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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Choose Me Pick Me Love Me And Dont Hate Me...


Life is not just said as a gamble, but a jungle too; where the strong conquers and the weak perish.

Just look around. Everywhere name it; in school, what our society does is compete compete and competing to be the best. To be chosen. To be the one. To sit on that spot; THAT chair. To be THE man; holding the arms of THAT lady.

If life was simple, and WE are not picky, ‘living’ would be a very delightful experience- “ no problemas”. The problem is; we are not simple. In fact we are categorized as complex organisms by my text book.

We all want certain things in life; to satisfy our desires, aim and goal. I'm not just emphasizing on the apprentice cands here but am also talking on behalf of Trump.

Have you ever heard about the story of the perfect lady?

This perfect lady rejects every men who had asked for her hand; saying that those men aren’t perfect enough for her. Until one day that she found herself her perfect guy and told him that she would like him to become her husband and that perfect guy rejected her and said he is yet to find someone who is perfect for himself.

Or what about the story of King Arthur?

For those that are not familiar with the story of King Arthur; the story is about a sword that stuck in a stone. The one who’s able to pull it out will rule the kingdom. Coz according to the ‘sword’ a.k.a Excalibur, it can only be owned by a ‘true king’.

See how fussy life is? They are even pickier than I am! (And my mom complains about my ‘particularity’..sheesh..)

Okay, I bet some are wondering like: what’s the relation between my statement on competing and being picky. I don’t know how to explain this.. but I hope with this example; you’ll get to know how they are related..

Ali , Ahmad and Abu are all good, intelligent and smart guys who are competing for the number one spot in becoming the ‘Smartest Guy Alive’. The winner gets a YAMAHA KEYBOARD to be given to Princess Ameera the next day. *nyaaahaha- I luv making my own fairytale*

THEY: are competing with each other

The Smartest Guy Alive position is the : PICK-AN; A fussy choosy ‘thing’! ( You’re the one who’s making my life MISERABLE!!!!! WHY DO I HAVE TO WANT YOU!!)

Nothing wrong with being either one of them. But I have some advice (hahaha.. call me Esther Hicks) for them both

Lets put our shoes in "competitors" position first.

These guys are the best among the others.

In most competitions, there would be a time where one can’t rely on anyone else’s mistakes or slipups anymore. There would come to a time where everybody is at par with everyone. Nobody is weaker than the other.

The real fight begins now. It is the battle between you and yourself.

To offer the best of you and what you’ve got. No one else matters anymore. It’s all about you again. About showing your uniqueness, about exploring yourself, about acknowledging your capability, what you can do, how far you could go. It’s all only you.

And if PICK-AN (chooser/picker) don’t find you good enough for them; then don’t give up. In the animal kingdom as I said earlier, the weak dies. But we are not animals. So, why do we have to follow THEIR rules? And just because we loss it doesn’t mean that we are the weak ones. We are fighters! Come on man!


Therefore, we should not quit. Because what you’ve done to reach what and where you are today is not something easy and you should never regret it. Instead, open your eyes for better opportunities. Maybe that thing you aimed for is actually not perfect enough for you anyway and that ‘perfect THING’ is still in-search for you. Who knows, right? :)

NOW lets talk about the ‘Pick-er/ Pick-AN’/chooser (wat the fish... =_=)

Lets not blame them for being very picky. We all have our own reasons for everything right. :)Try not be irrational and think logically. If you were given so many choices to choose from; ie: watermelon; you’d definitely choose the big sweet juicy one right? Rather than a big but less sweet ones? I mean, you’re paying a lot of money for it; (RM7 perkg IS a lot)…u’d definitely want to pick the best right? But sometimes, one thing we should remember is to not be too particular with stuff and try accept things the way they are. Because if you expect perfection too much in a person/thing; and it may not come out to your expectation; you are the one who's going to be disappointed the most.

In conclusion : Santai lah braiiiii... (yes, I'm addicted to inianuar's video blog 'eeew')

Hmmm… it might not make any sense to you…

I’m sorry for my way of conveying my message is….very….COMPLEX(and weird)…coz as said earlier… I’m a complex organism.. hihi.. I’m soo sleepy now is 1:21 a.m already… good night all..

This journal is actually a note to myself...fml...nyt..


Mamad Bafaraj said...

'Picky' is you.
'Contender'na a lots.
heh heh

Abdullah said...

I have a million thoughts on what to say about your post, but at this time (3:30am) I can only think of 1 thing...

Sleep Abdullah! You got an early day ahead!

But this is a very very interesting topic, I'll be typing my thoughts first thing when I reach the office after the press conference.. I have a feeling its gonna be a long one this time..

So I would like to give an early apology for it..

Have a great day!

Abdullah said...

Btw Ameera.. The party was GREAT!


ameera alzawawy said...

@ mad - sok taw.. hihi.. i'm not picky!! Maybe I'm the contender?? hahaha.. just random thoughts lah mad.. :) Mamad...mamad.. you think too much...hahaha...xP

@ abdullah - haha..noted! will be waiting...
lol.. good for you!
Good night. :)

Mamad Bafaraj said...

Ameera.. Ameera.. Ameeraaaa....

heh heh

Abdullah said...

Firstly, i would like to say congratulations Ameera on the choice of a very very interesting topic to talk about..

To me life is not a gamble, we take calculated risks to minimize bad times and try out best to maximize good times and productivity. The only fundamental element they both share is CHOICE!

My definition of choice is the decision we make in order to proceed to the next step to reach our goal. Obviously we all want our next steps to be good and this explains why we always chose the best, to be on that chair because is the best, to be in that girl's arms because she's the best, to sit on that spot because its the best. This is not where the argument is...

The argument however is in one question.. What is the best?

The debate will go on and on forever due to one simple reason which is DIFFERENCE!

We all come from different backgrounds, different school of thought, we have different morals, different objectives in life. So obviously, we all will have different opinions on what is the best choice. Therefore; what's best for you might not be the best for me.

We all admire those whom constantly make the right choice, but most of us forget that before they started making right choices, they made a million wrong ones, but instead of them whining about it, they quickly pick themselves up, learn from it and try their best not to make the same mistake again. This is exactly what makes a good leader. Yes we should look at their success track record, but we should not overlook their mistakes as well as it gives an indication of them avoiding the same mistakes from happening again in the future.

This is also what our prophet Mohamed asked us to do according to a hadeeth which says

كل بني آدم خطاء ، وخير الخطائين التوابون

"All the sons of Adam make mistakes and the good amongst them are those who repent"

What he means by repent is not making the same mistake again, which builds experience and to me, experience is the best school teaching what no textbook can.

To me, being picky or bring fussy does not show pride or arrogance, but it shows that the person knows exactly what he/she wants which makes decision making (choice) easier.

In the end of the day, its the fighter spirit in us which makes us decide weather to go for the easier choice of defeat and end the misery, or to get up and continue fighting for glory!

I think this is long enough even tho i have much more to say about the jungle we live, religious point of view on the importance of choice, competition and yamaha keyboards. in and the story of the young general whom built an empire and made the world speak Greek like how we speak English today and earned the titles King of Macedon, Hegemon of the Hellenic League, Shahanshah of Persia, Pharaoh of Egypt and Lord of Asia in just 13 years as king!

I would like to end this ultra long post saying that the only PERFECT thing is life which teaches us everything good about every single aspect of life is non other than ISLAM!

ameera alzawawy said...

Dear Abdullah, first of all, I'm surprise that you can actually understand my writing coz when I read back.. it was like horrible.. loads of spelling grammar mistakes plus bad arrangement... hahaha.. but thanx

and sometimes, i think your comments are far much better than my posts.. hahaha...

i dun mind at all about the length of your comment.. just share wat u got..

if you have spare time why dun you continue with your story on the jungle we live, religious point of view on the importance of choice, competition and yamaha keyboards. in and the story of the young general whom built an empire and made the world speak Greek like how we speak English today and earned the titles King of Macedon, Hegemon of the Hellenic League, Shahanshah of Persia, Pharaoh of Egypt and Lord of Asia in just 13 years as king!

i'd really like to know about it. :)

Abdullah said...

Thank you Ameera for your kind words and for allowing me to type my long thoughts here. The reason why i understood what you wrote is simple.. Great minds think alike!

I don't think that your post was as bad as you described it.. I got my own spelling and grammar mistakes as well and as long as your point is reached.

Abdullah said...

There is no doubt that we live in a jungle where the strong lives and the weak dies. This is how Allah has created the world in all of his creations of humans, animals and insects to be. The fight is not only for survival, but for pride, power, control dominance and jealousy since the day he created Nabi Adam.

The first evidence of it is written in the quraan in the fallowing ayah:

وَإِذْ قُلْنَا لِلْمَلائِكَةِ اسْجُدُواْ لاَِدَمَ فَسَجَدُواْ إِلاَّ إِبْلِيسَ أَبَى وَاسْتَكْبَرَ

When allah asked all the angels to bow down (sujood) to Adam, everyone did except Iblis (satan) PROUDLY refused to do so. and when allah asked Why?

أنا خير منه خلقتني من نار وخلقته من طين

"I am better than him, you created me from fire and you created him from clay" said Iblis.

This is the first indication of pride ever existed even before sending him to earth.

The second indication is also mentioned in the quraan, when satan knew he could not get Adam to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree, he manipulated Hawwa (Eve) to convince Adam to eat from the tree and succeeded.

So this shows that the so called "Jungle life" has been in existence since the early days of Nabi Adam and continues with his children when Habil Killed Qabil, Nabi Yusuf's brothers tried to have him killed, when feráun killed every single male born child, when Cleopatra killed her brothers, Alexander killed his cousins, Saddam Hussain killed many as well.. the list goes on and will continue to go on till judgment day.

Also, Islam emphasizes on making the right choices. Since interpretation of the term "Right choice" is very wide, allah has created guidelines for every single thing in life from how to take abolution (wodhu), how to give zakah, how to even clean yourself up after you're done in the toilet, what to do if there was no water, what to do after making love to your husband/wife..... everything in details.

To me this shows allah's love and mercy on us that he has taken care of everything in order for you to be the best you can and make decision making (choice) easier for you.

As for the story of the young general who built his empire and was the one whom brought the mighty Persian empire to destruction, made the whole world speak Greek like how we speak English today, built three cities and once of them still standing today since 331BC! The best part is that he was only 21 when he was king and did all that and more in 13 years only! Even better, he was even mentioned in the Quraan!!!

That young general is Alexander of Macedon, famously known as Alexander the great..

I was reminded of him when you mentioned the story of King Arthur. Alexander's story is simillar..

One day on a winter trip at Gordium (Modern day Turkey), he passed by a town called Phrygia (Modern day Anatolia) and in that town there was a knot on a cart which was tied to a pole, he asked the people about it and told him that it was tied by their king a long time ago and said that the man who is able to free the cart from the pole will rule the world and since then no one could solve the knot. Alexander walked around it for a look then took out his sword and cut the knot with just a strike! and he ruled the world after that!

Today, the Gordian knot is used as a metaphor for solving a problem with a bold strike... "Cutting the Gordian knot"

My last words for today, the only person who decides how you want to live, or who do you want to be, what do you want to achieve, to be a leader, to be a follower, to be a giver, to be an idiot, to be a criminal... is YOU!

Just use your little piece of flesh called brain and answer a simple question even Shakespeare couldn't...

To be or not to be...?!

kyo_9 said...

I think this blog should be made for 2 authors since I anticipate Abdullah's comments more.. haha~

Abdullah said...

@kyo_9: Haha.. I'm sorry if its too boring.. I'll stop if you think i should..

You know that you've typed too much when the website tells you that you shouldn't exceed 4000 characters!


ameera alzawawy said...

@abd kadir zawawi - YOU!!!! grrrr >:( hahahaha..jk..

@abdullah - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOO SOO SOO MUCH!! i really like your 'entry' this time.. hahaha.. i should make a compilation of all your comments.. and make a book out of it >:P (wont share the profit tho XP), haha.... ey, thanks ya..btw, mashaAllah abdllh you have a wide knowledge on a lot of things.. keep it up ya!

(and plz do share.. hehe)

Abdullah said...

Hey Ameera..

Thank you thank you soo soo much for your kinds words again.. Its feels good to know that your thoughts are appreciated..

As for you making a book of my comments, go ahead and keep all the money you make out of it. You're helping me earn ajr even after death according to a hadeeth:

اذا مات ابن ادم انقطع عمله إلا من ثلاث: صدقة جارية, علم ينتفع به, ولد صالح يدعو له

"When the son of Adam dies, all his works stops except for three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, righteous child who prays for him"

SO after death (May allah lengthen our lives), you will continue to benefit from these three things. Talk about the best retirement plan..

So thank you for bringing me to heaven! :-D

Abdullah said...
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Abdullah said...

Been thinking about the fairytale recently and i found that the story very very very true and it is exactly what's happening in Malaysia. Just look at how smart Princess Ameera is in the story.

The story goes as "Ali , Ahmad and Abu are all good, intelligent and smart guys who are competing for the number one spot in becoming the ‘Smartest Guy Alive’. The winner gets a YAMAHA KEYBOARD to be given to Princess Ameera the next day"

Look at it from my point of view..

Three bumi companies (the three dudes)are competing for a government project (the Yamaha keyboard).. in the end of the day.. the winner presents the project to a Chinese company (Princess Ameera).

C'est la vie en Malaisie!