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Monday, June 21, 2010

Standing ovation for the dummest being...ME!


Hahaha! God really has such a big sense of humor.. haha..HUGE..haha..especially on ME! Hahaha *rolleyes >=(

Heee.. joking ya God..(half-half…) :P


Do I have just the enough attraction to attract ALL the humiliation in the world?? WHY MUST IT HAPPEN TO ME???????? Again and again … T________T

Now this was what happened last week on Wednesday 16th, June 2010, half an hour before lunch time (obviously at my hospital).


Last Wednesday, my colleagues and I were assigned to a new department; which was the department of Biochemistry, whereby we were surrogated and put in different sections. I was put in a section called “Section A” (bukan nama sebenar) .

My supervisor was a very nice man: he taught me patiently and answered all my questions satisfyingly. I was in good hands. That’s something for sure. He likes calling my name while he teaches or when he commands me to do something. “Ameera, can you please this”, “Ameera., this is how you do that”. Ameera. Ameera. Ameera.

Now, I have no problem at all with that! Wallah I don’t. In fact, I really like it when people call my name rather than calling me “hey you”, or “you there” etc.

My small problem was… I DIDN’T KNOW HIS NAME! I didn’t ask him because I find it rude! How can I NOT know my supervisor’s name when he knows mine without even asking me! Darn, was I stuck! So, every time when I want to ask him back I’d say “Encik(Mister), is this…? ” or “Encik, what’s …?” etc.. …Boy that sounded awkward.

Our job was done by eleven in the morning. No new samples arrived yet. Therefore, he had gone out for awhile to have a cup of coffee at the canteen. (p/s: btw, the bee hoon guy stopped working.. more stories on him later). I stayed back. Knowing he wasn’t around, I took my chance and grabbed one lady staff and asked her with full guilt:-

“Kak Su, what was the name of my supervisor?”

“He’s Encik Rahman, why? Did he do anything to you?”

“No no! It’s just that I feel soo bad the fact that I didn’t get his name. He was so kind to me and kept calling me by my name and I could only refer him as “Encik” as I didn’t get to catch his name. Shameful lah Kak Su ”

“Oh.. haha.. it’s alright..”

“Hehe. Thanks Kak Su :) ”

So after that, samples came in, and Encik Rahman and I continued with our work. And I start calling him Encik Rahman instead of only “Encik”. That sounded more polite. ^________^

Lunch time was near. Raj came to visit my section to remind me that we’re going out for lunch. But we still had half an hour to go, so we lepak for awhile at my table. Then I told her the story of what happened just now. The thing which I thought was very shameful and humiliating. I was like:

“It’s so embarrassing! I didn’t even know his name. Can you believe it? Thank God Kak Su was there to help me. If not, I’d be doomed!! ”

“Haha. You’re always super exaggerating. Hmm.. Who did you ask for Encik Rahman’s name again?” –says Raj.

“Kak Su.. You see there the lady in red baju kurung”

Zaw!! Her name is Amy la tolol !!”


I can’t believe myself!!!! There I was, asking her about my supervisor’s name! telling her that its such a humiliation to not know my own supervisor’s name! CONSTANTLY REPEATING AND CALLING HER KAK SU!!

OH MY GOD…!!! And the worst thing is. She never said anything against it nor did she corrected me!! Maybe she thinks I’ll be more embarrassed if she spills the beans, so that’s why she kept quiet..

Arrrghhh!! How embarrassing!!! T___________T.

Why did I call her Kak Su?? Who is Kak Su?? Arrrghh.. I don’t know and I just don’t understand how my life functions… arrrggghh…

Huhuhuuuuuuuuu………… T_T


End of humiliating moment. Lets start with a farewell story.

Bee Hoon guy quit. He’s furthering his studies somewhere- rumor has it. And the stupid thing is, I was being soo cocky on his last day of work! Not my fault! How would I know it’s his last day??? The only thing I’ve ever uttered to him was “HI”.

But I do know that he has a crush on me.. HAHAHA.. I SUMPAH POYO – AND SELF PUJI! No!! but really! Coz everytime I pass by the canteen to the MOPD ward, his mates will shout out for his name and he’ll stand outside the canteen door. Not saying anything. Just standing there smiling, mesmerizing me. HAHAHAHA.KAY.. SUMPAH POYO GILER!! I’m so self obsessed. Hahaha. But you know, that’s what makes me like boys. They’re stupid and they do silly things without thinking much! And they’re easily contented. Hahaha.

Yeah, so anyway, on his last day of work, I didn’t have lunch at the canteen. I was stuck at the ward checking out bone marrow suction. But for Dzohr prayer, I went to the musolla next to the canteen – it was the closest from where I was.

So, basically, I had to pass by the canteen first into reaching the musolla, and the shouting routine- as predicted- began. Kay, saw him and as usual, i never took a glance on him (but I swear he was cute!) I straight away went to the musolla. After I finished my prayers, I peeped through the small door opening (from far) and there he was! In front of the room, sitting on the bench, waiting for me. Hmm.. I don’t speak to random boys, and that’d made him no exception. I didn’t want to give him any attempts to talk to me.

So, I planned on my so-called escape. As soon as I walk out of the door, I’ll right away dash to the direction heading towards the wards – that was my plan. And that was what had happened. What I hadn’t plan or put on thought was the fact that he stood up as I was at the door and said “Hey..”.

I didn’t plan that to happen.

Therefore, I totally IGNORED him. Gave him SMUG AND DASH AWAY~~


Hmm.. now I feel bad.. because it was a wrong thing to do..It had made me look so arrogant. And I might have humiliated him by just ignoring him like that. I shouldn’t have done that. The thing is, am quite bad at responding stuff! Especially when I know that the guy has a crush on me etc. And when he’s at the same time CUTE! hmmm.. I’m sorry. I was impolite…

Hmmmm… how to be cool eh? Pingin jugak sumtyms to just lay back and not be so uptight…. :-S



En. amirul bond said...

OMG..can't it be any longer??hehe

ameera alzawawy said...

bet u x even read it! >:(

ameera alzawawy said...

i just realized... i spelt 'dumbest' wrongly...

Anonymous said...

btw zaw,betul la name akak tu kak su..encik mat over pon pggil de kak su..act aku lagi bod..instead of kak amy aku paggil ima!!huhu..act our brain cant accept namess anymore..huhu..3 bulan ni brape name la kene igt!=P

Anonymous said...

lupe plak anonymous-nad

ameera alzawawy said...

wehh... name die both sue and emi ak rasa.. btw, mat over panggil die amy.. :S.. watever la!! huhu.. tak sabar plz nak cuti!!!!!!!!

DIyana said...

kelakar la u ni.hehe