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Friday, May 7, 2010

Just a week, just a "no ordinary" week


This week was no ordinary week for me…

For the first time in my life, I had couraged myself to go to the police station! –FYI, I hate being seen there. Tho I didn’t do anything wrong , but the thought of going to the station just embarrasses me.. I have a sick "idea" that other people might think that I’ve done something wrong by just seeing me coming out from the police office.. I know am paranoid over stupid things-

I lodge a police report over my missing ID card and driver’s licence. It took me almost one hour just to tell them that my documents were missing.. And the stupid thing is.. Always lah there’s a stupid thing that happens to me..WHY GOD WHY?? When everything was settled, I mistakenly entered the HEAD police office room instead of the “document copy” room… :___( . I waited for almost 20 minutes there and when the head officer entered, he went:

“Heh! Awok buak mende sinih?”

Translation: what are you doing here?

And I was like, one of the officers asked me to go take the photocopied report.

And he was like : “Sinuung!!”

Translation: There!! *pointing the room next door using his POINTED LIPS.



Then, the next day, ”BeeHoonSoup” guy sat next to me at the café for brunch. –He’s my only entertainment at the hospital… huhuhu-

Sheez…. He made me look like a clown!!

I was giggling and laughing for no reason. I was nervous demmit !! Thankfully my friends helped me out by laughing WITH me. And then I kept playing with my food without eating it! I mean like how could I??? He was observing me the whole time.. -so I thought but the real truth he was actually looking outside the window next to my table- I realized that a bit too late.. There goes my brunch time?


And today I arrived KL at 5 a.m and insyaAllah I’ll go home tonight at 11p.m.. Tiring but I got to do what I got to do. Being a responsible hottie. :P*perasan!!!* . Need to collect all the money I could get for future reference. hihihi.

Susah- susah dahulu, senang – senang kemudian.

(Now) X (Study hard + Work Hard) = Satisfying life and future

That's what I believe in ^__^*poyo!!!*

Aiyah!! And my bellydancing kids are sooo adorable!! I wanna have my own kids!! NOW!! Hihi.. jk..

k.. have a bus to catch.. ciao! insyaAllah sampai bissalaamah. Pray for me! :)

p/s: I love Syed Sein’s bloopers in Adamaya.. its faar much better than the drama itself.. <3>


En. amirul said...

beehoonsoup guy??really?ur settling for a beehoonsoup guy?lol...anyways, i've re-read ur posts,& i think your blog is not half bad..so im going to read it more often!;)

ameera alzawawy said...

omg!! and today he actually SPOKE to me!!! I was waiting for my cue nak ambik nasi minyak taw and he was from the kitchen, and after that he saw me pegang the pinggan kuih and after dat he was like "eh, bakpe ambik pinggan kecek?" and he went inside the kitchen again and came out after that and gave me a bigger plate!! OMGGGGGG!!! AND!!! when i was talking2 with nad and raja on the table, according to nad he was eyeing on me!! OMG!! hahah.. i think he has a crush on me... i think la... huuuuu~~


En. amirul said...

why are u settling for a beehoon guy ek?so desperate already ya?lol

ameera alzawawy said...

cz he makes me food when i'm hungry.. :)

En. amirul said...

u-huh..such a good argument..so smart la you..when wanna come to k.l?long itme don't borak-borak with you

ameera alzawawy said...

i just arrived KL pagi tadi. Off to sriKL in 30 mins... :____( .. going back TRG tonyt-maybe.i'm sucha busy woman.. chewaaahh..heheh...