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Monday, January 31, 2011

I ♥ GLEE ( Finn + Rachel )



Abdullah said...

Still prefer Arabic Khaleeji Jalsa Tarab anytime!

Abu Bakr Salem - Mohamed Abdo - Hussain Aljasmy - Abdullah Alrowaishid

Ya salam!!!

Loking forward to the jalsa party this weekend!


cik dhiya said...

like!! :D

ameera alzawawy said...

@ abdullah : u mis d point.. i was talking bout the couple and the things finn said to rachel .. its cute..

happy for you! have fun at the party!

@dhiya : LOVE! :D

Abdullah said...

Oh!... I knew that.. :-S

Anonymous said...

Wonderful posting. Being a emerging blogger I will be finding out a lot from these kinds of articles maintain the good hard work.

Abdullah said...

Being a thinkaholic.. I've been thinking about what the dude said to the dudette in the video and 1 word kept popping up on my mind..

Without it you won't be able to progress, you will always be doubting youself and your abilities, without it everything will dificult..

With it comes success, comes belief, comes hope, comes ease.

It is a very crucial element of motivation, an integral element of innovation and creativity, but too much of it will harm you and will repeal people off you and will tarnish you name..


Anonymous said...

love this ameera!

kyo_9 said...

nice words brother Abdullah!

Abdullah said...

Thank you brother kyo_9.. :-D

Anonymous said...

woit! i love this!! sweet ngat finn tu skang. i like.. -diyana

ameera alzawawy said...

@abdullah : second kyo_9!

@ diyana : i know... but he's still as blur as ever...