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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Ramadan gift~


I miss being at home. I miss having people to come visit to my house. I miss the acquaintance of fellow sheikh’s and habaibs in the house during Ramadan. I know I used to hate it coz I have to serve shaee/gahwa all the time (“and it must be MASBOUT!” Haih.. -_-‘ ), but in a way, sometimes I DO look forward to making them – just in order to show off my skills :)

Haaaih.. I miss home. And now I heard that Sheikh Yusof- former Mufti of Canada; is staying at my house for the whole week. Unfair! I was his favorite! Why must other people enjoy his company while I rot myself here in this hellhole? T__T..sabar…puasa…

Anyway, ever since Ramadan, I have yet to share with you anything Islamic. Hehe.. Well, lucky you! I found masterpiece in my inbox while deleting facebook notifications today. It was given from a good friend of mine; last Ramadan. I hope to share it with you guys here. Its doa’ after solat tarawikh/witr.

Haha. I remembered last Ramadan to be silliest Ramadan ever! We were hanging out and stuff and did some wicked things… during RAMADAN! Sweet but TOTALLY not encouraged !! LOOL.. hehe… my life’s so cute and DISFUNCTIONAL .. :”P …

Anyway, I hope some would print it out to read it ya! Please pray for me too.




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