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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tony Roma's Ribsteak and Seafood?


I finally upgraded my laptop to Windows 7..

heeee... ^__^... *happy*

I'm very overwhelmed with the transformation of my laptop..
No more trial Microsoft and no more annoying virus warning!

heeeeeee....... :))))))))))

Whats better is that i now have a song cutter!!!! hehehehehehe.....

My best friend is sitting next to me, blabbering nonstop about Tony Roma's Chinese New Year Special; offered in today's paper... I couldn't care less.. for now, my concentration is more focussed on how to change my desktop calendar to English and to write about my Windows 7 upgrade.. :))))

The most recent thing that I've discovered from my "new" lappy is that the desktop wallpaper change skin by itself! Cooool!!!

AND!! the sound for the USB insertion also changed!! instead of "DEEDUT" , its now "DIDIDING"!!!! heeeeeeeeeee~~

All I want now is a software to make things like crafts, cards etc... At least, i could create a new hobby and sell the items to friends!............................?? mmmm.... not really a good idea.....? hmm.. oh well! i still want it! hahahaha

K.. now the thought of Tony Roma's ribs is really tempting... So what bout it again, babe?



Anonymous said...

bukan cny promo la. v day! see ko tak dgr pon apa aku ckp demson!


ameera said...

heeee~~ :)

wuv ya!