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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Be curious.. NOT Judgmental..


There should be a partition in ones mind between a religion and its adherent. I don't think it is wise to "equate" them both together. Because, religion followers are of different individuals. Some might be of good believers, some might be rebels. They come from many different environmental backgrounds. For example, One shouldn't say Islam is bad just because a group of Muslim men went on a killing rampage at a park. Islam does not promote violence.First of, killing (not in war); in Islamic teaching, is not allowed- PROHIBITED. So where's the connection between Islamic teachings and the crazy Muslim men? Nada! To me I see Islam in these aspects: JUST, RESPECTFUL, AND PEACEFUL. If it violates any of those three main things, i dont consider them teachings of Islam.


It doesn't mean that a Muslim with a beard as long as an elephant's trunk is better than another Muslim guy who pierces his ear. Who says that a girl wearing tshirt and jeans will go to hell and the woman covered all up with a black abaya will go to heaven? Who says? Who says? Tell me who says that..?( ooohh... Who says who says youre not purdy who says youre not beautiful who says...nananananananana -Selena Gomez) :P .

There's a story about a man who performs zina (adultery), and known for his huge alcohol drinking problem and theft. One day he passed on,no one came to the funeral except for his wife. Everyone else's despised him ans said he'll rot in hell. Suddenly an aalim, a very religious man came to his funeral. *Awkward moment.....*. The confused aalim then went to the dead mans wife and talked to her.

The Aalim: K... so i heard this man drinks, sleeps around and commits theft.

The wife : Myeah..

The Aalim: Yeah, so its like last night I had a dream that I should attend and pay respect at his funeral...

The wife: Mkay..

The Aalim: Pfft.. So, what gives?

The wife : Well, one thing bout him is every morning, he never misses his Subuh prayers at the masjid with other jamaah. And when he prays he will ask for forgiveness and only God knows how he's really sincere about it.

The moral of the story is, God sees beauty in a different way than we do. What matters most is if the heart is clean and pure. You may pray 5 times a day but you don't invite others to pray with you or advice them to pray. Coz you only want yourself to look good. And the others look like sinners. Stinky heart you got there. So whats the point bro?

K, got to make breakfast for the kids.. bye..

p/s: LACK OF UNDERSTANDING AMONG EACH OTHER: if you dont understand, you dont have to disagree!

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