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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The LoneRanger


Nyaaaaa…. =3 ..Is it so weird to actually go to the café alone?

Often if I bumped into someone at the café, they’ll ask me the “ sorang je?” (alone?) question.

Hmm, thanks for asking =) . Its just that having to answer “yes” all the time makes me feel as if something’s wrong with me when I perfectly know that I’m fine. It just happened that I like doing things by myself alone (unless I need help with something). I love spending time by myself. I like to walk alone, watch movies alone, read alone. Talk alone?.. Definitely not! (bt actually sometimes I do…gosh..dats scary…) I love to have my own space at my own time. I love to think, dream and observe at things without any disturbance and disruptions.

Even so, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to have company. I DO! In fact I LOVE them! Just make sure they speak of the same interest and are not there to waste my time.

I’m very much conserved. I like to socialize with many, but I keep just a small clique of friends to myself. I prefer hanging out with older people better though. (Haha. Hence the nicknames: Mak Cik, Tante, Halati, Gramma) But seriously.. Its because I tend to learn a lot from them. They are much wiser and more experienced in many ways. And the stuffs they talk about are of the things that fascinate me! i idolize them *hearts*.. lol..jk.. My sister tells me to not mature before my age, but you know what? I just cant wait to grow up! Haha!

FLASHFORWARD to the FUTURE! ---àZZoooooooMß zooweemama! Lol.



kyo_9 said...

watch movies alone?
ok, that's weird..
other than that, practically we're the same.. whatup for 1987?!! :p

ameera alzawawy said...

hihi.. yeah..
btw, not movies at the cinema.. i mean movies kat DVD.

muhammad said...

u remind me of myself:>..

u know...ur best inspiration comes when you're alone in the bathroom:>, that's what they who researched on it say..:>and that's what i felt too..

so it's nothing wrong really...
just balance it with social life
and u'll be alright

ps : i love watching movie at cinema alone, care to join?:>

ameera alzawawy said...

totally!! you know.. in toilet recently, i found out that a string of hair can make my finger feels numb. really! try and pull one string. and then "lilit" around your finger lama2.. it'll turn BLUE!our hair is actually quite strong!Or maybe coz i colored it? :S.. dunno but seriously... it can be a weapon! coool