"Ask and its given..."

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tomorrow's their BIG day...

My kids last practice for their performance's today. I'm gonna have to spend my day today at SriKL; checking out how things are going, fix their costumes and do the final touch.

ARGHHH!! I'm soo nervous for tomorrow!!!

Anywho, what I know is, my best friend is gonna be there to watch them perform.. with my other loving friends too! ^___^.... and that creates more of the tension!! :P.. hihi

Talking about Fat, Urgh.. last night I had dinner with her and her boyfriend and Saba' near Jelatek. The food was soo delicious but I hate them all cause they made me eat like a pig!!! But eating there made me miss 'Nasi Kebuli' that I had when I was in Surabaya..

Kay, i got to go.. I'm late... like really...