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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Okay that pictureof mine is so gile poyo... LOL

Yawwwwwww... its been two weeks since I last posted entries.. I know you mish meh.. :)))

"Busy" is the word to describe my life in the past few days.. and also the days to come..

Busy gilerrrr...!

With these:
  • Internship preparation. - Starts tomorrow, pretty much nervous.. :P
  • Belly Dancing Class - Choreographing dance steps, auditioning new intakes, finding suitable music for the play and costume designing.
  • My knitting - My first time knitting a kofiah.. -which had turned out 2 b like an island hat instead. So I have to make a new one all over.
  • English Tuition Class - prep for both primary and secondary syllabus.
  • Business Plan - I'm starting out a business in selling Arabic goods imported right from Yemen. I.E: Bakhour. But its still in the midst of hmm.."discussing"... :) .. And I'm selling my mom's batik online. I'll tell you the link once the website is done.
  • Making myself believe that I'm NOT like RACHEL of Glee- People!! please stop calling me to tell that I'm like Rachel !! I'm not THAT paranoid and annoying!! K..maybe.. a bit.. but urghh!! stop itt!!!!

Anywho, Nadia "Sinis" is coming with Raj "Khanna" later to my home... for the first time!! yeay! Therefore, I need to prepare some snack b4 they come... Thinking of making homemade potato THIN wedges with mayo... :))))) or maybe BRUSCHETTA!! Its eaaasier to make!!

Oh! Btw, I'm

thinking of cooking this weekend. Since I'm at home and I havent cooked for quite sometime. But I havent figured what to cook yet. I stole my granma's cooking book yesterday. Hope I'll find something from there.. hihi..

Luv yall.. ;-)
p/s: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.. stop calling me "nenek nenek". Just bcz I do knitting and crocheting, cooking ,listen to lite.fm and watch hindi movie before I sleep, they still dont make me a grandmother or aunt or anything that associates me with the oldies!!!


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