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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bye bye Good Life, Hello Real World

I'm starting my new semester tomorrow.. darn!

k... I know I'm a week late :)) but still...I'm not yet done with the summer holidays, summer heat, summer love, summer mood!!!

How I wish one year would just pass by in a second... K.. tipu... i wont wish for that... but for now.. i just wish the holiday is extended!! T_T ..

I havent even started packing yet! issshh...

I have every reason to not go back tomorrow...but its pointless.. ticket has already been bought..


I'll miss my nearly 24/7 online routine : facebook, blog updates, videomaking, my flicker, skype, chats..

My room..my room...my room..and keyboard...what ever's gonna happen to that?

haaaiihh... but what the heck.. life moves on.. I still have other things to look forward to

  1. my kid's bellydancing play of Aladdin at SriKualaLumpur..falls on the 23rd and 24th of July. Please come! :)
  2. Latep's Wedding ceremony.. 24th...
  3. FYP Proposal's presentation..
  4. si gede's arrival...
  5. mid semester exam...
  6. final semester's exam
  7. my new business :)) - will talk about it later
  8. etc...
haiihh.. anyway... if there's anything... just call my phone.. dont bother sending me messages on facebook for the time being...

Unless I get my blackberry by tomorrow.. ^___^

Alright now.. Sleepy..
Urgh.. How I wish I was at Batu tonight. Its chillier...
*k. i take back my words on loving the summer heat..



kyo_9 said...

Summer Holiday in Malaysia??

ameera alzawawy said...

eeesh!! slalu spoil!!
ikut ske hati lah.. baru nak action trg macam california. :PP

En. amirul bond said...

so you got your bb yet??