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Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby dun worry, youre my only, you wont be lonely. even if the sky is fallin down.Baby are down down down down down? but seriously..are you down?;-S


Valentine's Day is just around the corner!!

oh the feeling! the luuurrve!! the affection!!

It feels as though am sent back to Venus again; whereby all I see are birds singing, love swinging, roses blooming and sweet melodies flowing...

(current scent : English Rose)

mmmmmhh........ so sensational.... =)

john travolta: its electricfyin' babeyh!!

ameera : you got that right johnny dear! now kiss me!

john travolta : errr...

ameera : gaah.. fine... >;(

Does love makes the world go round?

I dont know bout you but to me it does.. I remember waking up everyday, thanking God that I'm still alive, and thanking God that I'm still here to be able to love the people I adore, and to receive the love of the people who cares about me...

And that would start my day just perfectly, hence the rational explanation of the earth rotation on that day--- due to my 'feel goodity’... heeee... ;)

Since Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day fall on the same date this year..All I wish for this year's Valentine is a handful of Ang Pow worth rm100 per envolope...heeeee...haha.. no..lets not ruin the tradition of roses and chocolates..

uhuh.. like any other girls.. I'd wish for the same thing too..but an addition of a love letter with a well written poem or a song would just be ...

ZEE BESTO! ^__^..

I'd give you an example on a well wriiten poem/song written by *ehem* yours truly; ME..heeee..

It'd sound something like this:

Sender/Author : Ameera Zawawy

Receiver : The love of my life

Dear Love,

Tho the envious miles distanced us apart,

Never had I allow my thoughts to wander

for other things besides you

your memories

spirited me away from reality

and had me surrendered,

to endure the pleasure of loving you

my dear beau,

your scent travels with the wind that follows my path

your utterances nibble ceaselessly to my ears..

and your name’s reputed as my everyday chants..

i'll wait till the day comes when

we end our voyage ,

and i’ll have your hand, crawl.. wrapping my waist,

your hair comes curling around my finger

and your nose traces the frame of my face

but till the time arrives,

lets remain our distance

And allow me to entertain myself

tho with only reminiscence of you

And lets pretend

As tho I never exist if not just another

girl who’s secretly in love with you

Happy Valentines Day!

100% originally written and created by,

Ameera ‘bulbul’ Zawawy

Eh..silap...patut secret...

Your “kipas yang betul-betul susah sangat mati”...

Friday, 12th of February 2010 ,

11.58 a.m, UIA Kuantan


chewah..jiwang karat...

Valentine has always been one of the events i look forward to in a year..not that i've ever celebrated it with anyone..

but I just love the thought of being in love...

hmmmm........ ^__^...sweeeeet~~~~

So, to all who claimed that he/she really truly loves me, dun forget to get me chocaloates on Vday! Hinting VIGOROUSLY to : Fatin Najwa Abd Nasser & Nadia Hanis Abd Samad & Izzati Malek and the gang...

I want with hazelnut!!!!


Anonymous said...

haha..since u put my wrongly-typed name..so, u will not receive any choc frm me!!=/

Anonymous said...

by the time aku bkak ni da 503 ok visitors!!agak teruja=)) tapi bkn aku tau yg bkak tutup bkak tutup..betull...nadz

Anonymous said...

nad, just abt d same thing yg aku nk ckp! now its 521. say whattttttttt? :D
btw zaw, this is too sweet. nak nangis aku baca :) happy love day everyday :) slamat ulangkaji utk exam jpj hahahaha (L)

-fanaj bulbul

ameera alzawawy said...

@ nadz and fatin najwa :

korang ni tak pandai guna username ke ape.. awat hang pa guna anonymous??

mido zawawy said...

so nice
but take care ur dad nt read the part jhon kiss u

Anonymous said...

tanak link2 haha.kt mane2 pun tak penah pakai username so tanak make an exception here :p


dee >> as u called me said...

i dont knw u can be this jiwang!haha. eh,i knw u r. but a poem?

ameera alzawawy said...

hahaha... yeah... kononnya only for certain special people... chewah... hahaha..lol

En. amirul said...

valentine is agenda barat to get girls into bed!

ameera alzawawy said...

mmm.... kay.... lets guna agenda timur which is to be pampered wt roses n chocs.. :D

zakwan said...

valentine is agenda barat to get girls into bed

I do not know who this En Amirul is but he took the words right out of my mouth

Agenda timur,huh?
U seem 2 be staying true 2 Malaysia's decades old "Dasar Pandang ke Timur" policy
I'm not sure if roses n chocs is how the Chinese n the Japs celebrate Valentines

Then again,I've never had any sort of a relationship with the opposite gender as well as never went out 4 a date
So,I'll never understand what love is about

My ideal Valentine's Day?
Spend a whole day wit the love of my life- my laptop equipped with high speed Internet connection
Activities such as commentating on political blogs,watching fast streaming vids on YouTube,downloading Japanese Animes at a really fast downloading speed n playing online games among others
That would be my perfect day
So,who needs a girlfriend?

zakwan said...

Nice poem
Very outstanding expression of the English language
U'll make a very good literature teacher if u ask me

sHiNo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ameera alzawawy said...

errr.. pretty long comment you gave there... thanx.. I'm kinda a romantic persn.. hahaha .. lol joking... but yeah.. i think deep when writing romance poetry.. hahahah.. :")

btw zack, dun get a gf.. just get yourself married.. and plus, i dun think you'll have probs with girls....kot... you seemed to be talking a lot to them... i dun mean it in a bad way btw...;-P