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Sunday, March 21, 2010

the BIG news


K... I have something to tell..

I am now an OFFICIAL


to tell you the truth, my performances are mostly either solo or only with my close friends and family members. But NEVER have I TAUGHT anyone to belly dance before. And never have I thought for it to become a source of income for me! haha.

The offer came about a week ago. Sri KL wanted someone to teach belly dance to a group of students for their yearly event (somewhere in AUGUST if not mistaken). Since one of the teachers there had seen me performed belly dance at a wedding ceremony before, she somewhat brought up the idea to my aunt to propose the job to yours truly; me. ^___^.

And I accepted! hahaha!! I mean like, you know, just as an experience in the teaching field. At least I'm doing something I love most as a part time job. So I'll take it as something to kill my time. Waiit!! correction!! the thing i love most is singing...tho I suck at it... hahaha!

One turn down point tho, this means that I have to go to KL every Thursday night... The school will cover the transport expenses but the thought of traveling is kinda urrghh.. :P

OH WELL.. ^_^.. My first class begins on the 30th of March(Next Tuesday). I'm sooo excited!! Now, should I let them call me "Teacher Sharifah" or "Teacher Ameera" ???... hmmm...



LinLin said...

WOOOHOOO.. way to go!!

salihah said...

hi teacher ameera..hehe...
rindunyer r kat mu..
(sory r.sy sorg jer ckp mlayu kot kat sni..hahaha)
btw, lawonyer lar blog mu ni...
sweet je mcm tuan dia..
2 yg nk cri tmpat komen pon x jupe...hahaha..
erm,x sgka mu nok jd belly dancing teacher..
klau tau mu pndai, msa kat mtric dlu sy sruh mu ajor..hihi:-P
okla, tahniah la krn ada blog yg comey ni:-)
pasni sy komen lg..(klau x lupala mcmana nk tlis komen..hahaha)
k,salam teacher.bye2..

sHiNo said...

never seen u performed yet..
shud perform once before we grad...

anyway, congrats, babe ;)

ameera alzawawy said...

hahaha .. thanx all for the support.. XP

zakwan said...

Belly dancing?!
Isn't that one of those provocative yet exotic type of dance practiced by Arabic Bedouin tribe during the pre-Islamic period?

Do enlightened me if I'm wrong

Anyways, good luck with ur stint as dancing teacher
Hopefully, u'll revolutionize belly dancing into something that is not well.....provocative

Anonymous said...

im your 1st student..=)penat betul=')


ameera alzawawy said...

@zakwan - its for an all girls event. :)

@nadz- hihihi... ko 3 in one.. roller blade , belly dancing n aerobic at the same time...

izah said...

weyyy best nyee. dorg kene byr for da teaching while ak plak free2 je blaja ngn ko..hehe..weh2 kalo ko free kite blatih lg ye teacher ameera :).. nway sek tu sri kL or sri Utama kL?

ameera alzawawy said...

ko tu mmg patut blaja bersyukor!! hgahahaha... joking... tak ah.. sri KL kat subang jaya.. :)