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Saturday, July 17, 2010

No, it wasn't me... Raju.....?


I know this might sound a bit crude…, and un lady like…,hmm..a bit impolite…




Have you ever felt the 'contented feeling' of getting a hold on your fart??


Dalam istilah melayu, its called : “menahan kentut”..

Okay.. I know!! Its soo retarded AND really disgusting to actually talk about this subject; especially when I’m a lady and stuff but I really HAVE to share this profound precious habit of mine - holding my fart…

It feels as if I’ve won something each time I manage to prevent the ‘air’ flowing out from my …*ehm*…. that….

Have you ever watched the movie “300” ?? The time when the Spartans blocked the attack of the enemy’s battalion with their super shields? The Turks pushed and pushed forward, but the Spartans manage to prevent them from going through. The strong power of the Spartans. Incredible. :)

Well, if you could imagine the Spartans’ enthusiast in your thoughts, then you could definitely imagine my spirit keeping it IN.

Its not easy… it requires physical strength as well as mental strength. Such challenge. I like. :)

K, I’m a bit sleepy and high after eating 6 biji of durian.. I think I need some rest…

Good night all.



kyo_9 said...

the Turks?! Persian laa..

really miss Durian.. ;)

ameera alzawawy said...

thought it was the persians.. camner bley teringat turks eh.. hihi..
we bought 10 durian semalam.. hehehe..go lah beli kat mitsui. kata ada banyak barang.. :P

kyo_9 said...

selama 3 tahun duduk kt Jpon nih, x pernah nampak kedai jual buah durian.. gula2 perisa durian penah la.. ;)

ammar khan said...

whoa..6 biji??the max i can have at a time onlhy 3 ulas..u're awesome!haha

ameera alzawawy said...

@kadir - k, fine.. nk suruh post?? haihh.. klo ye pun.. tak payah lah nak hint2.. ckp je terus.. :PP

@ammar - yeah.. i'm the queen of durian in my family.. after my grandma..:S

ammar khan said...

u makan tempoyak?*drooling*