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Friday, January 8, 2010

Always Coca Cola

Its not fever… nor cold.. am an alluring virgin still (which means that am not pregnant) and am not under pressured… but somehow, I have a sudden crazy thirst crave over … guess what??

Coke! (Coke-A-Co-Lah?? ) YES!! COCA COLA!!

*background song*

Whenever there’s a pool there’s always a flirt

Whenever there is school there’ll always be homework

Whenever there’s a beat there’s always a drum

Whenever there’s fun there’s always COCA COLA


Du du du du dup Du dup dup du

Du du du du dup

Always COCA COLA yeah…

*end background song*

Why coke?! Am not usually a gassy drink fan… am more of an isotonic girl.. or milk… or fresh juice drinker..wat ever else… but not coke… .. .. * taking a deep breath from my confused enthusiasm and thinking… while tapping my index finger on count of 1 tap per 2 seconds* …

… … is this a sign of me becoming a teenager????? Wha thaa…come again...?

ALAS!! I’m a qualified teenager!!! Weeeeeeeeehooo! V(^o^)V

All my life, I’ve been called “Grandma” by my sisters, mom and cousins.. and now, I want all of you to look at me !! see me, very closely!!! Who’s the Nana now, huh?? YOU ARE!!! YOU!!! ARE!!!

Joy to Holy God, one is never too old to become young again! Being 22, and moving towards 23 in 9 days, won’t even budge me a lil from where I am standing now… The youth in me will never die and I will ALWAYS BE young at heart!!!

I didn’t just DRINK the damn coke alryt... for crying out loud, I CRAAAAAVED for it !!!


7th January 2010

8.49 pm

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