live our lives to the fullest and be happy. No worries on whats to come.

"The goal of all life is death"
~Sigmund Freud~

I know this post might sound a bit spiritual and political but what the heck..lol..

Anywho, as a Moslem, I believe that life after death is for eternity and the good and bad things of the world is just a preview of the eternal life to come. Its my choice to choose my own destiny.

The decision is all mine to make and for me..well..*blush* I aim for paradise. =") lol..poyo... but yeah... I really2 dont want my life to be spent rot in hell after all my effort of living in this world- that's not only hard (exams, etc) but also temptingly seducing (boys and their wet sweaty hair (after basketball), boys and their 6 pax, boys and their short briefs!!! gaaaah!!*faint*)... thats why am kinda trying my best to be a good person though I'm hardly one, God forgive me! ;( .

And "God", by all means, He's the bestest and coolest... I dont know about hottest..lol..joking!! peace Goddie! Luv ya! ;). After all that I've done, He still forgives me for every of my wrong doings as I repent. And despite all those bad things done, He still gave me abundant joy to look forward to in life! Thats why, I think I love Him the most... then comes my parents, and then my grandma and my family, then my friends , then my pets(Bushido, Journe, Wira etc), then my favourite cardigan, then my keyboard then my laptop...etc..lol...

Lets pretend that I'm a highly honored "Professor" for a minute, and you are the audience as I speak in a short talk (in this case - as I blog heee~~) ..

I think to love life is only worth it when you love these 3 things first:

First :

God; for it is He who has created us and also the life we're living in. When we love God, we'll learn to get to love life accordingly. We having to live in this world, has a purpose and that when we fulfill the purpose, then only we'll get to feel the essence of living.

When you live your life for the sake of God, you'll get see things differently. Most of us tend to abandon Him at times when we're overwhelmed by joy and love, when our goals are fulfilled, when we achieve success in our career. Its a pity that most of us has yet to realize that He could simply turn everything over in just a fraction of a second if He wants to. Our arrogance is no comparison to His powers to take away what's all basically His. We should always thank God and show our gratitude by always, always, always remembering Him.

As for moslems; we are urged to always pray tasbih or zikr..
Look to the sky, see the sea, take a glance of the surrounding and be glad full that God has put us in a position where we can still breathe in fresh air and is given the time to pray to God. If a man were to be born to only read shahadah and die right after that and the price for that man in the hereafter is already Paradise, then what more should we ask for? We should be thankful that God has given us all the time in the world to be gratitude towards Him.


" SubhanAllah wa Alhamdulillah wa La ilaha IllAllah wa Allahu Akbar "

translation: Glorious is Allah, and Praise to Allah, and There is nothing to worship other than Allah hence Allah is the Greatest.

Its that simple.. but just how many of us do that in a day?...or in a week...? I mean, not as a ritual culture saying, but wholeheartedly? Sincerely just for Him? When I say 'us'... am including myself too...

Pray pray pray oh dear moslems... please dont forget to pray y habiby ;_* . Its only a five minute ritual. Need God to PLEAD you to pray to Him?
My father always make a cute gesture whenever he calls my sisters and I for prayers in jamaah...and if we want to delay or give a suggestion to pray afterwards... he'll say with a kids' voice squealing (supposedly "imitating" God's saying) and with a smile, he'll say :

"Right now, God is saying "Please pray to Me... its only 5 minutes... I can give you the world if you want... whatever you wish for.. just please pray to Me... show Me that you think of Me time by time after all that I've given you... what do you want? I'm HERE to give you all you ask for, my dear servant... Just ask from Me anything.. All I want from you is to ask from Me.. and only to Me...5 minutes and you'll get to spent the rest of the day doing anything else..."..
And surely we'll all fall for that.. hehehe...

There are some of us who gave up too soon, saying that no matter how many times he prays, God will never fulfill his/her wishes.

Well, one thing that you should always bare in mind, is that, God NEVER breaks His promises. Its just the matter of time.. Some people gets the things they wish for at a faster rate, some people get it later, some gets it near their death time while some gets it in hereafter.. Baah! hereafter is a long way to go! Correct, but you should not forget that life in the hereafter is eternal. ;-) . Just believe that God will grant your wish as long as you pray to Him.

Some even have a feeling that they have done too much sins that God will never take him/her back to the right path and whatever they do, they'll end up in hell...

Dear friend, never give up hope in the Mercy of Allah. Unlike you, unlike ME, God is totally forgiving. If you faithfully repent, then he'll definitely guide you back to the right path. We are not angels, and God didnt tend to make us angels. If not, He wouldnt have brought us to life, instead He'd make us out of light and kappoooom! angels we are! We are humans so act like humans. We are bound to make mistakes. Its apart of nature. Just try our best to not repeat the same mistakes.

But some of us take advantage on the repenting part.
"I am still young, let me live life.. I am not yet ready.. A time will come.. Its not me to be 'that' yet...Wait first lah... etc..."

What if after your "Wait first lah" you got hit in a car accident and die at the spot???
Take lessons from the people around you sweetheart...please open our eyes and see...
A classmate of a cousin was burgled and slashed down his throat outside a pub in KL city just a few weeks ago. A sad ending to his life I guess... Now you might think that," oh thats too bad, well, I guess everyone's responsible for his action during their life time and thus whatever happens after death should also be under his responsibility".. Easy said.... but as a reminder to all especially me, death is not like "kena gigit semut". Its not an ant bite. The pain and the torture in your graveyard is too immense till being run over by a heavy trailer seemed nothing to be compared to it... And I'm talking about the life in the graveyard..not yet the torture awaiting in hell thats everlasting.. wtfish ..why am I so emo all the sudden..lol.. I'm not expecting all of us to become pious, the oh great big sheikh or the mufti of the world.. But lets try our best to keep distance from things God forbids. Like for moslems, avoid being in contact with alcohol, gambling, adultery, drugs, all the haraam things.. Funny that haraam things are so little to be compared with halal things yet everyone seemed to be going after them (non-halaal stuff).


2- is to love our family. Love your father. Love your mother. Give respect to your family name. Honor your descendants. Remember who you are. Remember what differs you from the rest. Remember the pride your family keeps in you. Remember their hardship for you. Remember that they've spent thousands for your future. Therefore, make them proud.. for once.. try your best not to disappoint them. You are their pride and joy. You are their diamond that shines. You are someone I look up to. Therefore, please try and please them. Please them with your achievements, with your good behavior, with your simplicity and with your effort. They'll love you for all the goods and the bads. So try and love them back..by repaying them with good-s...I'm talking to myself..gosh am I crayzee?? oh yeah.. and a reminder for you too.. i.m.y.b.h...

3- Love yourself. You have to realize that you're; whatever it is; the best! Simply because you are! Of course there might be other people that's better in something than you, but you are still better than them in many other different ways. You have a great voice, you have good literature skill, youre awesome with decorating, youre good in sports! whatever! Just have confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself as much as we all believe in you! I'm still talking bout myself...k...and you too.. No one's better or too good than you are once you discover your true self... Always have faith and trust to yourself.. I do! And never will I regret that! And do not self-destruct... if you get what I mean... which reminds me of a quotation by Leonardo Da Vinci which says:

"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die. "

mmm..maybe what he meant has nothing to do with whaat I wrote...but whatever... i'm kinda sleepy already....

So how was my talk as a Professor?? hmm.. :S


Sekiya T said...

Dear professor Ameera

Good evevning.

Your lecture is so wonderful excellent !

Deep, I feel much
Thank you.


ameera alzawawy said...


alif zai mim ra said...

me like! tq amera for the reminders. jom terus berusaha untuk jadi lebih baik! keep on reminding ya. remind me too ya if i do bad. ;)

ameera alzawawy said...

hahaha,,, yeah.,. thats actually a piece of reminder to me too =) .. I wrote it down just in case I forgot.... :P

thanx for the dvd tadi malam btw.. ;P