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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Listen to me when I'm quiet..

Sometimes, when I ask someone to listen to me, it doesnt mean that I want them to hear me speak. I dont know if this is making sense or not, but I expect them to listen to me even when I am quiet. Sometimes, my method of conveying messages is not through my yapping (though that seems to be the case on why people dont really wanna listen to me talk in the house). But through understanding... *pause...raise eyebrow*... Hmmmmm....

No seriously, sometimes, when I keep quiet I tend to "talk" more ...IN MY HEAD... And it enlightens me when they can figure out what I'm thinking and how I want certain things to be. But that doesnt happen all the time.. No, please, its not that I'm expecting everyone to be a mind reader but for certain things, I'd really wish so that people can understand what I want without me saying it.

even so.... I prefer everyone else to just "word" their thoughts... Coz I'm really bad at intrepretting body language.... This "Understanding-Silence" method can only be applied to me.

thats pretty selfish :)



always fail this...... (-_-") xP

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Abdullah said...

Yup.. Just like how sometimes I shut my eyes in order to see..