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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the capital DQ


What do you do when you argue with someone knowing that you’re right? :)

No.. let me rephrase..

What do you do when you encountered an argument with someone?

Well, for me whenever I argue with someone, basically someone I love, I’d just make them feel guilty of what they’ve done to me, and I’ll ignore them, letting them know that I’m very angry. ^_^

I’ll share with you one case scenario:-

About few months ago, I was with my family for the weekend in KL. My dad was supposed to drive me back to Kuantan campus Sunday afternoon, but they agreed to stay on in KL up till Monday. And I can’t afford to include myself in the plan coz I have class on Monday morning. So, my dad asked me to take the coach back to Kuantan. I had no problem at all with that. Coz I expected him to send me to the station. But instead, he was like “ I’m sorry sweetheart, the car’s at the workshop and we have a meeting with a friend at 2. Why don’t you take the commuter to the station?”

Actually, its not that I have a problem getting on a commuter to the station or anything, coz I’ve done it (alone-by myself) before. But I don’t know what got into me that day that had me so moody. And I was like:

“Fine! Wait till you see me in tomorrow’s papers in the “missing person” section”. I DID NOT SAY IT OUT LOUD. I just said it to myself. I just thought of it.. didn’t say it..Hihi..

What I did was, kissed my parents hands goodbye and leave without saying anything except

“K, I’m leaving. Pray for me”. With a firm voice, not expecting replies. And just before I leave, I forced a tear to drop from my eye.. And made sure they notice that! *yes, I am a bit of a drama queen”. But boy, didn’t it feel sooo good! :D

K. end of the story.

Most of the time. This has always been in my mind ;

“ wait and see. If I die or anything bad happens to me, you’ll be the first to regret and feel guilty.”

And I’ll ignore them till they come back to me, begging for forgiveness.

Seriously, its not that I’m really angry at them or anything, sometimes I do it just for the fun of it. *okay, I’m also an attention seeker*.

My self-centered-ness had made me neglect the other consequences. What if the other way takes place. Meaning, what if they feel so guilty of what they’ve done till they die to it. Well, maybe not die. But it affects them so badly till it become a big problem in their heads. It’s very selfish of me to play with other people’s feelings when its only to fulfill my self pleasure of making other people feel guilty. I think I need to act a bit more mature. Hmmmm….i think I am mature … I think.. okay.. don’t think.. whatever…

So what the moral of the story? I dunno.. I dun have any… I think I just need to express my guiltiness… coz the same case happened again yesterday…hahha…

my parents asked me to stay back and not come home till the 28th when I really wanted to go back home yesterday… And I was like

”wait till I get married and you wont see me at all if its not for eid”..

haha.. but still, I never said it out loud.. I only thought of it.. but you know..

haha.. sorry for taking your time.. :PP



kyo_9 said...

creepy to know that we share the same attitude about it.. One time that I usually be the boy who turns off the switches in the house since everybody just like to leave it. Then one day, I was so mad with my parents for some reason that I don't remember where I just switch on all the electricity power and wait until someone recognize my dissatisfaction; unluckily no one actually realized it and I soon just let it go naturally..

haha, owh, and sorry for taking your time.. :p (revenge)

ameera alzawawy said...

haha..kureeeeeeng!! well.. great minds think alike.. lets just say its the 1987's thingy.. ;)