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Thursday, June 24, 2010




YEAY! I’ve finally completed my first ever crochet creation!! Hah!

Despite being laughed at and being called a grandmother, nenek, etc etc, I managed to prove to them that I am not easily demotivated! Nyahaha!


That’s the name of my kofiyyah

It’s a mixture of an English and African name since it finished during FIFA World Cup season. ^^

What’s a kofiyyah??

Well, usually muslim men wears it on top of their head. It’s used basically for religious purposes.

Okay.. honestly… this is actually NOT the first kufi I’ve made. The first one was crocheted about almost 2 months ago. But instead of turning out into a kufi, it had turned out into a baby girl’s hat or some might even say Mairice Island Hat.. T_T . See below pic


So I had to make a new one. It’s this KUFIMABOWAKA!

This is the life journey of KUFIMABOWAKA (background song: what a wonderful world) :

first day

few weeks after that..:P

comparing with the sample. (left:mine, right: sample)
almost done

my two babies. ;_) .. I'm so proud of myself! Ngwahahaha!!

Dear Kufimabowaka,

May you bring good, beneficial life to whom who wears you,

My best wishes for the his/her being and future life.

Amien. :)

Well, that's done.. And so goes to everything. I'm glad I finished it. But kinda sad that I DID finish making it. I'll miss my new favorite past time.. What am I to do now? huuu...T_T.. Hmm.. Oh well, life goes on. And so far it has gone good . .Alhamdulillah.. ;;-)

Now let’s try and make a sweater! This time is for my future bebeyh ... bebeyh bebeyh ooohh..like bebeyh bebeyh bebeeyh noooo. (p/s: beybeyh = child okay *rolleyes XP)




kyo_9 said...

mane butang ntk tempah kufiyah tuh? ;p

Anonymous said...

zaw im so proud of u! pandai siottt buat. yg 1st tu jd lembik2 lak but not bad at all for beginners :D make me one pweaseeeeeeeeeeee. for me so not kofiah ok :p


ameera alzawawy said...

@kadir - nevermind, tak payah nak click button. next 10 years punya birthday present i'll make one for you.. :P

ameera alzawawy said...

@fat - i know...i'm so proud of myself too ;___)
*hugging you sambil nangis* ;__)..lanino shitas NO shitas... :)

En. amirul bond said...

make me one for my birthday!

Anonymous said...

zaw..im oso proud of u..bace post ni lebey sebak=')coz aku ade same ngn ko saat2 kufibowama ni disiapkan..bg la baby hat tu kat aku..bley aku pakai kat hk (tak payah lebey bagus..nanti org kate aku gila=p)..nad

Anonymous said...

lanino shitas NO shitas... :)

*still hate him/her :p


ameera alzawawy said...

@ amirul - er..hahahhah...haa..ha..h.. :P

@nad - ^____^ sangkyu

@fanaj - same.. :) *kaviar

Diyana aka Di ;) said...

meera, pandai kot buat benda tu!! sangat respect.haha. siapakah yg bakal memakai kopiah itu?hem hem ;p

ameera alzawawy said...

hahaha,,, org yg agak malang... size x muat kot .. oh well.. lol...cuba2 try buat kofiah je