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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So last nights savior was Maggi Mee…


Yesterday I sorta “fasted” the whole day… literally…

Was so lazy to go and buy food at the café. So I starved myself till the evening, and by dawn, I called my younger sister for “assistance”. But sadly, she was away at her friends’ place so she cant get me dinner..*huh.. so much for the best SLAVE I’ll ever have*.. Then I called for my dear friends –so happened that one’s coming back a bit late and the other just left the café…hmmmh

Frustrated, angry and starved, I got myself up from bed and went to seek for the usual “suppliers”… Tough luck… They all went for either discussion or attended a function at the mosque. YEAY! I managed to escape that! :P…

It was 8 something P.M.. College M5, Level 3, IIUM seemed to be a death zone for a starving cutie-pie a.k.a moi ^_^… and my sister was the most worthless being ever.. .don’t blame me, I was hungry! Hiihii... jk.. luv u luv

So, just like a stray cat looking for left overs, I went knocking all doors; in search of food . (To think of it, I might as well just go to the café since the energy used is just about the same, but the thought of having to dress up is soo …..urgghhh… TOO-MUCH-WORK!…) So as I was doing my pilgrim, (going round and round the college), I stopped by at Izah’s – whom I later forced to check my blog out and whom I took 3 packets of Maggie Mee from to cook. Heeeeee….. Thanks Izzie!! Hahahha.. So I slept soundlessly last night with my tummy full ..

hmmmm… that’s what you call bliss……out of the expense of others…...heeeee. ^_^


*she wants to touch me , woo’o, she wants to love me , woo’o, she’ll never leave me woo woo oo oo, don’t trust a h*e , never trust a h*e, wont trust a h*e ,wont trust me.. shoosh girl, shut your lips do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips* - (my phone ringtone)

I was awoken by an annoying piece of racket. God knows why I picked that as my current ringtone. And the caller was an UNKNOWN number... SHOOOOZZ!! Don’t you know that I have a talk to attend to at 9 a.m?? (Apparently no!!!)..But this number wasn’t in my “DONT-ANSWER” list, so I made an effort to pick it up.

So I was like : Hello. Who’s this?? (with an angry voice).. haha.. yeah I’m kinda wateverish

And he was like : heh heh.. yaaa.. ini.. Ameera? Assalamualaikum.. heh heh..

Still I was like: Sape ni?? (with a louder angry voice) grrrr!!

In my head, I was like: Who’s this?? if youre thinking of checking me out pun, check the timing la…

And finally he was like : eh heh.. ini Kiai Jalil.. Mo nanya, Habib Sholih masiy di Australi apa udah pulang Malaysia?? Dinelpon HPna tapi g d jawab… Oh ya Ibu Ifa sampai salam.. eheh heh.

And silly Ameera was like: oh….. *bites tongue*



Swell….. My day started out with a curse to a good man…

*Shook head* (*_*’’)

ICE CREAM!! ICE CREAM!! I NEED ICE CREAM!!! Aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggghhh!!!



zakwan said...

Interesting day u got there
Though I wonder why u starved urself in the 1st place?
Got heavily influenced by Western celebs who are overly conscious of their weight and appearance?

If u experience any weight gain, I'm pretty sure I would hav noticed

ameera alzawawy said...

hehehe... concern much? aww.. how shweet... :P.. good luck zakwan for the exams!! ^_^

izah said...

OMG. that was me. hehe.. kire ko berhutang nyawala ngn ak zaw. kalao x mmg mati kebulur la ko mlm tu..btw..u shud upload gambar meggi y ko tgkp mlm tu..huhu..bukti2.

ameera alzawawy said...

kan dari aritu ak suruh ko check...ak kan kasitaw ade surprise... haiiiihhh.. btw, ha'ah kan?? ko letak kat fb..:P