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Sunday, December 19, 2010

But I love South Park.. so how? :-S

Is it me? or the usage of certain sayings like : "InsyaAllah" and "Alhamdulilah" has been misused in Malaysia??

Its sad on how some people can put religion as a joke. Mild joke is okay, to me. But jokes that mocks are not okay; to me.

Last Ramadhan, I saw a banner at a pub in Kuantan, Pahang which says: "Berbuka Puasa Special" and another pub in KL was also offering 2 free alcoholic drinks as Ramadhan promotion.

First of all, dont they know that Muslims are not suppose to drink alcohol in the first place and not only when they are FASTING? Fyi, when we are fasting we cant even DRINK COLD MINERAL WATER.

And what do they mean by "Berbuka Puasa Special"?? Well, they might serve halal food but the surrounding is still not.

And to me the best promotion they could actually offer is not the "free alcoholic drinks" but the "NO ENTRY" sign for all muslims.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder if one fasts for the culture or the religion.

I'd want to share with you a story:
( p/s:I might get some facts wrong, it was a long time ago story, but the jeez of the story is in it)

An uncle of mine shared a story once, about his trip to one of the Europoean countries where he and one of his colleagues; a muslim, were searching for a restaurant to break their fast. And this particular colleague of his INSISTED that they go to a place whereby it does not serve pork as a dish. Anyway, to cut the story short, after hours of searching, they found a restaurant with HALAL eating meat (meat slaughtered by the Jews, Christians or Muslims *people of the book*). So his friend, ordered a ribeye steak and confirmed with the waiter that its Kosher meat. Yes, it was.

And to complete his meal, he then ordered a sparkling red wine.

What the heck?? Thats just perfectly stupid.

He's so scared of eating pork thinking that it's forbidden for us Muslims but never bear in mind that to drink or even ORDER wine is forbidden when you are a muslim? Just because the word

"BABI" - pig;

is a taboo word among the Malays, he refused to eat it. This is totally the joke of the century!

Well, anyway, today, I read someone's status and she said something like

"Alhamdulillah, today I am finally legal to go clubbing! Thanks Abah. Zouk! Here I come!!"

Hmm.... Thats awkward...Dont you think the text above is a bit weird? If you want to express your happiness, I really understand; but please put away the 'Alhamdulillah'. Its really mocking my religion as in Islam, we are told to stay away from places that will lead us to adultery, ma'siat and things that will astray us from God.

hmm hmmm..

Its not that I'm always writing; to tell you about other people's faults. Many of the posts are actually a reminder to myself. I have tonnes of mistakes and I keep on making them; no doubt. And I share my mistakes on my blogs too but in a form of reminding. (So, i wouldn't look as bad.. hihi). But my point of writing is to share about the experience that I see and maybe it might help you and me to think wisely in any ways.
(And I'm truly trying my best to become a better and not repeat my mistakes (if there's any..lool.joking..i have loads!! i swear!!), so plz pray for me. thanx)

I just hope for the best to happen to all of us. Thats all.


Abdullah said...

There's also a story of an Arab guy who was drinking still he got drunk... and then suddenly he burped and said "alhamdulillah!"

What an idiot..

ameera alzawawy said...

seriously?? OMG! what a jerk..

Mamad Bafaraj said...

Islam by name. Thats common.

ameera alzawawy said...

Hopefully I am by name and also behaviour. :)

ameera alzawawy said...

WE.. not "I".. omg.. i sound so self centered.. :S

HashTheDon said...

south park rocks! :-)

ameera alzawawy said...

i bet you didnt even read the post... hmmmfh.. >:(

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah i just kill a fly today and insyaAllah i will kill some more tomorrow. kwkwkwkwkw

ameera alzawawy said...

okay..... -_-"

Anonymous said...

yes it is misused. but not just in malaysia. everywhere

micfreak said...

that's an example of traditional Islam. Islam has blended into local cultures so naturally till everyone got confused which one is which, and keep mixing it up.

blatant example is, wearing scarf and revealing clothes or tight clothes and heavy makeups.

but if one wanted to look at the bright perspective of it, at least that person remembers God. hopefully one day he'll be back to His path and won't forget anymore.

ameera alzawawy said...

If the person were to 'remember' God, (as from the above examples given/taken by Abdullah in the comment and also myself in the post); it would have been "Astaghfirullah" not "Alhamdulillah". Thats what someone would say when he remembers God after doing something wrong. To ask for repentance.

In this context, the term 'Alhamdulillah', if i may summarize, is just a 'habit saying' where one say it when he/she is happy. coz they were brought up to say such things since they were young. In malay, its called "melatah". Something that comes out automatically from your mouth. Its sumkind of a habit.

In this case, they have misused it; as thanking God for allowing them to do things that He forbids. To me this is a mockery.

Therefore, in my opinion, if they wanna do their stuff; drinking boys girls dirty dancing at clubs kissing gambling go ahead but at least have the courtesy to respect your religion by not thanking God about it. Dont make it as if its something that the religion agree or allow upon. As much as they are low profile in telling their grades, try being low profile of these things if they still want to give respect to their religion.

I know i'm not a good girl myself and i'm not usually the type who care bout ppl wanting to do their own stuff, really, whether good or bad..(well, maybe i am...without me realizing it..k..now i realize it..shiz ..i hate talking to myself..) just, to me, at least, the least we can do is to keep our religion sacred..

if you want to kill urself , bomb yourself or etc its up to you but dont make it as if ur religion allows it.

wallahu a'lam