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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

speak up!

Arguments… Have you ever had arguments for the silliest matter you can ever imagine? Sometimes it made me wonder why I argue … with my sisters or friends.. foes or lover… Am I realy dissatisfied with the current situation? Or is it just the WANT of picking fights with everyone else around me? Wouldn’t it be better if I just keep my dissatisfaction to myself?

Its not a big deal anyway.. Its just my favorite soda …(that I’ve craved for days)… being drunk by a selfish, unbeneficiary parasite(from how I may have viewed him) who has been getting on to my nerves for the past few years… :) … … *faking a smile*

the most mature nd rasional thing to do is to keep silent ryt? Let it be… the soda has now turned into a form of poisonous smelly gas anyway… *blekh!*

na’ah.. NOT RIGHT!.

go argue… stand for your right… express your distraught … do what ever is necessary to tell them you despise their acts… that’s the ONLY way they could know how you feel and what wrongs they’ve done.. And if they ever tell you how much they hate you for that..well at least they hate you for who you are; not by what you pretend to be … (in other words they’ll hate you anyway)… … …

but … not all arguments ahave to be companied by hatred and anger… I didn’t ask you to become a monster try to be gentle while arguing (unless he’s the selfish, unbeneficiary parasite…or if she’s your sister being stupidly annoying.).

coz from what I have realized is, by arguing you’d get to understand the other person better… we’d get to know the reason, why they do it in the first place.. it’s a form of communication therapy to express and deliver our anger/dissatisfactory in the correct manner… yes... this time around, I am saying that arguing is a good way of solving problems… one of “the”; that is…( whats this?? You’re so confused!!!)

well..based on my not so well experienced life, I find arguing is the one of the best ways to read his/her mind… if you don’t argue than you would never know or learn about anything… If you keep things to yourself, you’ll never know the other side’s explanation… what if you got it the wrong way… what if he/she didn’t mean to do so? Lets take the soda tale as an example…

The soda. That can of soda was left on the dining table, untouched, for the past 1 hour. Just as Princess Wanda came back from her fencing lesson, she straight away went to the kitchen to reach for HER soda, when she suddenly saw her new step sister taking the last gulp of the drink from the can. Now, this is what happens if she kept quiet.

~[Princess Wanda : *in her mind* “THAT WITCH!! First she stole my dad away from me and now my soda?? Hope she dies after drinking it” … alongside with a fake smile… ]~

Conclusion : dats sooo immature… :P

And this is wat happened if she speak up:

~[ Princess Wanda : “Yo Chica.. that’s my drink… you shud at least ask permission for it”

Step sister : “Oh my, thought it was mine.. guess I was wrong..too bad…la di da…la di dai” … walks away… ]~

THAT B*TCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay2… there’s another possibility…

~[ Princess Wanda : “Yo lolita.. that’s my drink… you shud at least ask permission for it”

Step sister : “Oh my, thought it was mine.. guess I was wrong..well mine should still be in the icebox…I’ll serve it to you..chilled…with a glass full of ice if you want… oh and how bout having pizza with it?? There’s nothing better than having chilled coke with freshly baked pizza … J ” *nudging and winking* ]~


See… all you need is to confront.. and argue…

uurrgh...i hate myself…and I love you…

pleasant dreams all..


Anonymous said...

cudnt agree more. just that.. DISCUSSING is a better term than ARGUING.. nemind, lesson learned ryt :)


Ameera said...

hopefully? :)