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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Over the week...

Anger is something scary...
Its surprising on how anger could make one be rude and inhumane.

"Anger is made by disturbances of syaitans. We will be easily temptated by syaitans if we have weak faith."

Its funny to have thought that a descent person could throw out outrageous, bad, sad words while expressing their anger. Its such an embarrassement and something very shameful.

I am not talking about other people. Rather, I am now talking about myself.

I'm very bad at managing anger. I'm rude and I say things that are hurtful. I'm sorry. I dont mean to. But I was so mad over the things that had happen. I know it STILL doesnt give me the permit to be rude and I'm really so sorry.. This problematic attitude is mine and it has nothing to do with the teachings and upbringing of my parents.

That's it..

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LinLin said...

ohh... come on dear.. you're the nicest girl.. you're jz being overreacting.. as you usual are!! haha.. i miss you girl!!