"Ask and its given..."

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Hi guys..

how are you?

I received few messages asking my whereabouts. Thanks for your concern and support. I'm alive still. Feeling fine. Still in love with Chris Brown. Still hoping for Jessica Alba's body. I'm good hamdulillah, just dat I've been very busy. I'm sorry to keep some of you waiting for my new post. (bajet famous plak lah kan..:P)

I cant figure out on what to write about lately. I'm too occupied with my final year project work and also because recently, I really dont have the mood to go online. I've become very lazy. I'm tired of meeting people, I'm tired of going to the cafe, I'm tired of arguing with the cats that keep poop-ing in the toilet sink every morning. I'm tired and I just want to graduate! And I cant stop planning on the things I want to do after I graduate



luv y'all..

::Pray for Japan. And all the affected countries.::


Abdullah said...

You're just tired... Just a few weeks to go before you're done!

As for the future post graduation plan.. I got a simple solution for you..


Abdullah said...

People are strange.. Cries of the rich, powerful and famous are always heard and get the most attention while the poor the unfortunate are always ignored..

They worry about the disaster which happen in world's third largest economy and forgot that Africa was in a HUNGER disaster all along for years and not even raise an eyebrow about it! Who to blame for it?? Simple...


There's a difference between someone dies in nature's disaster or fighting for freedom
and someone else dies of HUNGER!

Hamdillah for the blessing we are living in and may Allah help all victims regardless!

Don't forget Africa too in your prayers!

Abdullah said...

I'm sorry for typing that thought here..I know it has nothing to do with Ameera's post.. Its just a message i wanted to send to the world expressing my utter frustration!

Once again, i apologize for it...