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Friday, March 19, 2010

I break, I'm hollowed, I'm dead confused...

*BUMP* "Ooopssie. Sorry!!"

At the cafe just now, I bumped into a girl. My ears were plugged with my earphone and my mind was somewhere else. She, on the other hand, was rushing to take up the food that was being served. So, basically, no one is at fault. Its just an accident.

*BUMP* "
Ooopssie. Sorry!!"

Bumping into her was somewhat a blessing in disguise. She had a pleasant scent over her. The smell was so good. It was addictive. Within a fraction of a second, I realized that I recognize that scent. It was so familiar. My mind got me back one of the days when I was still a kid.

Yes, Now I remember.. Its the smell of Sister Beatrice of Saint Theressa's.
Back when I was younger, I'm always the only one who comes late to my kindergarten class. Sis.Beatrice was always there to fetch me at the gate. Its the smell of her.

Every scent has its story. Same goes for songs. Each time I hear a song, it'll remind me of a certain time.

Memories play a very important role in my life. But sometimes, I do wish that I get to screen out certain memories.....

but naah...i take back my words...I'm glad I get to remember all... good or bad... its a part of my life anyway...

Exam's on Wednesday. Wish me Luck!

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