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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Digger but not a gold digger.


One thing I realize about certain people is that they seem to take pleasure in digging stories about others. Sometimes I wonder if their lives are so dull till they could spare their whole time minding other people’s business. It’s not cute to be nosy all the time, you see. It actually brings down ones respect towards you.

There are three types of nosy people that I’ve encountered in my life.

One, is the type that just wants to know the story and keep to herself. Second, is the type who just want to get updated with the current topic so she wouldn’t be left out in the conversation. And the third one, this is the most treacherous of all; is the type who likes to dig other people’s stories ; hoping for bad points to be revealed.

Sometimes, these people of the third type might even add up some spices to the stories or even twist and turn the words according to their pleasure.

One thing good about people with good values are; others tend to love and want to protect them from the evil doings- of others.

And usually, good people clique with the ‘good groups’. So, if you try to bxtch around about a good person to another good person; or if you are wanting to ‘investigate’ about a good person by digging and questioning another good person in order to get even the slightest juicy gossip, what makes you think that she is gonna spill anything to you?? LOOOL! In fact, you’re a joke to us! Hihi.. Sorry, but it’s true.

You can fake for being nice but the impureness within you makes it hard for everyone around you to be able to see it, what more to believe your stories.

And please, lets not humiliate other people and make fun of them. It’s not good to belittle others. One might not be as talented as you are now, but who knows one day, that person will become far much better than you ever were. It’s Karma. Try to believe in that. It helps one to be careful from doing bad to others. :)

Btw, do you know that by having a bad heart it makes you ugly? Physically and mentally. Kind people have that humbleness in their face stuck within; like my dad says,

“There’s a certain kind of purity in a face of a kind person which others with bad heart lack”

A person with a bad heart, how beautiful she might be, you can still see the insincerity of her even when she smiles sweetly. Nothing, not even the thickest foundation can cover that. Your eyes don’t lie.

This is actually a disease. And the people who is in the 3rd type of group is actually sick! Hihi. No, seriously. But no worries, remedies are there to recover a person with this illness. And I’m here to nurse you into curing. See how kind I am, to actually help you after all that you’ve said about us. (LOOL.. joking ..am not that kind.. I’m as evil as medusa sedusa..nyahahahah! beware… :P )

One is: always be thankful to God for whatever things He has given you. Try to be appreciative of what you have. Always say “Thank you God” for everything. With this, you’ll become more satisfied with yourself and you don’t have the need to be little others anymore just to confirm yourself that you are already the best in what you do.

Two: Observe other’s who are less fortunate than you are. With this, you will be more humble and you will become less competitive towards others.

Three: Be happy for yourself AND FOR OTHERS. When you are happy for others, you yourself will become a happy person. Sharing is caring remember? So share your happiness with others too – without the thought of competing.

And finally : Stop being jealous of other people’s achievements. Everybody is good at different things. If you tend to focus on the things other people are only good at and want to compete with them in that way, you will never discover what YOU are best at. Mind your own business for once and try to explore yourself rather than ‘exploring’ other people’s lives. Seriously.

Beautiful is not only scaled from your physical attributes but also from your self within. And although, you are MasyaAllah very beautiful physically but you have a stinky heart.*phheew*

After this, I’m just going to ignore and forget about the things that had happened (cause this is not the first time I heard stories coming from you pun actually. We might have been very quiet about it but it doesn’t mean that we do not know. As I said before, other good people tend to help and protect others in need. We just do not tend to make small things big.) But I sure wish that you would change. Because I know that deep in you, you are a nice person. And I can bet, that you’ll be happier if you start loving yourself and others as well. Clean your heart and youre a shining star! ;-)

Trust me. :)



Abdullah said...

Allah mentioned in the quraan about judement day. he said:

يوم لاينفع مال ولا بنون الا من اتى الله بقلب سليم

On a day when your wealth and your children won't help you, only those who came to Allah with a clean/pure heart!

It emphasizes on the importance of a clean heart!

ameera alzawawy said...

hmm.. well i hope she repents.. thats it.. i ask for nothing more.

Abdullah said...

She will inshaallah.. with constant prayers for her she will..

That is why we always read these prayers:

ربنا لا تزغ قلوبنا بعد إذ هديتنا وهب لنا من لدنك رحمة إنك أنت الوهاب

يامقلب القلوب والأبصار ثبت قلبي على دينك

It helps keep our hearts safe on the right path..

ameera alzawawy said...

thank you :)
I really appreciate it..

Anonymous said...

they wanna dig about u cuz they cant find ur fault.

and they will never cuz u'r one good girl though sometimes a bit naughty.

bt good-girl naughty.

hold on girl.

ameera alzawawy said...

i have many faults! really!! but thank you anyway. hihi.. :)

Abdullah said...

Everyone makes mistakes, you are not perfect unless you make mistakes.

A perfect example, Rasulallah the perfect man/human ever has also made mistakes and it is written in the quraan in the first verse of surah altahreem:

يا ايها النبى لما تحرم ما احل الله لك تبتبغى مرضات ازواجك

The most important thing in life is not to be afraid of mistakes, but not to repeat them again!

ameera alzawawy said...

lol... u memorize the whole quran or sumthing? hihi..cool.. Thanks for sharing :)

Abdullah said...

Haha i wish! i just read it often.. you should too whevenever you can..

ameera alzawawy said...

will do.. :)

Anonymous said...

dig stories ah? digging nose better. then only can call "nosy". kwkwkwkw

ameera alzawawy said...

or ears? hahahaha! :P

Abdullah said...

Or you can ask them to dig deep down in their heart for them to realize that is actually empty..

then dig into their brains for them to see that what they're doing is wrong and they should stop doing what they're doing..

since we're talking about digging.. :-s

ameera alzawawy said...

lol... kay.. -_-"