"Ask and its given..."

Friday, April 23, 2010


As some might have noticed, I've uploaded a few of my videos on my Facebook account.. yeah i know its a bit wateverish but its quite fun to be self obsessed sometimes... but in my case... ALL THE time..hahaha.. Will post some here too.. I'm opening a new youtube account.. my current one will still be there and will still be on private - (only some people can view it.).. And my new one will be public..? :P

I'm with my grandma now at her house. in gong kapas terengganu. My gramma fed me like a hamster..:( I hope I wont turn out to be a chubby one.. T____T...

Amwatching Wahid Satay on TV right now.. hahaha.. old movies are hilarious!! Wonder why they stopped making good movies already..

.. WEEKEND!! preparing a choc cake tomorrow!! hope it'll tun out good.

good nyt y'all..


alif zai mim ra said...

1 week down, 9 weeks more to go. hv a good weekend ya. ;)

erm..blh tlg pos 1 kek coklat ke bangi tak? :P

ameera alzawawy said...

haha.. ala.. i check comment lambat..kek dah habis dah..hihi.. chowwy yang...