"Ask and its given..."

Monday, June 7, 2010



I bust the windows out your car.


Do you wanna hear about my working place?? Too bad. You have no choice.

The place where I’m doing my internship reaaally reaaally really is like an amusement park (oh btw, I went to sunway lagoon last weekend).

Wait.. correction

not exactly amusement park but more like a CIRCUS!

Each department has people with their own group of minds with weiiiiiiiiird characters. VERY MUCH WEIRDER than clowns.

Its scary you know! Seriously.

There’s a guy, lets call him Mr. Lagenda. He’s a very kind, middle-aged man. But one thing about him is, he can be extra happy at one time and terribly seriously just a few seconds after that.

Just now, he was explaining about this one thing regarding antibody screening to me and he was all cheery .. Up till he made a joke where both of us laugh at the same time… and then ZOOOP! He’s facial expression totally changed from being happy to a serious-angry face. So I stopped laughing. And work became so frigging awkward after that… buff…..


One of the staffs on the other hand, has problems explaining.

One day, she called me to explain about something that I haven’t learnt bout. But upon explaining, she took a deep breath and started “ ha’ err” ….“ha’ err” …paused… “haaa’ “ hmmm… ”nok kabo guane (how to explain it to you)” …”gini (like this)”- showing me a few confusing acts – and continued “ha’ err” “hehehe..payoh sungguh nok kabo (hihihi, so hard to try n explain)”.. and she then gave up and left me just like that… err…I was clueless of what had happened. Up till forever…

p/s: I hadn’t even have the chance to say my infamous ‘Owh..’ yet.. :S


Another guy would be someone …. Hmmm….. I need not to explain who coz it’s all over facebook. Ya Allah. He’s a MASTERPIECE on giving out blurr questions.

I know we are all encouraged to ask. But please know what to ask, and, pick and choose your questions!! Where’s the rationale of asking :

“How to make a beautiful baby if one is not handsome?”




Just because the supervisor is pregnant doesn’t mean that you can ask her random questions like that!! And that’s not the only random question that came out from his mouth. Ayayayay!!!! Till last week, one of the senior staffs asked me whether or not he’s normal due to his absurd questionings.

Arrghhh!! I need a break! T_____________T

p/s: dun get me wrong, I love it there. Gargh, I’m so stressed out over nothing. Sheez..


Putri Ashburn said...

you need a break! Come KL!!! HOHOHO

alif zai mim ra said...

ehehe.. sabar aja deh. lame2 biasa la tu. ehehe

i wonder who...

yoesof said...

loool, 3 more weeks to go ;)

ameera alzawawy said...

@ hawa - WHO ELSE!!! but.. be nice to everyone even when they're SUPER DUPER ANNOYING... :_( ada kisah di sebalik kata2 hikmat tu taw!

ameera alzawawy said...

@yoesof - 2 weeks!!! heehee..
lama bgt si yg g chat ma loe.. bz y?

yoesof said...

@ameera - Ooo really? thats cool cos i am doing practical traiing too in bukit jalil :P

Btw: your comments on my blog were funny, you like to tease ppl huh? hehehehe

iya meera lama bgt, ah engga, lo yg bz, jarang muncul di ym,msn atau fb...!! oo yea since u r in kl"assumed", why we dont hang out one day, we never talked whenever we meet, the longgest conversation was "HI"

ameera alzawawy said...

I dont think I have you in yahoo. Add me ya. Ak nih masiy d terengganu .. :( . Ya iya deh, ntar klo k KL ak bilangin d FB.

Where got lah.. I'm so shy.. I never tease people, especially to someone who's sombong like you! :) hihi..jk .

Cant wait for holidays to come!! ^_^