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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dinner talk


Last night for iftar, my friends and I, as usual*, will gather around in Nad’s room to break our fasts together.
(NOTE: usual in this context means that if I don’t have fast breaking plans with my lil sister and, if Nad and Ati are not attending some SCIENCESS function, and if Fat is not away -> in KL/IPOH)
We were talking about random stuff on youtube, facebook *kay, basically internet stuff* and there came to a point where we were talking bout MY BLOG. Heeee…. This is somewhat the conversation..or may I say ATTACKS that I get from their feedback:

Fat : your blog has too many words!!!
Ati : honestly zaw, all these while when I go online, I never visit your blog…hAhA
Nad: Your posts are always so long. I’ll get sleepy by the time I reach the 2nd
Ati : next time you should try typing just a line or two. Full stop.
Fat : what she meant was for you to write a line or two and write your next
sentence in another paragraph.
Nad: I don’t know why but somehow, I only get a pull of reading your blog at critical
moments. Like when I’m doing my assignments or report. Those are the only
times that triggered me to read them.
Fat : And when you write about religion, there’s always “oh god-like-am so bad”
self repentance / confessions.
Nad: And there’re too many “Hmmmmm…”
Ati : yeah and “*ehem*s”
Nad: Yeah.. How many times do you cough anyways, while writing your posts?

LOL!! I love you guys :)


kyo_9 said...


ameera alzawawy said...

asal ketawa? nak kata betul la tu..hummph! ;((

Anonymous said...

on a brighter note, this means that we're actually among the avid readers of ur blog! :D


ameera alzawawy said...

yeah..btw, i missy avidest reader..what ever happen to that person..lol..:P