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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Almond chocalate cake... yummy...

Having to watch “Julie & Julia” for the 18th time, I am ready to admit that I’m totally obsessed with the movie… and the characters. With that, for my 23rd birthday, I plan to have myself to cook for dinner. I am planning to make bruchetta as the appetizer, both roast chicken and Boeuf Bourguignon as main dish and Bavarian raspberry cream for dessert. As for my birthday cake, I’d bake a chocolate cream almond. Just like in the movie. And I do not want any guests to come over on my birthday except for my family members. 6 of them. Not more, not less. And lets not forget my birthday present… In the movie, Eric bought her a pearl necklace, though its not the real deal but it’s the thought that counts. But that’s Julie Powell’s story. I don’t even have my lil’ own Eric… Therefore, PS3 is enough to replace the pearl necklace. I think it’s not a bad deal. Don’t you think? ;-P

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