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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how bizarre how bizzare...

I love spending my days in Terengganu. I love Terengganu for its' California-like weather, the people's absurdity and unpredictable attitude, and also the place itself. Terengganu calming in its own way. The only place I'd call home. :) Hence why I love staying at home ; ie in my room; so much. =D

I'm back from work for lunch break. I have to get going by 1.45 pm.

I had my breakfast today at the hospital's canteen. :) . Bee Hoon soup.. As PLANNED. :) . As I was heading back to my office after my meal, there he was, waiting for me near the entrance of the cafe to bid me goodbye. :) . Since I realized that he stopped working at his station for a while, I made an effort to say "Hi" to him. (LIAR! LIAR! it was not even an effort!! more like a volunteered deed) .

Yeay?? :P .

Its not like I'm in love with him! Its just that I find him cute, thats it. And that's why I get excited when I see him. I dont plan to live my life with him or what not. That needs a different, ...more serious/precise, observation on every aspects. :) .

I want to have someone who can deal with me. :) . Physically. mentally, emotionally, passionately, etcly. Hopefully God will find me someone who could compromise with my flaws, and wants me to take care of his being and become the mother of his children and the one who would be right by his side at all times. :) Someone I want to grow old with and someone who'd want to grow old with me. Mutual feeling. :) .

Amien. Pray for me ya!

p/s: this post is sooo random...:S

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