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Sunday, January 23, 2011

To have a friend, is to be a friend


“A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be.”

Hey you guys.. miss me? :D How’ve you been doing?

Yesterday my friends and I went for an evening outing to Teluk Cempedak. Gotta, HAFTA love the beach! And monkeys?? :-S I’m very much thankful to be surrounded with friends like mine. Coz they’re always there not only when I wanna have fun but also when I need advice or help. Furthermore, they’re not afraid to correct me whenever I do something far beyond right. They’re like the family I’ve never wanted. :P And despite the differences among the four of us, we could still tolerate and learn a lot from each other.

“Friends are like rainbows, They brighten up your life once you've been through a storm”

Some other people, I realize, do stick with their cliques too, during bad times and good times. However, some of them in some way tend to deny each other’s faults when they clearly know the wrong.

Denying and keeping each other’s faults as a secret are two different things.

Sometimes it is hard to tell someone about their faults. Especially when their mood is not aligned with the real situation, they might not even accept our advice at that time because they can only see their point of view at that time. Therefore, the disagreement or advice you have in mind for your friend is put on halt, and his/her fault remained silent until the right time comes. (summary: fault left a secret)

Denying, on the other hand, means agreeing to the fact that: what their friend does wrong is correct. I don’t know if this is a way of saying “I have your back and you have my support” or it’s because they themselves are doing the same fault as the friend is. In other words, they don’t want to admit that their wrong too. But to me, this shouldn’t be the way.

“Being a good friend doesn’t mean lying to avoid hurt feelings.”

When I want a friend, I want someone who is truthful and not afraid to admit my faults or theirs. Someone, who will stop me from being astray even when they themselves are. Someone, who would tell me to always do good even when they don’t. Some who doesn’t mind being hurt and hurting for the best of me.

“A true friend is the person who no matter how you treated them the day before still keeps their promise to stand by you the next.”

Because to me, that’s what friends are for.

When you love your friends, you don’t want to see them fall. And you only wish the best for them, hoping they would be the best for you too.

Ahh… I’m gonna miss campus life. I have another few months till I graduate. And after that, we’re all gonna live separate lives. Some of us will get married, some will further their studies, some might be working. Hmmmh *sigh*.. But I hope we’ll always be like the girls in “Sex And The City”.

Dear girlfriends.. guess who is who?

:) Good night all..


En. amirul bond said...

i dont see any of ME in this post..blerghh;p

ameera alzawawy said...

haha.. lol! got wat! this one:
Coz they’re always there not only when I wanna have fun but also when I need advice or help.


Anonymous said...

soki *blush*..hehe..thanx for d post zaw *blush lagiii*..btw, aku yg rambut maroon=)) nad

zaw said...

ak rasa rambut maroon sesuai ati.. ko sesuai rambut blonde.. hihi.. -zaw (takleh log in tataw nape)

En. amirul bond said...

blerghhh...too minimal ;(
i need a post dedicated to ME!

Abdullah said...

This is an interesting topic..

When i arrived in back to my hometown a few days ago, i was shocked to see some of my old friends waiting for me at the airport.. This to me highlighted one strong fact that we are not friends.. we are brothers.. we are family..

Being a friend is not about hanging out and having good times with each other.. but it means to share each others misery as well and try your very best to change it for them in whatever way you can.. and during those bad times.. even the smallest of things counts and will never be forgotten.. don't be like the bank who gives you and umbrella on sunny days but takes it back when it starts raining..

I'm sure we all watched the movie 300.. it is based on a true historical story which happen in the year 470BC (Battle of Thermopylae).. When Sparta was at war against Xerxes of the mighty Persia.. how could a small army of 270 men hold off an army of hundreds of thousands for 3 days?!

Unity: Each soldier protects the soldier next to him and behind him.

Dedication: Every soldier is focused on 1 cause.. protecting their country ultimately their family from a downfall.. they don't want to see their fathers/mothers/sisters/wives/children/friends as slaves. If they were selfish, they could have just packed their belongings and moved to Rome and could have generated a huge wealth from its prosperity at that time.

Great leadership: King Leonidas was fighting amongst his men, the greatest motivation is leadership by example.

Courage: Leaving home knowing that you are not coming back. There is no other bravery can top that. When King Leonidas left his country... His last words to his wife was "Marry a good man and raise good children!".. not like what was shown in the movie..

Let's take this story into smaller context.. When all of these traits are combined in a group.. you from a solid foundation for a long lasting genuine friendship which can face any weather together.. Protecting each other, dedicated to 1 cause which is the happiness of each other.. Leading by example by showing self respect and towards each other.. and of course having the courage to tell and accept each other opinions when at wrong.. When all of these traits are in a group, nothing but glory awaits them!

Also, beware of a very crucial element which will destroy any relationship forever.. Its the same reason why Spartans were defeated in that battle...


kyo_9 said...

again, good entry by ameera and a wonderful story by Abdullah.. Somehow I feel like this blog is a 2in1 package~

Anonymous said...

i agree with kyo_9 ni. abdullah ni co-blogger for this blog eh? hehe

-im sooooooo carrie hahaha :p and nad samantha? wowzieeeeee :D

ameera alzawawy said...

@amirul : well that u have to wait..i mean waiit til forever... nyehnyeh..:P

@abdullah : excellent review!/story! felt like cut n pasting to a whole new post,, haha

@kyo : word! but still cant read my coussy famous blog.. :D.. kadir, how to block spammers?

@fat - from my observation: nad samantha. ati maroon haired, ko sarah jessica prker ak brunette... hee heee...

Anonymous said...

Meera, are you Samantha? =D

ameera alzawawy said...

haha.. i think i'm more of the brunette girl..loooolll.. poyo...

AL said...

zaw...i wish i have friends like yours..huhuhu

ameera alzawawy said...

eh... bkn kt geng jugak ke? :)

jom wat mkn2 after this..final year kot.. :(