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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Its new year.. it’s the start of everything new.. everything good and everything true… great opportunities await.. and I won’t lose it this time…instead, I’ll grab them all and take a chance on ‘em *smirk*…

the pasts have already been packed and stored in the attic…no more looking back.. but maybe a peek won’t cause any harm.. the yesterdays were what that had made me now; I realize. Whether I am sorry or truly satisfied with what I’ve done, that’s a different story.. rather than regret about the past, lets just think about it as a wonderful experience worth treasuring.. and also lesson to learn… my todays and tomorrows are what I am to look forward to starting from now onwards… coz that’s where my future lies… I’m struggling back to the future!!! ..along side with Michael J Fox??

This 2nd blog of mine is gonna be different from my other blog… its gonna be on public.. I wanna be less timid.. this time, I wanna scream out loud , I want to be heard, I wanna let loose, I wanna roar!! *mieow!*



(pin drop silence)…




*miiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeewwwwwww!* =<



(clears throat)


k…maybe its not yet time…but I WILL roar!!

I have lots of expectations this year….plus, i wanna be an opportunist, be more optimistic..

but more than anything I could wish for is …. I wish to learn who I really am…Its funny, the thought that, the timeI spent in this deliciously imperfect skinny body of mine, would the longest time one could ever imagine myself being with, yet I hardly know bout the person living in it…for years, it has been screaming “UNDERSTAND ME!!”..but I’ve totally ignored it.. well, now , I think I’m ready to take that challenge… hi there stranger… I’d really like to get to know you better this time around…open up to me would you? I’m your friend.. :) ( mmm...I sound like a kidnapper .) ..I’m gonna ace this challenge.. I cud bet u on it,, coz I love winning.. and am pretty much SO good at collecting achievements…THAT, you should bare in mind…

To begin with, year 2010 started of great (she’s lying!!!)… well, minus all the bad things that had happened before dat… new year DID turn out pretty well!!(told you I’m being optimistic)… tho its barely a week since the first day of January begun, amazing things kept “attacking” me.. the pace is just like herds of deer escaping from the volcano eruption! Fast, energetic and hundreds at a time…*wtfish*… For starter, I got myself legal to drive and ride the car and MOTORCYCLE on the road -tho still part one (LDL) who cares-. Then my place for practical partially checked, my laundries all washed –except for the ones needed to be dry cleaned-, my notebook is going for its first service tomorrow (yeay! I’m so excited for you Notty!!)…and I just, like five seconds ago, named my notebook “notty” …NOTTY!! NOT-friggin-TY!! wat an achievement!!..*maybe being “too” optimistic is not so good…* dun agree with me eyy..? well who cares bout you, CRITISIZER!!!

Oh gosh…

I need aspirin… … and a therapist…

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Anonymous said...

so much for a new year resolution :)
ey new year DID started of great wat. cmon who wudve imagine ure taking driving license man? haha. nex thing we know we gonna rempit the campus(ure d rider) guna nads bike which will be here soon. haha sumpah mesti cute :D
and ps : metaphore much? i mean since when? :p

pps: lets miuwwwwww together <3

love, fanaj