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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The REAL unfairness in life lies within you. :)


Often we shout that ­– life is unfair. Proposing that we should not be treated in this kind of manner and we deserve something more meaningful in life. Some of us bark as our needs were not being fulfilled. Others pray faithfully anticipating for good news from God. Yet, nothing happened.

Everything stays the same. Ali is still barking at his washed out Milan jersey, and Ahmad’s proceeding on to his 28th sunnah prayer.

That’s considered a tremendous holy achievement by Ahmad; considering the fact that he had not had his fardhu prayers in at least the past couple of years. 28 times 2; means he knelled to God almost 56 times; just today! AHMAZING! Oh plus, it’s been exactly 48 hours since he last had his drink. *whispers* He stays in Australia, he needs to put up with the culture *nods comprehensibly *.

Reaching his 29th now.

Yet his phone stays muted. He’s actually waiting for a call. A job promotion. If the secretary doesn’t call him by 5 p.m, means he’ll maintain his job at the 5th floor. Otherwise, up to the 7th floor he goes as the new General Manager of WhatNot Company. =)


Which lead me to a thought?

Say if I were God, would I be giving someone his dream job when he never say a simple “I love you, God” to me or maybe a “Hi God” in that matter? He’s sucha snob! And plus, he has that annoying HUMONGOUS nose which really turns me off.

Seriously, do you think I should give him what he wants? He brings no good to me. He barely praises my beauty or even say thanks for the soft wind I blew him that night while he was sleeping; when there’s a black out at his residence. Well, okay, I might consider since his mother is such a big fan of mine. Waking up late at night just to tell me how grateful she is with what I gave her and blah blah what not. Okay2 maybe… …MAYBE….


So, this will then direct us to few possible consequences.

1) Ahmad gets his job. Realize the power of God. Start being thankful by praying fardhu prayers.. bit by bit.. (which is wallahi already a good news..more than a mother could ask for)

2) Ahmad gets his job, and say “Oh God Thanks so much I love You!’ ‘ Hello, Jacob, I nailed it! Lets have some beer. Meet you at Zouk. Catch up with some pretty ladies on the dancing floor, yeah man?!! Woooooohooo!!’”

3) Ahmad didn’t get the job. Realize that he has not prayed enough. Continue praying till the girl calls him up and said it was a bloody mistake. Ahmad’s name was up all the time.

4) Ahmad didn’t get the job. Take off his hidden knee guard and curse the whole thing.


To me..Its pretty much unfair you know.. when we only find God at our own time. When we are religiously asking for him at our own convenience.. Worldly convenience. When we want Him to not flop us in our exams, when we want Him to stop the disasters (volcano, tsunami) in our country. We always find Him when we’re in trouble.

It’s unfair. He didn’t create us just to tell Him about the catastrophes in the world. We should be more appreciative at things. Don’t tell me we have been living in despair our entire lives. I mean, I’m sure there must be some happy times too. Like the day when we had fun hvg picnic with our family. Why can’t we say;

“hey God, thanks very much , I had a very fun time with my family just now. I wouldn’t mind to have such get together again. And thank you god, for giving me such a blissful and happy family with beautiful nieces. I have no way else to repay you but to pray to you for all your kindness. Btw,

“Subhanallah walhamdulillah wala ila ha illah wallahu akbar”.

I know that just a bit and simple. But for now, while I’m still at the garden with my family, packing up to go home, that’s the only way I can afford to say thanx n praise you at the same time. And God, I love you ya. :* .”


It doesn’t matter HOW you do it or HOW you say it. As long as you keep remembering God and instill the love in you for Him without having a time limit or schedule, its reaaaaally good enough. He’s always there for you. Why cant WE be there for Him at all times? Who’s the creator now buddy?

From the way I say things, it’s as if I’m trying to impose that I am good and I’m actually asking all to do the same. But the truth is, my post is based on self-experience. I’m not very grateful of what I have.

Many times, have I been given chances from God yet I took them for granted. Until I become desperate. Then I’ll come searching for God again. Its not that I forget Him. Its just that, when I want something badly then only I listen carefully to my recitation in my prayers. Then only I take my own sweet time with God. Then only I really make my time with him.

A reader asked me once in my formspring.me page: “Are you really a good girl or just pretending?”

Well, the truth is,I’m trying my best to become a good girl. Am not fully nice or good. I have my mistakes. I did some wicked things too. But I’m trying to improve myself day by day. And I’m hoping for your support too.

Kay gotto study.



i hate school btw.. n exam.. for now..

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