"Ask and its given..."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


  • HE resembles the gunshots of a war, the balloon that cheers up a party, the ink to a pen, the Atlas of the World Map.
  • HE feels up each gap with humorous laughter, pretentious arrogance, and home-made philosophical inputs.
  • HE might not be the most religious man you’ve met but his wide sense of knowledge of the deen might trigger you that he is someone sent from the high above.
  • HE is not just someone who’s full of love but is also someone who’s eager to share all his love with..Sadly, only few are there to listen to HIS ups and downs. And embarrassingly I admit, I’m hardly that “one of the few”…
  • Just like an Éclair, he’s hard on the outside but mellow in the inside. You might see him as the evil Jaafar who wants to take over the world but deep inside, he’s actually the Robin Hood that cares much for other people.

Others might have the most opposite views on him. But this is how he portrays himself to me and I’m glad to see all the good things in him.

You guys might wonder why today’s topic might be a bit bold-er than the topics before. Well… there’s only one explanation…….



Yeah.. that’s one of the main reasons… :P ..

…the other reason is because : its gonna be worth it… =)

“HE” is none other than Hasyim Ali Al-Aydrus. Better known as Hashem ….or Jebus Cries Superstar..or the latest Abwaba Ali!

A person I have yet to know well but is all set to leave me behind...


Hashem is among the countable few that I’m really well bonded with. As most of you are aware, I don’t have much friends –especially among boys. I’d prefer to be only with my family members or in a small group or I’d rather be alone. I don’t really allow people to penetrate me that easily. Maybe its due to my overprotectiveness towards myself which I think is not even a rational explanation, or maybe its due to my lack trust on strangers. No doubt I make friends with all, but to keep : I’d only pick few. And Hashem is one that’s worth keeping in my magic treasure box.

In case you assume that he’s one lucky guy to have been one of my acquaintances, then you might probably want to think again, and realize how lucky-ER I am to have him to be apart of my life chapters.

Thanks Shem, for always being there for me.*hug*.Thank for being with me through my make ups, break downs, happy times, sad moments.

Thanks for not laughing at me when I snorted at times I cry on the phone..(LOOL.. that was humiliating.. hahaha)

Thanks for always supporting me and for calling me a crybaby – it gave me idea for my blog address.. hahha

Thanks for being such an aspiration to someone very much important to me; he really looks up to you... *Gah! that fl*tch is sucha dear ;_)… lets kill him! Hihi…:P *snorts! *LOL.. *

Thanks for being an aspiration to me! Your stories and life lessons have taught me more than just a lot… I really appreciate them all. And they even make me like you even a lot better.

Thanks for being my personal advisor

Thanks for always debating with me and put rational in my head when I’m being insane

Thanks for accompanying me during many lunch times

Thanks for acknowledging me as your BFFFF FFFF FFF EFF… I’m honored.. :”) .. bwahaha lol..

But no thanks on not telling me that your in a relationship !?? What the hell man… I got to know that when I reactivate my fb jz now (to take the below picture of you).. but its alryt.. I’m cool… non taken… your privacy’s all yours... :P


But there’re other side of him you should know :

Hashem is all what you NEED NOT in your virtual life… ^_^

1. He’s only interest is football, football and .. whats that again?.. oh yeah.. FOOTBALL!!!

a. Alexandro Pie WhaaatheWhoo?? Who cares!! He trashes my Facebook Live Feed with all sorts of unnecessary news on *crowd screams* FOOTBALL! I mean, Jebus Cries Superstar! Don’t you have anything else to talk about?? Oh yeah.. and if you’re finding for someone to contradict with the governments plan. You found one here: Hashem aka Mr- I-Am-The-Only-Realiable-President-Of-The-World-And-If-You-Try-To-Go-Againts-Me-I’ll-Destruct-Your-Whole-MothaJiggin’-Life!

2. You can write the longest MSN instant message ever. Just give out all your effort and all your ideas while chatting with him. You can put it in one loooong sentence or maybe a few short sentences. Doesn’t matter. Coz proudly, he’ll reply you with a


(Full stop)

Or if youre lucky: a “hahahaha”…

(Full stop)

. . . Thanks Shimmy for your kind precious attention... Here’s another one! When he suddenly sms you with a hi! Or a Yo! Or whatever! And ask on how you were and such. Just dont reply!! Coz that’s the last you’ll ever hear of him anyways! And when being asked on why didn’t he reply the message to HIS reply.. He’d say “I don’t have credit!”.. GAAAAAAAAAAAAK! Then why even BOTHER say “hi” and ask questions through the fon in the first place???

3. Interview plan with Mr. Barrack Obama,Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, Mr. Kanye West, David Bechkam. . .

…enough said…

Hehehe… what makes you think that I’m gonna make you feel good all the way?!

.mmmmm… hashem….:_(

I’m gonna miss ya! :_____(

From today onwards, I’m gonna hate the month of May, I’m gonna hate Indonesia, am gonna hate all football magazines and am gonna hate your current boss in Sri Hartamas and am gonna hate the stupid cat who just slept on my snickers and made it all fury…

Sudah2… Lets stop being so emotional.

now, would you promote my blog on your facebook ??? lets make my counter go thousands!

haha.. :P



LinLin said...

your beau?? :P

zakwan said...

Such a bizarre posting
Then again, I never really understood the depths of a woman's imaginations regarding his dream guy

So, my questions 2 u:

Is the BF u'r talkin about imaginary or real?
If he's real, you sure hav a very complex taste in men that even I cannot comprehend
If he's imaginary, then u possess a very big n wide imagination
Fatin was right
U sure r damn good in fantasizing

Now I shudder at the thought of the inner workings of a woman's mind especially YOURS!

ameera alzawawy said...

you guys.. please know the difference between BF and BFF

enough explanation :)