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Thursday, November 25, 2010

I say a lil prayer for you.. :)


This morning was a really boring day as I had been left alone in the house while others went out to make their hair! Hmmph! So what i did the whole morning was browsing the net to check out news at Yahoo!, download John Mayer's pictures *loves* and etc.

Among the "etc-s" was this article I came across with; regarding Solah(prayers).

Yes, I do realize that this has not been my first post on this topic. But I'd like to re-discuss about it JUST as a reminder to me, you and everyone who's interested.

Arghh.. sometimes, I feel a bit discouraged on wanting to write about these kinda things basically religious stuff . It's because I do not want you to have the idea that I'm an angel (okay, this is a bit overexxegrative lol) .

What I mean to say is, I'm not that good either. I have missed a few prayers myself . And that is why I keep on writing about these kinda things, you know, so that I remind myself alongside sharing good things with others. Its not like I'm SUBJECTING YOU TO PRAY BECAUSE OMG, I LIKE, NEVER MISSED A PRAYER IN MY LIFE, AND SOME OF YOU ARE OH SO STUPID COZ YOU NEVER TOOK PRAYERS SERIOUSLY AND NOW THAT YOU HAVE READ MY BLOG, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO FOLLOW MY FOOTSTEPS or something like dat...

(mm.. maybe no one actually thought about it like that... argh i'm paranoid!)

Anyway, again as a reminder to myself and you; prayers are very important. We need to try our best to not miss it. I took this from an article of a website. Its a sahih hadeeth narrated by Hurayth ibn Qubaysah, saying :

I came to Madeenah and prayed, ‘O Allaah, send me a righteous companion.’
I went and sat with Abu Hurayrah and said: ‘I asked Allaah to bless me with a
righteous companion; tell me a hadeeth that you heard from the Messenger of
Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), so that I may benefit

He said: ‘I heard the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of
Allaah be upon him) say that the first thing for which a person will be brought
to account on the Day of Resurrection will be his prayer. If it is sound, he
will be successful, and if it is lacking in any way, he will be doomed. If his
obligatory prayers are lacking, the Lord will say: “Look and see whether My
slave has any voluntary prayers which may be used to make up what is lacking in
his obligatory prayers.” Then all his deeds will be examined and dealt with in
the same way.’

(Reported by al-Tirmidhi, no. 413; see also Saheeh al-Jaami’, 2020).

While some of us might ask ourselves: "Hmmm... well.. I cant turn back time, can I? So happens now that I've missed some?"

Well, there's another hadith that might spare us quoting :

Abu Dawood reported from Anas ibn Hakeem al-Dabbi that he came to Madeenah
and met Abu Hurayrah. He said: “He asked me about my lineage so I told him about
it, then he said: ‘O young man, shall I not tell you a hadeeth?’ I said, ‘Of
course, may Allaah have mercy on you,’ and I think he mentioned it from the
Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).

He said: ‘The first thing that people will be asked about on the Day of
Resurrection will be their prayers. Our Lord will say to His angels (although He
knows best): “Look at My slave’s prayers: are they complete or is something
lacking?” If they are complete, they will be recorded as such, but if something
is lacking,
He will say: “Look and see if My slave has any voluntary
prayers to his credit.” If this proves to be the case, He will say: “Make up his
(missing) obligatory prayers with his voluntary prayers.” Then the rest of his
deeds will be dealt with in the same manner.’”
(Saheeh al-Jaami’, 2571)

(;_) Ya Allah, God is soo kind he makes me wanna grrr strangle while hugging Him soo bad!!)

link to these hadith: http://www.islam-qa.com/en/ref/610

In other words, increase our sunnah prayers. Solat tahajjud, Solat Tawbah and etc. Oh btw, do you know that according to another article I read on another website, it says that:

Multiple intentions are valid for voluntary prayers; they have greater reward
then a single intention, but less reward than performing each prayer separately.


So, if you think you can only afford to pray one sunnah prayer at that time, why dont you multiple your intension? Nothing to lose, right? Actually, you should really check out that link. Its kinda interesting.

Now, lets go a biiiiiiiiiiit deeper and discuss about one particular voluntery prayer: Solah Tawbah (the prayer of repentance) .

I bet everyone is familiar with this solah right? I'm not gonna talk particularly about the solah (haha! gotcha!) but more towards our view on it. But if your interested in learning more about it, please visit : (http://www.islam-qa.com/en/ref/98030 ) .

Have you ever heard from, I dunno, maybe some of your friends(or you yourself) who'd say something like : " Its okay, let me do this thing first( i.e:gossip). I'll pray solat tawbah tonight. "

And the next day, there you are , seeing yourself doing the same thing all over again.

Personally, from my point of view, I dont think God meant that you can keep doing whatever sins you want and after you pray solah tawbah you'll be forgiven. To me, that's a joke! It encourages someone to do more sins, coz they know whatever it is, they'll be forgiven once they asked for repentence.

I think one's sin would be forgiven if that person REALLY REALLY repent and TRY his BEST to NOT make the SAME mistakes again. But God is forgiving, so we might have a chance that He'd forgive us again and again for the same mistakes.

But you know, you cant fool God. He knows our real intention. So, if you wanna make a joke outta yourself carry on pretending to repent. :)

I'm visiting Indonesia for a week (be home by the 3rd of Dec). Please pray for the health and safety of my family and I while we are there. *EXCITED!*


I understand, we human tend to make mistakes over and over again but its our intention that's most important. If we have tried but fail to achieve, then try again. :). And in order to better ourselves and to prevent ourselves from doing sins, we are adviced to increase our ibadah n good deeds.(i.e: Quran recitation, charity etc) With that, the thought of God in our mind will never perish.



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