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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lets update some stuff shall we?

Helllllewwwwwwwwwww bloggers!! I miss you,^__^.. tho I know nobody misses meee!!! T_T

I’ve been very busy lately.. SERIOOUSLY..

actually.. not so..

But final exam’s coming!

----- Well, it’s not like I have prepared myself for it or anything..(like how I am suppose to :I.e; studying, memorizing..(oh, I mean “understanding” not memorizing of course ..*rolleyes)..) I have not prepared for anything.. and that’s the reason why I cant blog.

You must be confused a little.. k..Let me explain..

Final exam is near.. and I haven’t really revised my chapters yet… and I don’t intend to; cause I’m used to last minute studying…

Its not that I’m so smart that last minute studying is just enough for me to answer my paper or anything; its just that it works better dat way.. k, I think I don’t really need to explain this in details…

anyway… although I wasn’t studying for my exam and doing absolutely nothing, I still cant make myself blog…


Because I feel guilty!

Ameera thinks: “Why cant I spend the time finishing my FYP reports instead of updating my blog?”

Although both uses Microsoft Word as the means of ‘expressing thoughts (or REPORTS)’; but doing something you are forced to is really not that easy. The bond between you and the thing you’re forced to do is not strong enough to make you relate yourself to it. Thus, you tend to use the KISS rule to finish your report. In other words, you write nonsense. And get a C+ for it. Keeping It Short & Simple really paid out. *hff

So, to overcome my problem… instead of doing the reports or blogging…

I watched the whole SEASON ONE; reruns of GLEE..

And now I’m having laryngitis. Thank you.


- it means “end” in glee episodes. You know the sound they make… after the show …*pa* .. the sound with the B sharp note ..you know..*pa!*

forget it… -_-“


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