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Monday, November 8, 2010

Oh My God, I found you finally....


WARNING: Bahasa rojak only Malaysians and maybe Singaporeans je would understand.


While I was browsing facebook just now, I encountered with someone’s page. She had a hot stunning, profile picture. Blue white tang top, with ray ban shades on. The background scenery was at a sunny beach. The glow on her face just made her look more radiant. Absolutely gorgeous!! Lucky me, her profile was public (same goes to her photos). Therefore, I was able to click on her page and see on how she truly looks without shades and a perfect weather or shall I say stalk. Results:


*jaw drop

Man, she’s truly God-geous! Her pictures; with and without shades are simply beautiful! She has attractive features and her eyes are to KILL DIE for! Wey wey.. this girl is MasyaAllah man. She’s heaven made! And photogenic too! Her poses are like ‘Wah! This girl ni boleh tahan gaya dia’.*drools*

Sometimes, aku kepengeeeen sangat2x taw nak take pictures like that. Bangsa yang posing sorang2.

But I cant….

Malu…... hehe… :”P (and takut kena BOO).:P

But if for personal files boleh lah. For my eyes only or friends yang trespass my laptop document without my permission… hmm..... /;-) ..

But to post it on facebook; tak kot… Not my style... heheh.. Most of my pictures are with friends and family and biasa2 normal pictures only. Either taken with my whole teeth showing or a –trying-to-be-sweet smile; which always end up like someone who’s having constipation.

Tu pun dah problem to some of the family members. Dibilangnye apa lah cucu Yusof Zawawi taroh taroh gambar dekat computer. *hmmm-sigh ;(*. So I dare not to the take risks. Huhu..

But I’m not saying yang what they say is wrong. No.. I respect them and totally understand that they are just trying to protect me. And I also know its true, that its not good sangat for girls to ‘publish’ her pictures for people to see. Macam nak show off gitu kan.

But you know…^_^,heheh.. sometimes I want to tell people jugak what I’m going through. Macam nak share my experience with people;like friends . And especially with my cousins. So that they’ll get to know how I’m like now and my surroundings.

Coz we are scattered all over! Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi. We only get to see each other pun like only sometimes in a year…or maybe 2 years… So I took it as a way of communication. Through comments and stuff.. you know.. And its not like I made it visible to “EVERYBODY”. Only my friends. And usually my friends bukan bangsa yang show my photos or page to others coz they know I’m a bit strict bout that.

Hahaha… lolz..Klah, enough about that. But seriously, the girl yang tadi I was talking about tu is hawt damn gorgeous. I want just her eye lashes please… Thick and long!!! ^____^



Weedat said...

Meer anggun kok.. ;-)

ameera alzawawy said...

Thanks dad :8)