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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I care more about myself ?? heee~


While I was busy forwarding emails just now, I suddenly got a buzz from a friend of mine who then asked me whether or not some of my blog posts are pointing out about him and his lifestyle… And that I'm trying to advice him indirectly.. Err.. Glad to tell you this but NO. I’m sorry...

My blog posts are mainly about ME and MYSELF. Though there are some dedications in some posts but I put them under the category of “PEOPLE” (look left). Other random notices are mainly about what I was observing or my thoughts at that particular time.

If anyone of you tend to relate yourself through my blog, well I guess it’s a good thing? Right? I don’t know. But what I firmly want to say is, if you felt a punch on the face through my words, well, seriously, I wasn’t implying that on you or anyone. My advices are for me and friends who tend to take note on them.

Hmm, if the advices were for me then why should I write it down yeah?

That’s because I like to write and read everything back at the end of the day. So that I remember everything that I’ve said and done. So that I could always see and tell back my mistakes. That’s why I wrote them.

My words aren’t really words of wisdom but just merely some not-so-innocent thoughts of a growing child who has nothing to do but to lie down on her bed and scrap notes.

Its got nothing to do with you, him , her or anyone. Its just thoughts over thoughts… :)

Anyway, as promised:

Ya Mu’min (Maha Pemelihara Keamanan) – 236x InsyaAllah diri kita keluarga dan segala kekayaan yang dimiliki akan terpelihara dan aman dari segala macam gangguan yang merosakkan.

Ya Muhaimin (Maha Memelihara) – 145x sesudah shalat fardhu Isya’, InsyaAllah fikiran dan hati kita akan terpelihara dan menjadi terang dan bersih

Ya ‘Aziz (Maha Mulia) – 40x setelah shalat Subuh, InsyaAllah kita akan menjadi orang yang mulia, diseganu orang kerana penuh kewibawaan. Juga akan mendapat pertolongan Allah dengan senang dalam hidupnya.

Ya Jabbar (Maha Perkasa) – 226x pagi dan petang, semua musuh akan menjadi tunduk dan patuh dengan izin Allah.

Ya Mutakabbir (Maha Megah) – Dibaca dengan sebanyak-banyaknya, maka dengan kebijaksanaan bertindak akan dapat menundukkan semua musuh.

Going to be a vampire tomorrow. Watch out for me you Bukit Payong people!!(Blood Bank Mobile)



Putri Ashburn said...

haha.. tak salah kalau care diri sendiri lebih.. you own yourself apa.. lol. I miss you lah busuk!!! Rindu your gila gila and randomness. Bile lah hang ni nak datang KL and visit me??

ameera alzawawy said...

cakap je lebey... :P .. rindu you too bacin!! hahahhaa

Nukilan Orang Buta Hati said...


ameera alzawawy said...

its apart of my nature... :)