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Thursday, January 13, 2011

This is MY year. 2011


Top Eleven Wish-list

2. Julia Child French Cooking recipe book
3. A long lasting watch
4. A good writing pen
5. An excellent cooking knife
6. A CD of songs of my liking
7. A new YAMAHA keyboard piano- (is this too much…? :S).
8. Stepford Wife’s Manual – HAHA!
9. A trip to Turkey :-)
10. A pet who loves me and won’t surprise me with ‘presents’ every morning.
11. Great ideas. Just simply great ideas for everything.

Dear God please grant me my wishes. Amiin. :)


Abdullah said...

I'm guessing that your number 1 wish would be smthn to do with your personal relationship with someone to evolve... :-S

No 2,3,4,5 are easy.. Could come true... just need a mailing address.. Add Staying True by Jenny Sanford to the list as well..

number 6... Depends on what type of music are you into.. if you like arabic music then i'll make it come true..

Yamaha Keyboard... as long as your neighbors don't complain should be fine..

number 8.. simple... not a problemo at all.. add them with 2,3,4 and 5

number 9... i'ld squeeze in a trip to Syria as well since im there and its a beautiful country, just stay away from the Iraqi border

number 10... can be viewed as a husband also so that depends on number 1

Number 11 is the simplest of all... just need a little creativity... :-D

My top 3 wishes are:

1) Get my charity org running
2) Find a good wife
3) Meet Queen Rania of Jordan!

I'ld be happy if 1 out of those 3 would come true... :-D

ameera alzawawy said...

number one is top secret, therefore i shal not give any hints to anyone. :D and it has nothing to do with wishlist number 10.

number 2-5: plz dun be too generous with strangers... hihi.. but i really appreciate the thought abdullah. thank you. and you remembered about 'staying true'! dats so sweet.

number 6 : i live arabic music.. hahaha.. but its all diff genres.. from abu baker salim to amr diab's old songs(new ones are a bit eew) to nancy ajram/haifa wahby <3

are you jordanian?? insyaAlah, it'll come true for you. :)

Abdullah said...

Firstly, you are not a stranger.. We may not know each other personally but i know aalloott of your relatives.. and of course all Syeds and Sharifahs are somehow related anyway, that makes us distant relatives.. So no worries..

This is SHOCKING to me... You actually listen to Abu Bakr Salim??? Not many people in this region like him or even know about him.. he is my favorite!! i just hope you understand what he is singing about coz they're great songs! not to sure about haifa nancy and amr diab tho.. I'm more into Khaleeji music as they sing good poetry..

Am i Jordanian?? Hell no... don't even wish to be one! :-S

ameera alzawawy said...

am sorry but how did you get information bout my relatives ya? i'm not mad, am just a bit curious..:)

haha.. yeah.. i love him.. my fav is the infamaous kama resha.. well i dun exactly know 100% what he's saying coz my arabic is poor and i'm more familiar with egyptian arabic cz of my dad and amr diab. haha

yeah... thats what i thought as well...then why dyu wanna meet queen rania?

Abdullah said...

The world we're living in is getting smaller and smaller... so its not hard to connect the dots.. If it helps, i know your uncle Hassan Alattas very well and he knows me well also.. which is why i said before good birds breed good feathers... and i really meant it..

*singing* ya teir ya dhawi ila eshah... golli mata badhwi..

Yeah that's his most famous song in this region since all the Indonesian bands love singing it.. There are loooaaadddssss of other great songs by him.. i'll try to translate that song for you sometime soon during my free time..

Why do i wanna meet Queen Rania... Firstly of course coz she's beautiful..also she's the only arab woman in the middle east who actually gets involved in matters often overlooked by most politicians these days such as poverty and quality education and actually changing the westerners impression of an arab woman.. They're jsut as productive as any woman in the world..

ameera alzawawy said...

oh..k...thank you :)

mm..haha..kay..well said..she is mashaAllah very beautiful.

Abdullah said...

And speaking of Arabic songs.. Check out other sigers such as Mohamed Abdu, Abdullah Alrowaishid, Hussein Aljasmy, Abdulmajeed Abdullah.. These are good singers

Egyptians of course there's no better than Umm Kalthoum!

ameera alzawawy said...

will do! thanx for the suggestions. :)

Abdullah said...

Happy birthday Ameera!

A simple birthday gift for you:


A link to the best jalsa for the greatest 2 singers of arabia singing together Abu Bakr Salem's Emta ana ashoofak.

Enjoy! :-D

Anonymous said...

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