"Ask and its given..."

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I nailed it! :)

Just another day that I... had the best day of my life!


luv y'all!

w.y.w.h... ;)


zakwan said...

U hav no idea how difficult it is 2 look 4 ur blog using web based search engines such as Google n Yahoo

So i tried typing the web address u gave me on the web browser based search engine n presto,I've finally found it

But then I saw the name of ur blog
Mistakenly misunderstood?
fearless crybaby?
Which is which?
Make up ur mind

Anyways,on 2 my review of ur blog
Knowing that I'm visiting a girl's blog,I was expecting something pinkish,filled with heart shapes,pix of flowers,teddy bears n anything that's girlish

Suprisingly,those girlie elements were displayed at a moderate level
Reading ur postings chronicling ur life story n ur perspective on life is indeed breath of fresh air 2 me after years of visiting and commenting on political blogs

Anyways,what do u mean by "I nailed it"?
Did u finally got ur driver's license?
If so,congratulations
Maybe u can start chauffeuring Nad,Fatin n Izzati around Kuantan from now onwards

Guess I won't be seeing the last of ur blog
In fact,visiting ur blog could be the break I need from a day of debating online with political commentators from both sides of the political divide on the going ons in this country
InsyaAllah,u'll be hearing more from me often from now onwards

Anonymous said...

phewwwiiittt...welcome to this blog z!!hahha..regarding on zaw's driving licence,for d tym being,aku tanak lagi kot naik kete yg de drive..(sayang nyawa)..hee..z,do visit this blog daily okay..yes yes!support zaw!

ameera alzawawy said...

@Zakwan - fearlesscrybaby is my webpg name.. mistakenly misundertood is the topic of my blog.. its sumwat on how i review myself... hahaha.. ohh so dat explains on why your alwz online... hihii... yeah i sure hope so too zakky!!!lol... XP..

@Nad - LAA.. ak br je nk tunjuk ko cara ak drift.... hahahah.. thanx jadi no 1 cheerleader! LOOOL

Anonymous said...

avid reader mission accomplished! :D

ameera alzawawy said...

@Fatin Najwa: YEAH!! XP.. loool!!