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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rest In Peace my baby cousin... ;__(


Death could come at times when we least expect it.
A teacher once told me:
“Seseorang itu akan bertemu ajalnya setelah tiba antara dua keadaan ini yaitu yang pertama; Apabila rezeki seseorang itu sudah cukup teramat dilimpah kurniakan oleh Tuhan , lalu dicabut nyawanya. Maka dia tergolong daripada golongan-golongan beruntung.
atau yang kedua;
Apabila Tuhan telah menghentikan pemberian rezeki kepada seseorang itu disebabkan sudah tidak dicari rezeki untuk diberi padanya; Maka merekalah daripada golongan yang rugi”
Death comes when either God had given you all what you’ve deserved in life or when God do not see the point of giving good fortune to you anymore.
This is not a hadeeth (I guess), but just an old folk’s saying.. words of wisdom as they say.
A shocking news I received today from my mother. A cousin of mine had passed away.. A cousin whom loves me dearly eventhough I treated him quite harsh. A cousin who would call me once in a while from his phone whenever he tops up his credit. A cousin who never failed to ask me whether he’s the first to call me on my birthday. And I’d lie and say ”Yes” eventhough he’s not. A cousin who would constantly remind me that I'm his favourite girl cousin tho I never asked or wanted to be one.
At the tender age of 15, he has left the world to meet his Creator. (25/09/1995 - 28/04/2010)
Inna Lillah wa Inna Ilaihi Raaji’uun
*translation: We belong to Allah and to Him we shall be returned.
;_( .I’m so sad that you’re gone but God knows best what’s good for you and what’s good for all of us. I would have treated you even worse if you stayed longer.. hihi…:__(. =___((
I’ll miss you… :(
To those who’re still living, I hope that we all would take note that death could come any time. So whatever we do, remember that the Malaikahs are always there to watch and jot down our deeds. This world is just a ‘pit stop’ whereby we should fill in the fuel (accumulate good deeds) before racing to the finish line. The life in Hereafter is eternal. So please don’t waste our time here by doing things that will burden us in the future.
I’m scared.. I’m really scared of death. I’m scared of the punishment God will give me if I do something wrong (and what if i didn’t have the time to repent??). I’m scared to do wrong things. Besides being scared, I’m also embarrassed when I do the wrong things; or; for the wrong things that I’ve done. Coz I’m no ordinary person. I’m a daughter of my parents, and a grandchild of my grandparents. And I hold a name that should only represent good things. And when I fail to fulfill that, I’ll feel horrible and guilty. That’s why, everyday I’ll pray for God to forgive me for all my wrong doings and I hope that you all too could help me become a better person, a better being; by telling me to maintain what is right and forbid me from doing what is wrong. A.k.a : Amar ma’ruf nahi munkar.
InsyaAllah, my cousin will be put among the Mu’miniin.. Amien…
Who knows when our turn’s gonna be? =_)

AlFaatihah to Muhammad AlHabshee


Zainah said...

AlFaatihah to your cousin Syed Muhammad Syed Hussein AlHabshee. Loving boy. Condolence to his family

wAwwA AwwA said...

al fatihah..smg Allah mencucuri rahmat Nya keatas arwah..
ko tu..take care..=)

Anonymous said...

zaw.aku terguna akaun kakak aku=p